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Denise Richards swims with dolphins — and Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards, with daughters in June, is vacationing with ex Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards is spending a holiday vacation swimming with the kids, the dolphins — and ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

Sheen, Richards, their daughters and Richards' newly adopted daughter, Eloise, 6 months, are vacationing together, and the goodwill couldn't be any rosier.

Richards posted a photo of sky, rocks and water with the caption "Beautiful..." on her WhoSay account, where she commented Wednesday morning: "Great morning with the kids ... swam with the dolphins... as @charliesheen would say... it was #epic"

Tuesday, she said: "Fun in the sun today... can't get the girls out of the water! Eloise is loving the pool too."

Then, with a photo of Sheen and their daughters: "Dinner with the family... good times!"

Sheen also posted on WhoSay that it was a "modern" family vacation. Wednesday morning he said: "... just when we thought the trip couldn't get any better ... we met Nuna ... !!"  This was accompanied by a picture of the foursome and a chummy-looking dolphin.

When Sheen and Richards vacationed with the girls in New York a while back, Dad wound up having an unfortunate meltdown. And when we checked in on Sheen most recently, he'd accidentally tweeted his phone number to the public while trying to get hold of Justin Bieber.

Perhaps Bieber missed out on an invite to go swimming with dolphins?


Sheen tweets his number to 5.5 million people

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, arrested for assault

Charlie Sheen and his adverse allergic adventures in the Eloise Suite 

-- Amy Hubbard+

Photo: Denise Richards and daughters Sami, left, and Lola in June 2011. Credit: Alexandra Wyman / WireImage.com

Denise Richards not coveting Charlie Sheen's maybe-money

Denise Richards

Denise Richards doesn't seem to be in any rush to make any new bucks off Charlie Sheen.

Richards, who has two daughters with the former star of "Two and a Half Men" and in June adopted an infant daughter, Eloise, already receives $50,000 a month in child support from Sheen. Brooke Mueller, who also has two daughters with the actor, is having her similarly sized support money sent directly to her from his Warner Bros. paychecks, to guarantee its arrival each month.

However, with Sheen reportedly close to a $25-million payday from Warner Bros., TMZ managed to elicit a "Not my money" comment from Richards, who was out shopping when the camera lens was shoved in her direction.

And after Life & Style reported that Richards had almost accepted a $100,000 offer to appear as one of the exes in the Charlie Harper funeral scene on "Men," a source told E! News that she never would have taken such a gig. "Charlie would have gone ballistic," the source said. E! also confirmed that an offer had been made.

So much for the L&S "insider" who said it was a difficult "no" for Denise, as "she really wants to get back into TV." Though, actually, that person also mentioned that "Charlie would have gone crazy." Are we seeing a theme here?

About Charlie's pending Warner Bros.' bucks: The $25-million deal reported Tuesday by the Los Angeles Times would close the door on the dispute over his firing, removing the need for arbitration in his $100-million lawsuit against his former employer.


Charlie Sheen dumped: Goddess did it by text message, he says

Denise Richards says Charlie Sheen using her in his live show is 'hurtful'

Charlie Sheen on 'Good Morning America,' 'Today': 'Dying is for fools ... amateurs'

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Denise Richards with daughters Sam, left, and Lola at a benefit picnic for the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in June. Credit: Alexandra Wyman / WireImage.com

Richie Sambora in rehab; Bon Jovi to tour without him

Richie Sambora is back in rehab Richie Sambora may have fallen off the wagon, but the show will go on for a supportive Bon Jovi.

Guitarist Sambora is checking into rehab to treat his exhaustion and deal with sobriety issues, RadarOnline reported.

In a statement on the rock band's website, Bon Jovi said it will proceed with its upcoming tour without Sambora.

"Our support for Richie is absolute," the statement said. "He is, and will remain, a member of Bon Jovi. Although he will be absent from upcoming shows for the time being, we very much look forward to his healthy return. In the meantime, we will keep our commitment to our fans and continue our tour."

The group kicks off its North America tour Saturday in New Orleans before heading to Europe in June.

This isn't Sambora's first stint in rehab.

