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SAG Awards: Chris Colfer on his fashion showdown with Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep and Chris Colfer, both in Vivienne Westwood

Awards fashion can be just as competitive as any nominee categories when it comes to shows like Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony. Just ask Chris Colfer and Meryl Streep.

We were tickled to learn both stars were sporting looks from British designer Vivienne Westwood, Colfer in a black tux from the Spring 2012 collection and Streep in a belted couture creation. 

While the two certainly weren't in the same style garment and wouldn't likely compete for fashion press, we asked the young "Glee" guy anyway: Who wore Westwood best?

"She did! She did!" Colfer told us emphatically at the the People/Entertainment Industry Foundation SAG Awards after-party, shocked to learn they'd been outfitted by the same house. "But I hope they put us in a magazine together."

Streep lost the female actor trophy to Viola Davis of "The Help," and the folks of "Modern Family" kept the "Glee" cast in their seats on Sunday. But looking good is the best revenge, yes?

Streep will continue on the road to the Oscars with her Margaret Thatcher biopic, "The Iron Lady." Colfer remains a regular on Ryan Murphy's high school musical, and is hoping to release his feature "Struck by Lightning" in the fall. 


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Meryl Streep, left, and Chris Colfer in Vivienne Westwood. Credits: Vince Bucci / Associated Press, left; Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images, right.

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith leaving 'Glee'

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith will be leaving "Glee"

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith are making a new high school tradition on "Glee": Usually people are bummed when the cool kids are about to graduate.

Lovable uncool kids Rachel, Kurt and Finn will graduate after their upcoming Season 3 senior year and  leave "Glee" and the halls of McKinley High forever.

Colfer, who racked up another Emmy nomination Thursday morning after winning last year for supporting actor in a comedy, said he wasn't expecting the news but agreed with the decision.

"It's definitely not my choice to leave the show, but I understand it’s the right choice," he told Awards Tracker on Thursday. "The show is very real. To have the character grow up and leave and graduate, it’s the right thing to do. I think it's more of a big deal because not too many shows have ever done it before."

Michele tweeted her reaction late Wednesday: "We always knew we'd graduate in real time. It's all part of the plan and it's all good! It's going to make Season 3 amazing!!!"

Silver lining: It would be impossible for the New Directions stars to commute to Broadway from Lima, Ohio, right?


Ryan Murphy confirms 'Glee' cast is moving on

Cory Monteith opens up about drug abuse, rehab

Chord Overstreet is leaving 'Glee' and 'starting fresh'

-- Christie D'Zurilla
Photo: Cory Monteith, left, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele will leave "Glee" after the upcoming season. Credit: Reuters

'Glee' extra Nicole Crowther fired for revealing prom king and queen on Twitter

'Glee' producer Brad Falchuk gets angry at extra for tweeting prom spoiler

"Glee" extra Nicole Crowther was fired from the hit show for tweeting spoilers about the upcoming prom episode, specifically, who would be prom queen and king.

The somewhat cryptic message was understandable to fans of the show, and "Glee" co-creator Brad Falchuk was less than pleased about the leak. So he went off on the actress, which ultimately resulted in Crowther deactivating her Twitter account and getting the boot from the Fox show.

Those Gleeks don't mess around.

SPOILER ALERT: Do NOT click on the upcoming link if you prefer to be in the dark. Read the tweet here.

A series of angry messages from Gleeks bombarded the micro-blogging site after Crowther sent out the spoilerific tweet, which prompted Falchuk to speak out.

"Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create? Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment," he tweeted to the regular extra.

Ouch. And so Crowther was fired from the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Fox show.

"They are not doing reshoots because of my careless mistake so shut up haters and leave me alone. Grow up and get a life," was her final tweet before deactivating her account.

However, a source close to the show said standard Screen Actors Guild day-player union contracts used by the show do not contain non-disclosure agreements, which lay out punishments when plot secrets are blabbed, so the legal ramifications are less serious.

But still, she better watch her back or else she might be thrown up against a locker or get a slushie to the face. Just saying.


