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'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' premieres outdoors at Disneyland with Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" world premiere at Disneyland

Mermaids from "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" A grown man cried after failing to nab Johnny Depp's autograph along the 2,700-foot-long black carpet that lined Main Street in Disneyland on Saturday, leading to the world premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stanger Tides," which also stars Penelope Cruz and Geoffrey Rush.

Nearly 25,000 rabid fans had waited, some for up to 10 hours, to catch sight of stars such as Depp, Cruz, Rush, Ian McShane, Kevin McNally, Sam Claflin, Jodie Foster, Martin Short, Teri Hatcher, Kirstie Alley, Joey Lawrence, Cat Cora and more as they arrived at the premiere over a period of two hours Saturday evening. (Click the pics to see more photos from the black-carpet premiere.)

Depp came last, wearing an oversized black and white suit and skipping the press line in favor of the fans. But as women screamed and little girls broke into tears, the scene became too intense and Depp's three large handlers pushed him down the carpet, away from the man whose lower lip first quivered, then gave way to hiccuping sobs of disappointment and frustration.

Such was the passion surrounding the screening — the world's first outdoor 3-D premiere — of the fourth installment of the popular "Pirates" franchise, where premiere attendees paid $1,000 a ticket to eat wild salmon and sit in an outdoor theater constructed in New Orleans Square facing a giant screen on Tom Sawyer Island. (Proceeds were donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.)

Also spotted: Cast members Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Keith Richards with his wife, Patti Hansen, plus Vanessa Hudgens, Steven Tyler, Eva Longoria, Natalie Maines, Chelsie Hightower, Ashley Tisdale, Cheryl Burke, Eliza Dushku and Emma Roberts.

With this latest film poised to reach summer audiences, talk of the "Pirates" team making one or two more has swirled, and McNally, who plays Gibbs, Depp's trusty first mate, said that that was indeed quite likely, "There's definitely a feeling that we've got some more to explore. I would say definitely one more," McNally said.

Meanwhile, McShane, who plays the fearsome Blackbeard in the film, joked that he is so good at playing villains because he is a really good guy. He also took time out to explain why, in the modern day, people don't use the word "villain" anymore. "We call them 'complicated people.' " he said.

And Claflin, who plays a missionary who falls in love with a mermaid (mermaids are one of the most compelling aspects of the new film), said he was just trying hard not to float away with all the excitement surrounding the film. "I can't quite believe that I'm here. I can't believe my feet are still on the floor. It's a real honor," he said, staring around the chaotic carpet in amazement.

Tensions ran high as the screening, which was supposed to start at 8:30 p.m,. didn't roll until 9:15, and parents, many dressed as pirates according to the invitation's mandate, smoothed the hair of fussy little ones. Then, before nearly 10,000 park lights were turned off for the show, it began to rain.

Disney, it seemed, could control everything but the weather. A low-grade sense of panic set in amongst the crowd as fans pulled the blankets on the backs of their seats fast around them. It would continue to mist throughout the screening, but it never became a downpour.

Besides, the watery night was appropriate for a film that takes place on the high seas in a swashbuckling plot about Captain Jack Sparrow's (Depp) mad dash to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. The adventure puts him in close quarters with his former nemesis, Captain Hector Barbossa (Rush), and a former lover, Angelica (Cruz), while pitting him against the heartless Blackbeard.

When the film concluded, fireworks burst in the rain-smudged sky above the screen and the park remained open until 1 a.m. so that grown men and women could play.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" opens in theaters May 20.


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-- Jessica Gelt

Top photo: Before the Disneyland world premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," producer Jerry Bruckheimer, left, director Rob Marshall and actors Geoffrey Rush, Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Ian McShane, Keith Richards, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and Sam Claflin took the stage. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

Right photo: Actresses who play mermaids arrive for the world premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" at Disneyland. Photo: Mike Nelson / European Pressphoto Agency.

'Prom' movie premiere: Rebecca Black hits the red carpet with stars Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell

Aimee Teegarden at the "Prom" movie premiere

A constellation of rising stars joined cast members of Walt Disney's "Prom" at the movie's red-carpet premiere Thursday. The teen flick's leading lady, Aimee Teegarden of "Friday Night Lights" fame, sparkled in silver on the arm of costar Thomas McDonell at the screening in Hollywood.

"Prom" chronicles a group of high-schoolers on the cusp of adulthood as they prepare for the most important night in their lives.

