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'Superman' actor Henry Cavill engaged to Ellen Whitaker

Henry Cavill of "Superman" engaged to Ellen Whitaker "Superman" hunk Henry Cavill is engaged, after popping the question Tuesday to his equestrian girlfriend Ellen Whitaker.

Cavill, 27, who will star in Zack Snyder's upcoming "Superman" project, proposed during a trip to Hollywood, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

"I couldn't believe it when he asked me to marry him," she said. "I thought we were there to celebrate his birthday. It was such a surprise and I am so happy."

Whitaker, 24, is a show jumper training for a bid to the 2012 Olympic team for Britain and hails from the famous Whitaker show-jumping family. She and Cavill first met at the 2009 Olympia International Horse Show and have been dating for more than a year.

'Superman' photos: The stars of Metropolis

Cavill is said to have called her father Stephen Whitaker, the famous Briton who helps train the Whitaker show-jumping family, hours before to ask permission before proposing. Cue the swoons.

The actor, whose Lois Lane will be played by Amy Adams, made a name for himself in the Showtime drama "The Tudors" alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He is set to star in the thriller "The Cold Day of Light" with Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. He'll also be going Greek as Theseus in the epic drama "Immortals," which also stars Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke and Kellan Lutz. Both films are due out later this year.


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British invasion: U.K. actors now play Superman, Batman and Spider-Man

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Henry Cavill at Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch" premiere. Credit: Emma Peios / Getty Images

Adrianne Palicki in (new) new Wonder Woman costume

Adrianne Palicki in original 'Wonder Woman' costume Wonder Woman's red boots are back and her pants no longer look like rubber, recent online images of Adrianne Palicki shooting her NBC show indicate.

Still no sign of the star-spangled booty shorts, however.

Originally, Warner Bros. television released the official image of Palicki in costume for the upcoming fall show a few weeks ago. But fans strongly decried the Amazonian princess' new garb as a trashy Comic-Con knock-off, stripper costume and an unpatriotic adaptation of the superheroine's digs.

The studio hasn't released an official updated image of her in costume, but these images uploaded to Flickr show the alterations, specifically the non-rubber pants, the stars down the pant leg and the return of Wonder Woman's signature footwear.

What do you think of the updates? And those who said the previous version made them averse to the David E. Kelley show, have you changed your mind? Tell us in comments.


Adrianne Palicki cast as newest Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki in costume as NBC's 'Wonder Woman'

The new Wonder Woman can't keep up with Lynda Carter? [poll]

— Nardine Saad

Photo: Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. Credit: NBC/Warner Bros.

Adrianne Palicki in costume as NBC's 'Wonder Woman'

Adrianne Palicki in Wonder Woman costume Adrianne Palicki has traded in Wonder Woman's signature booty shorts and red boots for spandex leggings and blue boots in NBC's remake of the comic-book-inspired series.

But don't worry, the bustier is as busty as ever.

It's safe to say that the actress is bringing her own brand of va-va-voom to the comic book hero. Lynda Carter, the original television Wonder Woman circa 1976, agrees.

"I think she looks fabulous," Carter told E! "It's a new look and, jeez, her body looks fantastic."


Palicki will play the Amazonian superhero and her alter ego in the David E. Kelley series. You'll see her wearing this get-up as she balances her corporate life with crime fighting this fall.

But the question remains: Does the former "Friday Night Lights" actress wear this under her business suits as Clark Kent does with his Superman outfit? Something tells us shiny tights are not exactly office-appropriate ... but, hey, it's L.A.

What do you think of the costume? Amazon glam or a total sham? Let us know in the comments.

For more coverage on Wonder Woman than Palicki's outfit, visit our favorite fanboy blog, Hero Complex.


Adrianne Palicki cast as newest Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman can't keep up with Lynda Carter? [poll]

Andrew Garfield reveals new guns, 'Spider-Man' ambitions

— Nardine Saad

Photo: Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. Credit: NBC/Warner Bros.

Adrianne Palicki cast as newest Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki will play Wonder Woman

"Friday Night Lights" actress Adrianne Palicki is set to play Wonder Woman in NBC's reboot of the DC Comics superhero, our friends at Hero Complex tell us.

