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Shia LaBeouf lands in another bar fight, this time in Vancouver

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has once again found himself involved in fisticuffs, reportedly scrapping with a local man last week in Vancouver.

A video shot at a watering hole called Cinema Public House and viewable on TMZ shows LaBeouf on the ground taking punches from a shirtless opponent as some of the "Transformers" actor's male pals attempt to separate the two. LaBeouf attempts to fight back but eventually walks away.

"You gotta lay low right now," one pal urges as LaBeouf backs into a corner by the bar's entrance and tries to calm himself. 

"It is not clear what provoked the attack, but Shia threw the other man to the ground inside the bar," a Vancouver radio station reported. The scuffle moved onto the street, where Shia's sparring partner decided to go all Tarzan and remove his top. 

How ... cinematic. In February, LaBeouf found himself in a similar situation in Los Angeles, where a conflict with a man at a Sherman Oaks bar earned the actor a split lip.

LaBeouf is in Vancouver to film Robert Redford's "The Company You Keep." 


February: Shia LaBeouf punched in the face in a bar fight

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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." Credit: Paramount.


Gwyneth Paltrow: hangovers and the high holidays

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Ministry wishes everyone well around the High Holidays, but be careful with the pour on that Manischewitz: Gwyneth Paltrow teaches us that one can definitely be over-served.

Miss Goop sent out her weekly newsletter Thursday with some recipes for celebrating the holy days. Dishes like apple and honey cake, rugelach and chocolate babka are sprinkled through the post, as well as some words from Kabbalah scholar Michael Berg.

We hope Berg slipped her some aspirin along with his reflections, as Paltrow clued in her Twitter followers to a particularly severe hangover after her Tuesday birthday. (What up, Libra sister?!)

"Nursing a horrific hangover at the jfk," Paltrow said. "Nothing like starting an overseas flight dehydrated."

"Where is the dog, I need the hair," she added, and in one response to a Twitter pal she mentioned, "I was over served, its not my fault. Or is it?"

L'Shanah Tovah to you, Gwyneth, and to us all. Oh, happy 39th birthday too!


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo:  Gwyneth Paltrow in Venice. Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

Might Mark Wahlberg bring his Wahlburgers to reality TV?

Is Mark Wahlberg thinking about reality TV?

Might Mark Wahlberg join the ranks of Snooki, Camille Grammer and Tim Gunn?

Though that sounds like a cocktail party in "The Twilight Zone," the actor-producer, his two brothers and a lot of burgers could be headed to reality television.

There's been talk surrounding a potential show on the creation and opening of Wahlburgers, the high-end beef patty joint we told you about last week. Wahlberg is collaborating with his New Kids on the Block brother, Donnie, and the chef in the family, Paul, to open the space in Boston next year.

How might an unscripted series go down for Mark? Apparently, it'd be without his former Calvin Klein-modeling mug in front of the camera.

"Maybe I'll be the 'Charlie's Angels' of reality TV," he said. "You'll hear my voice. But obviously it's something that we'd want to control in every aspect and produce and make sure that we were doing something really quality."

We appreciate his perfectionism, but any Wahlburgers TV show had better come with some Marky Mark on the side, or we're sticking to "Top Chef." 


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Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg opening fast-food joint Wahlburgers

Awards 2010 Rewind: Will Mark Wahlberg's Sports Illustrated cover curse his Golden Globe chances?

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Mark Wahlberg in Beverly Hills on Aug. 4, 2011. Credit: Fred Prouser / Reuters

Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg opening fast-food joint Wahlburgers

Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg

Dreaming of some Mark Wahlberg beef? Then rejoice, because the actor and producer is opening up a burger joint in Boston with his brother Donnie.

Using the hilarious moniker Wahlburgers, the boys will partner with their other brother, Chef Paul, to open the 120-seater at Beantown's Hingham Shipyard, according to the Boston Herald.

"It just works," said Ed St. Croix, partner to the boys. "It's a good-sounding brand we could put out the product with, a great name people could relate to."

Yet it wasn't the easiest name to come by. The team first had to get around a New York-based chain called Tom Wahl's, a New York-based group of small snack shops that sold a product called the Wahlburger. "The Fighter" star and his clan eventually won full rights to the name, after an undisclosed settlement.