Rebecca Black at the premiere of the movie "Prom." Cast members Yin Chang ("Gossip Girl"), Danielle Campbell, Jonathan Keltz and Jared Kusnitz dolled up for the El Capitan premiere, and the film's director Joe Nussbaum and screenwriter Katie Wech beamed from the red carpet.

A slew of young celebs rocked dresses that could have twirled in movie proms of yore. "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter and Joey King, the pint-sized star of "Ramona and Beezus," were both pretty in pink. Chelsie Hightower ("Entertainment Tonight," "Dancing With the Stars") and Aimee-Lynn Chadwick wore black-and-white stripes. Click the pics to see more pictures.

Rebecca Black, the singer of the YouTube hit "Friday," defied death threats to strut her stuff for the cameras in a white, balloon-skirt dress. "Spy Kids" star Daryl Sabara looked snappy in a gray suit. Kendall and Kylie Jenner ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians") hammed it up for the cameras.

Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski made an appearance, as did Rachel Smith, Zachary Gordon, Nathan Kress, Jake T. Austin, Francia Raisa, Nolan Sotillo and Debby Ryan, to name a few.

The event was followed by an after-party at the aptly chosen Hollywood High School, where pop/rock band Allstar Weekend -- which rose to popularity after competing in "Disney's Next Big Thing" --  performed for the young stars.

"Prom" opens in theaters April 29.


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— Noelene Clark

Top photo: Aimee Teegarden signs an autograph for a young fan at the premiere. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press.

Left photo: "Friday" singer Rebecca Black enjoys the "Prom" spotlight. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Demi Lovato reveals her diagnosis of bipolar disorder

Demi Lovato reveals she struggles with bipolar disorder Demi Lovato, who last week tweeted her support for Catherine Zeta-Jones' "brave" decision to be treated for bipolar II disorder, revealed that she too is bipolar.

The 18-year-old Disney actress discovered her diagnosis during her three-month stay at a rehabilitation center in Illinois, where she was treated for anorexia, bulimia and cutting.

"I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar," Lovato told People. "Looking back it makes sense. There were times when I was so manic, I was writing seven songs in one night and I'd be up until 5:30 in the morning."

Lovato has recently opened up about what she calls "the darkest time" in her life, discussing in depth her struggles with self-mutilation and eating disorders.

In an interview that will air Friday on "Good Morning America" and "20/20," Lovato said her lifelong depression wreaked havoc on her body.

"[Cutting] was a way of expressing my own shame, of myself, on my own body," Lovato said in the interview. "I was matching the inside to the outside. And there were some times where my emotions were just so built up, I didn't know what to do. The only way that I could get instant gratification was through an immediate release on myself."

Lovato also said she was bullied at school, and discussed her decadelong "unhealthy relationship with food," saying she started compulsively overeating when she was only 8 years old and later began starving herself.

"I was performing concerts on an empty stomach," she said. "I was losing my voice from purging. I was self-medicating. I was not taking medication for depression, and I literally was so emotionally whacked-out that I took it out on someone that meant a lot to me."

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Ashley Tisdale gets naked for Allure magazine

Ashleytisdalestory Ashley Tisdale's naked photo shoot helped launch Allure's May issue and its iPad debut in a big way Tuesday. The former "High School Musical" actress bared it all for a chance to show the world she's all grown up.

"I'm 25, almost 26, but people think of me as much younger because I look young," the "Hellcats" actress told Allure. "Being in this shoot was me saying, 'I'm not just the young girl everybody thinks I am. I'm actually a woman.'" (Click here to see for yourself).

Tisdale even brought her mom along for the shoot, explaining, "I've always wanted to be sure my parents approve of what I do."

"The Big Bang Theory's" Kaley Cuoco, who also stripped down for the eye-popping app along with Keri Hilson and Bridget Moynahan, didn't take the same approach with her parents. "I have not told my family about this, and I'll tell you why: Until they see the photos, they won't understand. All a mother or father hears is the word 'naked.' When I told my mom about the shoot, I left out the part about taking my clothes off."


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Ashley Tisdale reunites Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron -- kinda, sorta

-- Emily Christianson

Photo: Ashley Tisdale at the Elton John Academy Awards viewing party Feb. 27. Credit: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press.

Selena Gomez debuts song 'Who Says,' misses Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber's main squeeze, debuted her song "Who Says" during "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" on Tuesday, calling it a message to the "haters" who try to bring her down.

In the self-empowering, sweet-as-candy track, the 18-year-old actress sings about being happy to be herself, saying, "I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me."

"I think this song is such a great message for my fans, and it really touched me when I heard it, and I thought it would be perfect for them," Gomez said.

