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Millennium Awards: Mark Ruffalo honored for green stance (no, not his Hulk role in 'The Avengers')

Mark Ruffalo, Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick at the Global Green USA Millennium Awards

Going green is the new black, in the eyes of Global Green USA's 15th annual Millennium Awards, which on Saturday honored celebs Mark Ruffalo and the always-Earth-minded Ed Begley Jr. for their planet-first efforts.

Ruffalo was on hand in Santa Monica to receive the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award for his fight to ban hydrofracking, a controversial method of getting natural gas out of rocks by using chemicals and water (Don't even think about it, "Battlestar Galactica" fans). That'd be the same fight — which included setting up screenings of the film "Gasland" — that reportedly got him added to a terror advisory watch list last year.

Photos: Global Green USA's 15th annual Millennium Awards

"The Avengers" actor — fittingly, he is cast as the brightly hued Hulk — wasn't the only green celeb on hand to commune in the name of nature. Along with Begley, who took home the award for individual environmental leadership, and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, who won the leadership award in 2005, famous names out in force to support the cause included model Miranda Kerr and actor hubby Orlando Bloom, Ed O'Neil, presenter Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Rodriguez.

Global Green USA, founded in 1994 as the U.S. extension of Green Cross International, a nonprofit created by former Russian President Mikhail S. Gorbachev in 1993, advocates for climate change solutions in areas including energy conservation, CO2 emission reduction, creation of green jobs and the securing of a more sustainable future.


Mark Ruffalo added to exclusive terror advisory list

Spirit Awards: Mark Ruffalo is excited, content, 'slightly hung over' [Video]

Chace Crawford drops out of 'Footloose' remake -- and don't call Kevin Bacon for help

— Jevon Phillips

Photo: Mark Ruffalo, left, Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick at Global Green USA's 15th annual Millennium Awards in Santa Monica on June 4. Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images.

Environmental Media Awards laud green media and its moguls

Olivia Munn in her green dress at the Environmental Media Awards Ed Begley Jr., one of the first Hollywood celebs to promote environmental causes, didn't seem at all surprised that Saturday's Environmental Media Awards ceremony had mushroomed over the last 20 years from a casual event at an old L.A. club into an elaborate cocktail party and roving dinner at Warner Bros. Studios backlot.

Fresh off the green carpet, the board member and former chairman of the Environmental Media Assn., which recognizes film and television that spreads an environmental message, was chatting with friends while he waited for the ceremony to begin.

"When you see people dying on an oil rig and there are environmental disasters in the gulf, people want to do something," he told the Ministry. "It's like World War II, when people planted victory gardens. People want to do something because they see the writing on the wall. Why don't we subsidize renewable energy like China? Gandhi said, 'People lead and governments follow.' We vote with our dollars."

With Begley's passion for environmentalism, it wasn't surprising that his Planet Green reality show, "Living With Ed," picked up an EMA later that evening.

Another slam dunk was "Avatar," which won yet another feature-film award. Filmmaker James Cameron talked about how his efforts to save the environment had continued after the film left theaters.

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PREACH IT! And Leslie Looked Upon the Ministry Readers, and She Saw That She Was Good

Hi, I’m Leslie Gornstein, and I’ll be your preacher of all things celebrity truth. Have a seat on the first pew, there. Go ahead and tell Oprah to move over if you want; she isn’t so la-dee-dah up close, now, is she? Hold on a second; got a bit of extra truth stuck in my raiment.

OK, we’re all good now.

Children! Just wanted to dash off a quick note to introduce myself and invite you to go ahead and stand up and praise the lawdy lawd for my arrival here at the Ministry of Gossip. My mission: To deliver the real celebrity gospel unto you -- some straight, reasonable (and perhaps necessarily brutal) thinking about the latest gossip headlines. To put it simply, I am being paid to say the stuff the Ministry knows you’re thinking regarding celebrities and Hollywood news, but are just too nice to come out and say in polite Ministry company.

As a reporter who has covered celebrities for well nigh on a decade, I tend to come down pretty squarely on the side of the fan. What does that mean? That means that I ...

  1. Can’t get myself all worked up about Tiger Woods’ plea for privacy; I shall instead crusade until my last breath for your self-evident, God-given right to be as up in Tiger’s still-pretty-nebulous business as you want to be.
  2. Really don’t care if paparazzi make celebrities sad. If a paparazzo breaks the law, that’s bad, and that shouldn’t happen, but the good Lord didn’t put me and the rest of the media on this planet to help stars have a better day. Here’s what makes me sad: lonely sea creatures.
  3. Absolutely love getting Demi Moore fans in a huff every time I call her out as the most sanctimonious celebrity on Earth, and yes, I am counting Ed Begley Jr. Nobody gets all panties-in-a-wad like a Demi Moore fan.
  4. Kind of hope Roman Polanski keeps fleeing and getting arrested, just so we can watch Tilda Swinton and her friends completely freak out in a public petition format at least three more times.

Something in the celebrity sphere bugging you? Care to air an opinion on a breaking celebrity news headline, but fear that you’ll come off as less than respectful of your favorite member of the Hollywood royalty?

You are no longer alone. You have found your flock. Clap your hands and say yeah.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Yeah, that's Demi Moore on the right with Ashton Kutcher, after the two bravely presented a 2009 Frederick Douglass Award to Sina Vann, a person who's actually done something impressive. Isn't that woman simply divine? We mean Sina Vann, of course. Katy Winn / Associated Press.


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