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'Fair Game' premiere: Spying on Naomi Watts and Valerie Plame Wilson in New York


Valerie Plame Wilson was anything but undercover at the "Fair Game" premiere Wednesday night in New York.

Fair-game-gallery-refer The former CIA operative, whose identity was infamously revealed in a 2003 Washington Post article, walked the red carpet with the likes of Naomi Watts and Watts' husband, Liev Schrieber. Former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, Plame's husband, made the scene as well to promote the political action-thriller based on his wife's autobiography. (Think "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.")

Also spotted: singer Keri Hilson, model Christie Brinkley, news anchor Katie Couric and actors Noah Emmerich, Anthony Mackie and Michelle Monaghan. (Click the picture of Couric and the former ambassador at right to launch a gallery of red carpet arrivals.)

Sean Penn, who missed the event, stars opposite Watts in the film, which opens in limited release in U.S. theaters on Nov. 5.

— Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: Naomi Watts, left, and former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson attend a Cinema Society screening of "Fair Game" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York on Wednesday. Photo credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press.

Second photo: Katie Couric and former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson at the "Fair Game" screening. Photo credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images.

'Twilight' girl Christian Serratos gets naked for PETA ad

SerratosChristian Serratos, who plays Bella's pal Angela in the "Twilight" series of films, has bared  her own moon to pose naked for PETA's "I'd Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur" ad campaign.

Previous celebs in the anti-fur campaign include Khloe Kardashian, Steve-O, Amanda Beard, Nia Long and Jamie Bamber of "Battlestar Galactica."

MTV, HuffPo and others have the ad pictured -- but keep in mind that although this ad is suitable for glossy fashion mags and the like, it might make your computer monitor sizzle just a bit too much for work. Serratos  posed for the group's (non-naked) "Save the Seals" campaign as well.

Vampires bite people and suck out their blood, right? Just checking. And that usually results in dead people?

Seems "Twilight" has been a favorite of PETA for awhile, or at least a darling of PETA 2, the youth branch of the meat-is-murder animal-rights organization. In February, "Twilight" was given a 2008 Libby Award for most animal-friendly movie

We did a bit of searching as we tried to reconcile how a vampire movie could be considered "animal-friendly." (We tend to be a bit retro and lump humans in the "animal" camp when it comes to things like being bitten and sucked dry of blood.)

Turns out Bella (Kristen Stewart) is a vegetarian who gives her dad what-for when he orders a steak. 

We notice that Sour Patch Kids were also on the Libby Award winners list as the best vegan candy. We get it now -- eating animals bad; eating people, kinda OK. 

Peep the catchy video after the jump if you have an urgent need for an animal-friendly vampire-bite technique. Helpful for those making "Twilight" parodies at home, we're told.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Christian Serratos wears clothes but no fur to the L.A. premiere of the movie "Fame" in September. Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images.

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