Her public relationship with the highly swooned-after Bieber has continued to make her fodder for haters online. Just last week, after leaving her boyfriend's birthday bash with a fat lip, fans were quick to take to Twitter about the incident.

Justin Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez debuts her new song"I feel like my fans need this song, especially with Twitter and Facebook it's really negative for me ... within that world is such easy access to people's feelings," she told Seacrest. "You can get a thousand wonderful comments but just one will throw you off and that's how it is with me."

She'll soon be ending her four-year run on Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place" before headlining her own tour, which she called "a big G-rated rave."

"['Wizards'] has given me my core fan base. I owe a lot to Disney Channel, I really do," she said. "But I feel like it's been my high school, so I think it's time to graduate."

Even though Gomez sings about not being perfect, Seacrest still called her out on her Disney-darling image, in addition to her very public response to Bieber's "I miss you" tweet.

"It's nice to miss your friends and family," she said, straight-faced, after a short giggle attack.

Mmmhmmm. Let us know what you think — of her response and her song.


Justin Bieber tweets 'I miss you' to girlfriend Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez act like a couple at Vanity Fair Oscar party

Justin Bieber apologizes for flipping off photographer after fracas that left Selena Gomez hurt

— Nardine Saad

Photo: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in West Hollywood on Feb. 27. Credit: Carlo Allegri / Associated Press.

'Toy Story 3' premiere: Hollywood comes out to play

"Toy Story 3" premiered Sunday in Hollywood, making you wish you had a cheat sheet that matched all the animated toys with all the grown-up girls and boys walking the red carpet.

Toy story gallery refer A few of the stars posed with larger-than-life characters of their film counterparts: Tom Hanks with Woody, Tim Allen with Buzz Lightyear and Joan Cusack with cowgirl Jessie.

We were heartbroken, however, to see no Ken for new cast member Michael Keaton. Perhaps he was stuck in line at the valet with Barbie, trying to hand off the pink Corvette?

Also on the premises: Britney Spears, rocking a demure-on-top, daring-on-the-bottom baby-doll dress. Families in attendance included those of Barbie voice Jodie Benson, Don Cheadle, Wayne Brady and Weird Al Yankovic. And only a short time after receiving his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, singer-composer Randy Newman hit the red carpet again. Why not -- Newman's notched two Academy Award nominations thanks to the "Toy Story" franchise, and it was another Pixar film, "Monsters, Inc.," that got him his Oscar win.

Click the image at right to launch a photo gallery of red carpet arrivals from outside the El Capitan Theatre. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla


Top photo: Joan Cusack, Tim Allen and Tom Hanks with their respective characters at the "Toy Story 3" premiere on June 13, 2010, in Hollywood. Credit: Katy Winn / Associated Press

Second photo: Don Rickles and Estelle Harris with his alter-ego, Mr. Potato Head. Credit: Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Bottom photo: Don Cheadle, who's in "Iron Man 2," arrives with his family at the "Toy Story 3" premiere. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Kevin Jonas marries Danielle Deleasa, winter wonderland style!

Kevinjonas While some East Coast "Avatar" viewers may have been snowed in over the weekend, not even a blizzard could stop the magic of Kevin Jonas' New York wedding.

The oldest member of the Jonas Brothers exchanged vows with hairdresser Danielle Deleasa on Saturday in Long Island at the palatial estate the Ministry previously mentioned.

About 400 guests, among them fellow Disney rocker Demi Lovato, gathered under heated tents for the fairytale fete, which reports say the snow turned into a winter wonderland.

The bride, walked down the aisle by her father, Thomas Deleasa, wore a Vera Wang number with tulle and lace detail. The couple exchanged Jacob & Co. rings they designed specifically for one another.

Naturally, Kevin's best men were his brothers and band mates -- Joe and Nick

"Kevin couldn't stop smiling," wedding planner Michael Russo told People magazine.

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Who needs Hannah Montana? Cody Linley headed to Broadway

Sorry, Disney! Blond heartthrob Cody Linley is decamping the Mouse for the Great White Way.

The 20-year-old will star in a Broadway revival of "Over Here!," a military musical documenting life in America post WWII, according to RadarOnline.

Check out Linley's ability to emote in the video above, which has him chatting with "Dancing With the Stars" partner Julianne Hough and Dr. Drew Pinsky about Julianne's surgery.

Linley, who played the hunky Jake Ryan on "Hannah Montana" and was rumored to have dated Miley Cyrus in real life, will join a list of prestigious actors for the show.

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