The rocker, who spoke about his addiction to painkillers in the Bon Jovi documentary "When We Were Beautiful," checked into rehab twice in 2007 -- the year his divorce from Heather Locklear was finalized, his father died from lung cancer, and he split with girlfriend Denise Richards.

Sambora also pleaded no contest to DUI in 2008.

"Richie has had a busy year," a source told Radar. "I think this was a culmination of all the things that overloaded his life and finally he realized he needed to take care of himself."


Seann William Scott out of rehab in time for "American Pie" sequel

Drug, graffiti charges against Keith Richards' daughter Theodora dropped

Reports: Brooke Mueller back to rehab, Charlie Sheen wants custody of twins

-- Noelene Clark

Photo: Richard Sambora was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving on March 25, 2008. Credit: Laguna Beach Police Department

Denise Richards says Charlie Sheen using her in his show is 'hurtful'


Denise Richards continues to be the one center that can hold in the drama that is Charlie Sheen's life. But the "winning" lifestyle her ex has chosen seems to be wearing even on her at this point.

"It's very sad to see him on this path," she said Thursday night on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live." "I've heard he's chosen to use me in part of his tour and that's hurtful, but that's his choice. If he feels the need ... he can do what he wants in his show."

Charlie Sheen on tour with goddesses Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly "I just think there's places you shouldn't go," said Richards, who admits she hasn't seen the show but has heard "bits and pieces" about it. "But he chooses to." Richards and Sheen had an ugly divorce and custody battle that took years to finalize.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star's "Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" tour wraps up early next month. Sheen went on the road after being fired from TV's most popular sitcom, which made him the highest-paid actor on the small screen.

"We're not in the best place right now, to be honest with you, but I do still communicate with him," she said.

Richards confirmed that she had offered, if needed, to take care of the twin sons of Sheen and estranged wife Brooke Mueller while her ex was on tour and Mueller was dealing with outpatient rehab. The offer wasn't accepted -- "Brooke would never let that happen," a source told E! News -- though Richards said she's put it out there several times in recent years. Despite Sheen's trip to court Tuesday to ask for full custody, the boys remain in the care of Mueller's family.

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Charlie Sheen loses sons, gains Twitter following; manic media blitz continues

Charlie Sheen "20/20" interview

Brooke Mueller The Charlie Sheen tornado keeps swirling, with the actor picking up even more camera time since his "20/20" interview was taped and then losing access to his twin sons with Brooke Mueller courtesy of a temporary restraining order granted Tuesday.

The children were collected from Sheen's home by a Mueller representative Tuesday night, L.A. Now reports, with the newly Twitter-enabled actor saying at the time that his sons were fine. However, the actor said Wednesday on "Today" that "at this moment on live television, I do not know where my children are, but I'm not panicking."

Sheen allegedly threatened Sunday to "cut your [Mueller's] head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom," Mueller said in court documents filed Tuesday, requesting that her future ex-husband stay away from her and their sons, Bob and Max. A temporary order was granted until a March 22 hearing, and the boys were removed from Sheen's house overnight. (Click to view the restraining order documents.)

In Sheen's "20/20" interview (see the first part, immediately below), he introduced "goddesses" Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, a.k.a. Bree Olson — live-in girlfriends of the 24-year-old nanny and porn-star varieties — and the women talked about being there for the boys.

Sheen explained how the household functioned:

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Denise Richards: Parenting Charlie Sheen's daughters is 'a difficult situation'


Denise Richards talks about Charlie Sheen Denise Richards made one thing very clear Friday about being Charlie Sheen's ex-wife and mother of two of his kids: "It's a difficult situation."

Richards, who rarely comments specifically about Sheen's exploits, actually didn't say very much to Barbara Walters and the gang when she guest-hosted Friday on "The View" (Walters admitted being the "designated hitter" tapped to broach the subject), but she did acknowledge how awkward it is for her from a mother's perspective.

"I'm learning as I go," said Richards, who explained she can easily control what's on television at home, but still has to deal with what her two girls might pick up at school.