Heather Morris of "Glee" shows off dance moves

Ryan Murphy of "Glee" apologizes for using f-bombs, says Kings of Leon are "cool"

Naya Rivera dishes on "Glee" rumors involving Mark Salling, Matthew Morrison and Gwyneth Paltrow

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: "Glee" creators Brad Falchuk, left, and Ian Brennan, right. Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Oscars: At Elton John's Academy Awards party, Chris Colfer is this year's Betty White

Elton John at his 2011 Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party Hey you there in your sweatpants, eating Chinese food and watching the Academy Awards: Elton John is doing the same thing. Well, almost the same thing.

The Ministry is posted up at Sir Elton's annual Oscars viewing party, a chic soiree at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, and we're doing the math on the bold-faced names in attendance.

Every year, Elton and partner David Furnish populate their table -- clearly No. 1, but technically table No. 43 -- with a face that has defined the year's entertainment zeitgeist. In 2010, it was Betty White; this time, it's Chris Colfer. What a feather in the "Glee" star's Golden Globe-winning cap.

Table No. 35 is where the boys are -- hot young single guys including Matthew Morrison, Chace Crawford, JC Chasez and Sean Pyfrom of "Desperate Housewives."

Fabulous couples are sprinkled throughout as well, such as a stunning Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, and a super sweet Dave Annable and Odette Yustman.

Also watching the awards with Elton: Steven Tyler, John Waters, Hayden Panettiere and Cheyenne Jackson.

Stay with The Ministry for updates on big winners and the best parties.


Golden Globes: Chris Colfer wants the LAPD to get ready

Betty White holds court at Elton John's 2010 Oscar viewing party

Grammys: Cee Lo Green versus Elton John: Who's the puppet master? [Poll]

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Elton John, right, and David Furnish arrive at their 2011 Elton John Academy Awards viewing party in West Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011. Credit: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press

Giuliana Rancic suggests Chris Colfer, Anne Hathaway do lunch

Chris Colfer at the SAG Awards The Ministry is not shy about its love of a ladies lunch, and apparently neither is E! anchor Giuliana Rancic -- so much so that on Sunday she recommended a little nosh and bonding for "Glee" star Chris Colfer and Anne Hathaway, who will be stopping by the show to guest star as the lesbian aunt of Colfer's Kurt Hummel. 

Giuliana Rancic at the SAG Awards "Are you guys going to set up maybe a lunch date or text each other about the script?" Rancic suggested to the Golden Globe-winning actor on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Though Colfer said he'd be "all for it," either bonding over Cobb salad or sending emoticons her way, he said he'd rather pick her brain about her upcoming role as Catwoman in "The Dark Knight Rises."

We won't hold our breath for a linen-napkins-and-Arnold-Palmers moment. Watch the complete interview here.

If you missed the red carpet, click the pics or the link below for more photos of SAG Awards arrivals.


Photos: SAG Awards red carpet

"Social Network's" Josh Pence brings his own face to SAG Awards

SAG Awards: "Glee" gals Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz have the red carpet nailed

-- Matt Donnelly

Photos: Chris Colfer, left, and Giuliana Rancic at the SAG Awards on Sunday. Credits: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times, left; Jason Merritt / Getty Images, right

Helena Bonham Carter's mismatched shoes -- a Golden Globes homage to old-school 3-D glasses? [poll]

Helena Bonham Carter at the Golden Globes Helena Bonham Carter different shoes Golden Globes Helena Bonham Carter wore two different color shoes on the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday -- which makes us wonder if that's why Chris Colfer "literally screamed in her face," when he saw her, as he revealed backstage.

Colfer swore it was because he just loves her, but with the quirky "Alice in Wonderland" actress rocking one red shoe and one green, now we're simply not sure.

With Justin Bieber sporting purple-framed shades he said were for his upcoming 3-D movie, perhaps Bonham Carter was going retro, with an homage to the old-school 3-D glasses with one lens red, the other mismatched. And we remember how attractive those were.


Golden Globes: Chris Colfer wants the LAPD to get ready

Emmy focus on feet, starring Rita Wilson and Thomas Jane

Golden Globes: Robert Pattinson chugs a Golden Globe beer, ponders going French

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Helena Bonham Carter in different color shoes on the Golden Globe Awards red carpet in Beverly Hills on Jan. 16, 2011. Credits: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times, left; Jason Merritt / Getty Images, right.

