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Camille Grammer grilled about allegedly sexless sex life


Camille Grammer, she of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fame, is used to being in the hot seat for inappropriate behavior -- but we at the Ministry think Barbara Walters deserves a wrist slap.

Camille Grammer Camille, currently embroiled in a divorce battle with actor Kelsey Grammer, appeared on "The View" on Monday to promote the second part of her "Housewives" reunion special airing Tuesday, where Walters asked some tough questions about her sex life.

"You sort of implied that you hadn't had sex with Kelsey in a couple of years ... and if so why are you that surprised that he wanted someone else?" Walters asked, referring to Kelsey's fiancee, Kayte Walsh

"You'd have to ask him that," Camille responded with nervous laughter, evident in the clip above.

"I thought I'd ask you since you're the one who said it," Walters pressed, sounding annoyed (at best).

"We tried and something didn't click with us on an intimate level, but we were best friends," Camille said. 

Do you think Babs was too harsh with her queries? Tell us in the comments section below.


Camille Grammer and the gals: 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion apocalypse

She's not Camille Donatacci quite yet, Kelsey: Grammer planning wedding while still married

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Camille Grammer in October in New York. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images 

Naomi and Wynonna Judd, Ryan and Tatum O'Neal get their OWN reality shows

Judds and O'Neals get reality shows on Oprah's OWN network

Continuing the tradition of celebrities with slightly dulled stars getting reality shows (hello, Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna!), mother-daughter country singing duo Naomi and Wynonna Judd are getting a series on Oprah Winfrey's forthcoming OWN network. It will cover their preparations for their first music tour in 10 years.

As every good reality show needs a good scandal or catfight, we're interested to see what might arise from these two: Perhaps Naomi's daughter Ashley Judd, Wynonna's half-sister, will stop by and we'll see some sibling rivalry?

Or maybe we'll have a better chance at scandal with the other OWN reality show announced Monday: That of father and daughter Ryan and Tatum O'Neal. Sure, there was the bit about him hitting on his daughter at Farrah Fawcett's funeral, but that might be the tip of the iceberg. Tatum's got a whole autobiography of other issues to rehash in front of the cameras.

Both shows will debut during the OWN Network's Jan. 1-2 launch weekend.

Will you watch either show? And are there any other stars who need reality shows from Oprah?

-- Whitney Friedlander

Photos: The Judds, left, perform at the 2008 Stagecoach Musical Festival in Indio. Ryan and Tatum O'Neal, right, in 1973's "Paper Moon," for which Tatum won a supporting actress Oscar. Credits: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times, left; Paramount Pictures, right.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin get a little lip service from an etiquette expert

Hamlin-and-rinna You watched that "Today" show clip and clutched your pearls just like we did when, seated by wife Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin answered his cellphone in the middle of a live interview Tuesday with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

While your comments suggested everything from a publicity stunt to desperation over the call, when the couple learned their Sherman Oaks boutique had been burglarized, we thought we'd go Emily Post for this post: Etiquette expert Lisa Gaché of Beverly Hills Manners weighed in on Hamlin's bold move and Rinna's wifely rebound.

"If something so urgent or terrible has occurred that you cannot be present for the live interview, you should cancel altogether rather than multitask and try to do both,"  Gaché said. "There is simply no polite way to split your attention when the camera is facing you."

A possible loophole for Hamlin could be Gifford's urging him to take the call. Does that earn the guy any lenience?

"Of course! However, I can't imagine her responding to the incident any differently. She and Hoda were trying to be as gracious and accommodating as possible, given the situation," Gaché said.

If anyone comes out a winner in the manners game, it's Rinna for diverting attention from the faux pas.

"In my opinion, Lisa did the best she could to keep the interview focused as she attempted to steer the conversation away from the distracting phone call and link it to their upcoming reality show on TV Land. ... To their credit, they both looked great and maintained their composure throughout, and Harry's formal apology afterward was a nice touch," Gaché concludes.

How do you think the pair stack up in the context of chat-show etiquette? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna promote her "Starlit" and his "Full Frontal Nudity" at a New York City bookstore on Oct. 5. Credit: Henry S. Dziekan III / Getty Images

James Franco returns to 'General Hospital' as -- surprise -- Franco

James Franco on General Hospital 

James Franco is lurking around "General Hospital" yet again, reprising his creepy artist character Franco in a story arc that started Wednesday and apparently will put everyone in Port Charles "in peril" -- ABC's turn of phrase -- before it's over. 

Franco appeared in 23 episodes in 2009 and, according to an exec producer on the show, the "GH" gang had "a great time with him and are very excited that he decided to return to Port Charles to take care of unfinished business."

Other unfinished business, as far as Franco fans are concerned, includes the actor's star turn ...

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Ryan Seacrest makes Dick Clark cry, Chubby Checker twirls Susan Lucci

Dick-clark-oneDick Clark was brought to tears Sunday night by a standing ovation at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, after Ryan Seacrest led the audience through decades of memories in a tribute recognizing  "American Bandstand" and Clark's influence on pop music.

Dick-clark-two Chubby Checker rocked "The Twist," pulling Susan Lucci up on stage to dance and then picking her up and twirling her around as a finale -- not bad for 68 and 63, respectively. Tony Orlando tried to get the crowd to sing along with him on "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" (Weak sauce, audience people! Next time sing the dang song!) and Marie Osmond performed to a national audience for the first time since the death of her son Michael Bryan.

A tribute montage included recorded messages from Cher, Barry Manilow, Garth Brooks and even Simon Cowell, who made the point that without "Bandstand," there would be no "American Idol," and closed his bit by letting Clark know he is "the man."