She said she has used a book that explains addiction in terms young kids can understand -- though at first she described the book as one that helps kids "learn about different things going on" instead of simply saying it was about addiction.

Unlike Sheen's young twin sons with Brooke Mueller, Sam and Lola are old enough to cross paths with news floating around about dad's crazy life. (Sam turns 7 in March; Lola is 5½.) The girls were with mom in an adjacent room when Sheen had an allegedly drunken meltdown at the Plaza Hotel in New York; with "Two and a Half" men on hiatus at the time, he'd been spending some time with the kids while his ex-wife did publicity back East for "Blue Mountain State."

Also unlike Mueller, Richards was spotted at the hospital after Sheen's most recent hospitalization.

"This has been something I've dealt with for years," Richards said. "This is not a new situation. There are times when his life is more colorful than others and more public than others, and as the kids get older it's a difficult thing."

Still, she said: "It's honestly not my place to judge the situation."

Mmm-kay. Though we feel good about the fact that our mom never had to send out a message to friends and family along the lines of, "No 'adult film star' will be babysitting our kids!" -- we applaud Richards for drawing that line.

Incidentally, happy birthday to the actress, who turned 40 on Thursday.


Charlie Sheen -- blessing or curse for Denise Richards? [poll]

Charlie Sheen gives Denise Richards full custody of their two daughters

PREACH IT! Denise Richards is keeping Charlie Sheen's private life private. Seriously.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Denise Richards at the Heart Truth's Red Dress fashion show at Lincoln Center in New York on Feb. 9. Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press

Charlie Sheen out of the hospital, recovering from laughing too hard?

Charlie Sheen home from the hospital Charlie Sheen left the hospital Thursday night and plans to be back at work on "Two and a Half Men" on Tuesday, his publicist said Friday.

Sheen slipped out around 10 p.m., according to "Extra," which also cited a friend who said Sheen's abdominal pain was from a hernia that worsened when he was laughing too hard at the TV.

While watching his own show, perhaps? Not if you listen to a TMZ source who said Sheen was in his theater room offering his expert critiques of porn for hours before a 911 call was made -- reportedly by neighbor Dr. Paul Nassif, husband of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Adrienne Malouf-Nassif.

(Nassif is the plastic surgeon who got involved after a drunken man allegedly got into it with "Housewives" Lisa Vanderpump and friends at the Polo Lounge on Christmas Eve.)

Porn actress Kacey Jordan gave TMZ a video interview alleging heavy drinking, a drug delivery, drug use and an epic porn collection. She said she eventually left the house because "I couldn't keep up" with the party.

Sheen has denied drugs were involved.

Sources close to the show told the Hollywood Reporter earlier this week that Warner Bros. Television execs are looking for an opportunity to send their $2-million-an-episode star to rehab.

"They are all afraid Charlie will end up dead," a talent rep told THR. "It is literally day by day."

Sound familiar? Back in November, Sheen's manager denied the actor had any plans to die after an alleged hookers-and-blow binge, and said he'd busted in on the bad boy while Sheen was eating a turkey sandwich and asking for the next "Men" script.

In late October, Sheen had what his camp called an "adverse allegic reaction" to prescription medication after being spotted quaffing wine with porn actresses at dinner in New York. He was hospitalized for a psych evaluation after his Plaza Hotel room was trashed and porn actress Capri Anderson called for help from his bathroom.

Sheen is the highest-paid actor on television, and "Two and an Half Men" is consistently among the highest-rated shows. Sheen has two daughters with ex-wife Denise Richards, and twin boys with estranged wife Brooke Mueller, the other party in a Christmas 2009 domestic violence incident that landed the actor in an Aspen, Colo., jail.

Though Richards was spotted at the hospital, Mueller wasn't. "I'm not going to the hospital," she told X17Online on Thursday. "Charlie's doing good."

Sheen filed for divorce from Mueller on Nov. 1. He made an unsteady, vulgar, surprise appearance at a taping of "Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza" in Las Vegas earlier this month.


Charlie Sheen's hiatal hernia: What is it?