The new eatery will seat 80 inside and 40 on an outdoor patio and join their existing Italian venture Alma Nove just across the street. A pizza place is reportedly also on deck.

Would you take a bite out of Mark's Wahlburger? Tell us in comments.


Gordon Ramsay horrified over restaurant's Victoria Beckham snub

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin have a foodie date in Santa Monica

Celebrity-owned restaurants and bars in Los Angeles light up with star power

— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Donnie Wahlberg, left, and Mark Wahlberg. Credits: Paul Buck / EPA, left; Fred Prouser / Reuters, right.

Anthony Bourdain vs. Paula Deen: Who 'peed in his cereal'? [Poll]

Anthony Bourdain vs. Paula Deen

Celebrity chefs Paula Deen and Anthony Bourdain have never met, Deen said Friday, and she wonders what got into the Travel Channel chef -- or into his cereal -- that prompted the fighting words Bourdain threw down recently for the print version of TV Guide.

"The worst, most dangerous person to America is clearly Paula Deen," Bourdain told the mag. "She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she's proud of the fact that her food is ... bad for you. ... Plus, her food sucks."

OK, then -- someone doesn't like mama's cooking? Yes and no. He'd clarified Thursday on Twitter that "my comment was actually 'worst, most dangerous to America cook on [Food Network]."

Butter fan Deen had addressed Bourdain's Food Network attack Thursday as well, telling Page Six, "You know, not everybody can afford to pay $58 for prime rib or $650 for a bottle of wine. My friends and I cook for regular families who worry about feeding their kids and paying the bills."

She moved on Friday to "Fox & Friends" (see below), explaining further that she "was actually kinda shocked, considering I have never met Anthony. I was really shocked that such harsh words could be used."

"I don't know if it was a publicity thing or if someone had just peed in his bowl of cereal that morning and he was mad."

Though we're guessing Deen won't have to set an extra place at her table for Bourdain any time soon, he might already be taking her advice to "wiggle around" certain questions in interviews -- this after he'd eagerly jumped in with both unfettered feet about Food Network folks Guy Fieri, Sandra Lee and Rachael Ray as well.

"Resolved: Next time I'm asked [for the millionth time] who the worst cooks on Food Network are, I'll just shut up," he said Wednesday on Twitter. "Who cares?"


Paula Deen housekeeper sentenced to prison for jewelry theft

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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Anthony Bourdain. Credit: Travel Channel

Video: Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian: Rehearsal dinner in Beverly Hills

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are nearly at the wedding finish line -- but first some highbrow Italian rehearsal-dinner eats were in order.

The reality star and her basketball-playing love held their rehearsal dinner in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening, renting out Scott Conant's Scarpetta restaurant at the Montage Hotel, according to People.

"They both looked amazing and very happy to be celebrating their upcoming wedding," an onlooker said. The couple welcomed Kim's sisters Khloe and Kourtney, who brought her man, Scott Disick, and their son, Mason. 

Bruce and Kris Jenner, natch, with their girls Kendall and Kylie, were among the 75 people enjoying cocktails and a sit-down dinner. Emotional speeches and lots of laughter peppered the evening, People said.

Kardashian and Humphries, who are documenting their romantic journey for an E! special, will wed Saturday in Montecito. 


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian at the launch of the Kardashian Kollection for Sears in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin have a foodie date in Santa Monica

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Cooking enthusiast Gwyneth Paltrow may know the way to a man's heart, and it seems Chris Martin is no stranger on how to please his wife right back: The Coldplay frontman found himself a seafood spot this week so appealing he took his wife back the next night for a meal together.

After dining Monday at the Hungry Cat in Santa Monica Canyon, Martin apparently couldn't resist returning to the place Tuesday with Paltrow in tow, a tipster told the Ministry.

The one-sheet menu at the low-key beach joint -- which also has locations in Hollywood and Santa Barbara -- is simple but highly curated, offering goodies such as cherrystone clams, King crab, Maine lobster and Pacific blue prawns. Bottles of wine and Champagne fetch up to $300 a pop.

The Santa Monica location, which opened in April, comes standard with an impossibly long reservation wait list. However, something tells us that these repeat customers had no problem getting in.