Palicki, 27, will be following in Lynda Carter's red boot-clad footsteps. Carter played the Amazonian princess on television between 1976 and 1979.

Palicki also had long stints on "Supernatural" and "South Beach" and most recently appeared in Fox's country "Lone Star," which was canceled after two episodes because of low ratings. You may also have seen her in "Legion."

But come fall, you'll know her as Wonder Woman and her alter ego, Diana Price (assuming the David E. Kelley series' pilot is a hit), as she navigates the corporate world in Los Angeles while fighting crime and attempting to balance her superhero life with her regular life.

The football-drama alumna was the only actress invited to test for the role, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Palicki is set to appear in "Red Dawn" this summer alongside Chris Hemsworth, another actor tapped to play a superhero. Hemsworth is starring in "Thor" this comic-book-movie-infused summer opposite Natalie Portman.

Read more on the scoop at Hero Complex. And let us know — how does this woman rank in the "wonder" department?


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The new Wonder Woman can't keep up with Lynda Carter? [poll]

— Nardine Saad

Photos: Adrianne Palicki, left, and Wonder Woman. Credits: NBC, left; DC Comics, right.

The new Wonder Woman can't keep up with Lynda Carter? [poll]

New Wonder Woman costume sketchHey, Wonder Woman -- Lynda Carter didn't need no stinkin' pants. 

Or leggings.

Or whatever the DC Comics folks are calling the bottom half of the 69-year-old lady superhero's new urban-hip getup, designed by DC co-publisher and "X-Men" artist Jim Lee.

"What woman only wears one outfit for 70 years?" writer J. Michael Straczynski said on DC Comics' the Source blog. What woman doesn’t accessorize? And more to the point, as many women have lamented over the years … how does she fight in that thing?"

Well, perhaps she uses a stunt double, dear.

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter with her stunt double

That's Carter at the far right, with stunt double Jeannie Epper in an undated photo, rocking the late-'70s TV version of the costume, designed by Donfeld.

Make sure to vote in the poll below. Fans of Wonder Woman Classic, hot pants and all, are interested to know ...

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Wonder Woman's new look, top left, in an image released June 30, 2010, by DC Comics; Lynda Carter, far right, with stunt double Jeannie Epper. Credits: DC Comics / Reuters, top left; Con Keyes, right.

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Mickey Rourke discusses his darker side at the 'Iron Man 2' premiere

After capturing the hearts of audiences (and the Academy) for his moving role in "The Wrestler," Mickey Rourke shows a darker side in his new role in "Iron Man 2." As Tony Stark's nemesis, Rourke is Ivan Vanko, a tattooed Russian physicist determined to overpower Robert Downey Jr.'s character.

"It's been OK," he said of the dramatic change in characters. "You know, I wanted to do a different kind of movie after 'The Wrestler,' and this was definitely different -- way different -- so it was a lot of fun to do this."

To prepare for the role, Rourke told us he actually spent time in Russia.

"I was in Russia on other business and it just happened to come at the right time, so I was able to go there and visit the prison," he said. He brought back what he learned there and "laid it out" for director Jon Favreau, who allowed the actor to the freedom to "roll with it."

The result? A totally maniacal character that Rourke made all his own.

-- Amy Kaufman

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'Shady Talez' will star Eminem in 3-D, with multiple personalities

"8 Mile" When last we saw Eminem on the big screen, he was doing the nasty with Brittany Murphy in "8 Mile." Or maybe that's just the part of the movie we remember most vividly.

Anyway -- guess who's back?

Eminem is set to star in the big-screen 3-D project "Shady Talez," ScreenDaily.com reports. He'll co-produce the film, which will also be spun off into a four-issue Marvel Icons comic book series due out in 2010. The Horror Society had rumors about this the other day, with details about the multiple characters Em will play in the horror anthology.

Eminem comic books, huh? Does Hero Complex know about this? 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Eminem and Brittany Murphy in "8 Mile," the 2002 film that was the rapper's last big-screen foray. Brittany has since done more movies than you might imagine, including "The Ramen Girl." Credit: Universal Studios.

Click to the jump if you need a dose "Lose Yourself," Eminem's Oscar-winning song from "8 Mile" -- and some big-screen footage of the rapper.

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