Charlie Sheen: Hiatal hernia pain sent him to hospital

Charlie Sheen and his adverse allergic adventures in the Eloise Suite

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo:  Charlie Sheen at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sept. 16, 2007. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Associated Press



PREACH IT! Denise Richards is keeping Charlie Sheen's private life private. Seriously.


We interrupt our torrent of gossip to bring you this shocking alert: We've found a classy broad in Hollywood. Yes. For real.

Clap your eyes on this: Denise Richards, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen -- yep, that Charlie Sheen -- has made news lately, but not for anything she's said.

She's making headlines for what she isn't saying.

In a town where most actors never fail to pimp out their private lives for gain -- financial or otherwise -- Richards has decided to shut up about her ex's latest problems. You know, the trouble stemming from Sheen's crazy night at the Plaza with that lady who goes by the name Capri.

"Denise saw everything," a Richards insider tells PopEater. "Not only did she witness everything that

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Charlie Sheen files for divorce from Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen are getting a divorce. Charlie Sheen filed for divorce Monday from third wife Brooke Mueller, confirming a People report that he intended to do so.

The two negotiated their property split in May, TMZ says, and Monday's filing cites Dec. 25, 2009, as their date of separation. Hmm, wonder why? Sheen's unsupervised probation related to his Christmas Day arrest on suspicion of domestic violence is set to end Tuesday.

Mueller told paparazzi over the weekend that she and Sheen are separated, and therefore he was not cheating on her with a porn -- sorry, adult film -- actress in New York last week.

Sheen, of course, wound up in the hospital for a psych evaluation Tuesday after allegedly trashing his Plaza Hotel room. Although many reports have said Sheen was drunk and possibly high on cocaine, the actor's publicist said the sitcom star simply suffered an "adverse allergic reaction" to prescription medication. Sheen was seen drinking expensive French wine at a restaurant Monday night.

The couple, who married in May 2008 and had twins in March 2009, worked out a property split agreement that includes a nearly $760,000 lump sum payment to her, TMZ said. Child support is proposed at $55,000 a month, with a caveat that the amount paid to Mueller on behalf of sons Bob and Max is never to be less than the amount paid to Denise Richards for care of daughters Sam and Lola. And while Sheen surrendered legal custody of the girls to Richards in May, he and Mueller will share legal custody of the girls, with him getting visitation. He also gets to keep his watch collection.

So, $55,000 times two divorces times 12 months in a year equals $1.32 million -- only slightly more than Sheen's before-tax salary for a single episode of "Two and a Half Men." But boy, does that show have a following.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen on April 18, 2009, in Las Vegas. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Related dispatches from the Ministry of Gossip:

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Charlie Sheen update: Watch, not wallet; porn star, not pro?

Charlie Sheen and his adverse allergic adventures in the Eloise Suite

PREACH IT! A Mueller-Sheen divorce? Gird your loins!



Charlie Sheen not planning to die this week, manager says

Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men Charlie Sheen plans to go to work on "Two and a Half Men" this week rather than dying in a frenzy of hookers and cocaine, his manager told TMZ on Sunday.

Mark Burg, who said he went to Sheen's house to check on him to make sure he wasn't nearly dead, said he found the actor eating a turkey sandwich and asking for a copy of this week's script. "He looked as normal as he's looked in a long time," Burg told TMZ.

Guess it's easier to visit Sheen in person in his gated community than to, say, reach him by phone to see how things are going? Probably, given the relative ease with which bad drivers seem to snatch up cars out of the neighborhood.

The story that Sheen was on a binge of hookers and blow and "is going to die this week" came, in the wake of his allegedly drunken meltdown at the Plaza Hotel, via RadarOnline. Burg called the account "fabricated lies," and according to Gossip Cop said that Sheen was simply watching Brett Favre and the Vikings lose.

Radar's also the source of a report that an assistant allegedly found the actor last Monday night naked in a New York restaurant bathroom with cocaine on his face after trying to have $12,000 worth of sex with a porn star -- all that alleged to have happened before the hotel brouhaha in the wee hours Tuesday. Don't get us started on the $5,900 bottle of vino and the Denise Richards drop-in.

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