The Sunday before, Paltrow attended Baby Buggy's annual summer fundraising dinner in the Hamptons. Martin shuttled to Los Angeles with his better half for a performance at the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush concert, partially broadcast on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."


Gwyneth Paltrow: I'm in the best shape of my life

The Times' Tasting Menu: Hungry Cat Santa Monica Canyon

Gwyneth Paltrow makes beautiful music -- thanks to Beyonce

-- Matt Donnelly

Left photo: Gwyneth Paltrow. Credit: Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times

Right photo: Chris Martin. Credit: John Shearer / Getty Images

Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price expecting a baby

Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price

Curtis Stone may whip up his share of culinary creations on "Top Chef Masters," but now his girlfriend Lindsay Price has something in the oven: The celebrity chef and the actress are expecting their first child.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to be starting a family together," Stone said in a statement to a number of outlets. "We are over the moon."

Stone, 35, has been cozying up to the "Lipstick Jungle" actress, 34, since 2009. The Aussie, who brings home the bacon on Bravo's "Top Chef" franchise, has competed on "Celebrity Apprentice" and appeared regularly on "The Biggest Loser."

With diaper duty looming for Stone, get a glimpse of his favorite places to tear up the town when he's in Los Angeles.


A Night Out With … Curtis Stone

Lauryn Hill reveals she is pregnant with her sixth child

'Twilight' actress Bryce Dallas Howard pregnant with second child

-- Matt Donnelly

Left photo: Lindsay Price. Credit: Jay Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

Right photo: Curtis Stone. Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay horrified over restaurant's Victoria Beckham snub

Victoria Beckham was refused a special order at LA dining spot Gjelina Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay thinks you should give Victoria Beckham what she wants, thank you very much. 

Well, nothing unreasonable, just a few modifications to the odd restaurant dish so the pregnant celeb can enjoy a mild meal.

Speaking with the media to promote the second season of "MasterChef," Ramsay let an anecdote fly about a recent meal he shared with soccer star David Beckham's wife, according to our fellow blog Daily Dish.

At celeb-favorite Venice restaurant Gjelina, Ramsay and "Lady Victoria," as he called her, broke bread together. When she placed an order for a smoked trout salad sans accoutrement (grapefruit, avocado, red onion and lemon) and dressing on the side, Mrs. Beckham was brutally rebuffed.

"The lady's pregnant!" Ramsay cried. "No one is asking to be fussy. ... I still think that's the customer's prerogative. ... It was a sour note. I don't think customers should be treated that way."

Ramsay argues that her eight-months-pregnant-status certainly warrants lighter fare, though it could be argued a high-brow dining experience shouldn't be modified.

What do you think of Victoria's special order? Tell us in comments. 


Victoria Beckham is expecting a girl, David Beckham confirms

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Royal wedding: Westminster Abbey arrivals include Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham, Earl Spencer

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Victoria Beckham attends producer Simon Fuller's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on May 23. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez continue romance spree — at Cheesecake Factory

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez chow on Cheesecake Factory Oh, the delightful metabolism of young love. The Ministry can't seem to avoid the eating habits of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, so we're embracing them like our own little dish of celebrity dating scoop à la mode.

While two weeks ago the lovebirds shared pizza in Las Vegas, Italian cuisine quickly turned to island fare as both splashed around in Maui and Bieber showed off his new tattoo.

Selena Gomez is a fan of cherry cheesecake -- and Justin Bieber Bieber and Gomez are back on the mainland now and were spotted at the Parks at Arlington shopping center in Arlington, Texas. They along with a bodyguard had shared a meal at the mall's Cheesecake Factory.

Lemonades, appetizers and a pizza were shared by all, topped off with Justin's "favorite" dessert, according to a witness — cherry cheesecake.

The onlooker said Bieber and his girl were more than happy to oblige fans looking for photos and autographs during the meal. The pair have even made a lasting impression — the restaurant indicates that the phones wont stop ringing with reservations specifically requesting to sit at the stars' table.


Justin Bieber debuts Jesus tattoo in Hawaii with Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber gives Selena Gomez a very public kiss at Billboard Music Awards

— Matt Donnelly

Top right photo: Justin Bieber strikes a pose at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 22. Credit: Isaac Brekken / Getty Image.

Bottom left photo: Selena Gomez goes for a more glamorous pose at the same award show. Credit: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press


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