Clark, 80, attended the event with his wife, Kari Wigton, and expressed his thanks to all before his emotions got the better of him. Clark suffered a stroke in 2003; since 2005, Seacrest has been co-hosting "New Year's Rockin' Eve" with him under a variety of titles. 

Check out the opening of the tribute in video embedded after the break.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick's marriage secret (Hint: You do it on an airplane)

Young, successful, good-looking couples like Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick shouldn't need much elbow grease to enjoy each other's company. Yet the model and budding actress says there is one trade secret to making her marriage work -- and it happens a mile high.

Andy roddick brooklyn decker "A lot of planes, a lot of airplane sleep," she tells "Fox & Friends" about how she and Roddick spend quality time with such hectic schedules.

For instance, Decker is pounding the pavement this week promoting her just-wrapped flick "Just Go With It," costarring Adam Sandler and Jennfier Aniston, then she's taking off to join Roddick in London for his shot at Wimbledon glory. 

The roundtable also chatted up the model about her recent win in Esquire magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive 2010 poll, in which she triumphed over Heidi Klum for the top spot.

"Please, that woman is superwoman," Decker said of how Klum was taking the loss. "She has like six jobs and a million children and looks like such a bombshell. She's doing just fine on her own."

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Andy Roddick at a match in late May. Credit: Michel Eule / Associated Press 

Did you know Brooklin Decker said Jen Aniston is BFF material? Get more gems like these from our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Robert Pattinson on 'Ellen': His beef with Julia Roberts, a head full of 'nits'

Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, all of your burning Robert Pattinson questions are answered -- for Wednesday at least. 

Stopping by the "American Idol" judge's daytime chat show, RPattz confirmed that indeed he has shorn his long locks for the film "Water for Elephants." But not before confusing everyone with an attempt at a joke (and we know how that goes).

Rpattz-on-ellen-web"I got a terrible infestation of nits," he told Ellen about his buzzed do. Huh?

"Are they not called 'nits'? Or are they called gnats?" he pondered. "Head lice?"

Um, OK, Rob -- let's just talk about how beautiful you are. Ellen brought up his placement in People magazine's Most Beautiful People issue. More so, she noted he didn't land the first photo in the pictorial, which was awarded to Julia Roberts, who'd been bumped from the cover by some minor news from Sandra Bullock.

"I didn't realize it was a competition," he said. "I thought I tried really hard keeping the pace for the year and Julia Roberts, where did she come from? She came out of nowhere." 

There's always next year, Pattinson. Meanwhile, "Elephants" starts shooting Thursday, according to the actor, with Reese Witherspoon and best supporting actor Oscar winner Christoph Waltz

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Robert Pattinson on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday. Credit: Michael Rozman / Warner Bros. / Associated Press

Why was Robert Pattinson on 'Ellen'? To promote 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,' of course! Get all our latest on the film here, and keep checking in with the Ministry on Twitter and Facebook.

Gwyneth Paltrow on 'Ellen': Mum on Madonna, but not about daughter Apple's Beyonce ambitions

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow surfaced on Ellen DeGeneres' show Thursday afternoon, a welcome return after a six-year absence from the host's couch.

"What did I do to you? Why? I've been ostracized," Paltrow joked with the "Idol" judge, asking whether DeGeneres ever makes it to her and Chris Martin's hometown of London.

"Yeah," Ellen said, "I come on Sunday afternoons when I'm off. On my free day I come to London."

Paltrow keeps busy with rocker Martin and their two kids, Apple and Moses, who on the star's watch are developing artsy little personalities.

Apple's long-term goals? "She either wants to do concerts like Beyonce, or be a baker." 

The Paltrow-Martins are indeed pals with B and her man, Jay-Z. The other famous names on Gwyneth's "just drop by" list -- think, oh, Madonna -- were not lost on Ellen.

"Madonna, she goes back and forth to Europe and sometimes she comes back, she sounds British," Ellen mused about Madge. Paltrow smiled curtly and said she saw Ellen's point.

"You're staying out of it, that's what you're doing," DeGeneres said. 

Paltrow's "Iron Man 2" hits theaters Friday.

-- Matt Donnelly

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You can't kiss like Rebecca Budig can kiss -- thank goodness the 'All My Children' star is here to help!

Rebecca budig "All My Children" star Rebecca Budig's first on-screen kiss was "just horrible," she says with a laugh -- but since then she's been able to practice, practice, practice that "acquired skill."

And she's very willing to share her kissing tips with the Ministry this New Year's Eve, in plenty of time for the stroke of midnight.

(Pretty cool to get to practice your early smooching technique on the likes of Josh Duhamel -- of whom she speaks highly.)

Budig's come a long way since that first onscreen kiss, which was with Chris O'Donnell in "Batman Forever." His Robin had just rescued her Teenage Girl and "I didn't know what to do. Didn't know that I could touch him!" 

And as she stood there, arms just hanging at her sides, things generally not going well -- that's when director Joel Schumacher came over.

"He said, 'Am I going to have to teach you two how to kiss?'"

"Talk about embarrassed!" she blurts. It was, she maintains, "the worst two minutes of the movie." 

"That kiss was horrible. Then," she says, bouncing back into the minty voice of a consummate kisser, "I just learned over time. ... It's an acquired skill, kissing."

~~ At the Ministry, our acquired skills are more like, "typing really fast." *Totally* not fair. ~~

The following are Budig's "must-haves" as she preps for a kiss at work:

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