Golden Globes: Chris Colfer wants the LAPD to get ready

Chris Colfer at the 2011 Golden Globes Now that Chris Colfer has the Golden Globe he was sure was going to Eric Stonestreet, all bets are off.

"I really hope the LAPD lets me off with a warning tonight, because I'm gonna go crazy," the "Glee" star said backstage after winning for supporting actor in a TV series, adding that he's going to the Fox after-party "of course," and then party hopping.

"I don't have tickets," he said, "but hopefully this" -- he gestured with his award -- "will get me in."

Colfer choked back a few tears upon arrival in the press room -- not the restroom, as his mom thought he was saying on the phone -- but would he actually cry?

"Maybe, a little bit," said Colfer, who'd said he sort of "blacked out" when he heard his name called. "I have my big boy pants on, so I'm trying not to [cry]."


Golden Globes red carpet: Angelina Jolie, Justin Bieber are loving life

Gerard Butler, Olivia Wilde celebrate good deeds and diamonds at Bulgari bash

Andrew Garfield, Mila Kunis hit W's A-list Golden Globes party after Critics' Choice Awards

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Chris Colfer on the red carpet. Credit: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Rachel Bilson found her wedding song (yes, it will surprise you)

Rachel Bilson may be dunzo with longtime flame Hayden Christensen, but that doesn't mean a girl can't plan her dream wedding -- like nailing down the perfect song.

Fine, the Ministry may have given you a banana peel to slip on, but we're technically correct. Bilson recently participated in a video tribute to Super Mario Bros., the feisty little Italian heroes celebrating their 25th anniversary. 

"It may be the song I walk down the aisle to one day," Bilson said of the video game's theme song, of which she sings a few bars.

Other celeb well-wishers in the video include an adorable Penn Badgley, and Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer of "Glee." 

"It's been 25 years, and the princess still keeps managing to get herself caught," Colfer says. "It might be time for you and her to start seeing other people."

Do you think Bilson should do her bridal march with Mario? Tell us in comments, and get more on your favorite game and geek characters at Hero Complex.


MOCA Los Angeles Gala: Stefani, Kunis, Bilson, Ferrell and herds more celebrate a 'culture collision' in L.A.

Rachel Bilson, Hayden Christensen engagement is over

-- Matt Donnelly

Kurt Hummel versus Lennon and McCartney: Is 'Glee' bigger than the Beatles? [Polls] [Updated]

The "Grilled Cheesus" episode of "Glee" on Tuesday was definitely a star turn for Chris Colfer, as well as a sharp departure from the lighter tone of the previous week's Britney Spears adventure, with the gang considering spirituality as the father of Colfer's Kurt Hummel hangs in limbo in the hospital after a heart attack.

We have to ask, in the wake of Colfer's performance of John Lennon's and Paul McCartney's "I Want to Hold Your Hand," and with a generous dollop of self-conscious hyperbole in our hearts: Is "Glee" bigger than the Beatles?

(If you can't decide from the MTV snippet above, catch the whole song here.)

[Updated, 11:20 a.m.: OK, we swear we didn't see this Gossip Cop item first -- in which it is revealed that "Glee" is in fact bigger than the Beatles, when it comes to most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by a non-solo act. Yeesh.]

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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'Glee' premiere: The gang's all here to celebrate Season 2


Glee-gallery-refer Just in case the gang from "Glee" hadn't been seen on enough red carpets in recent months, the Fox show celebrated the impending kickoff of its second season Tuesday night with a party at the Studios at Paramount.

Diana Agron, Jayma Mays, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera rocked some frocks on arrival, while costars Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith and Mark Salling dressed it down a bit. On the nerd chic front: Kevin McHale and Mike O'Malley (dad to Chris Colfer's character, Kurt), one sporting a bow tie and the other topped with a cap.

Also on hand: Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, Heather Morris, Iqbal Theba, Harry Shum Jr., Jessalyn Gilsig, Josh Sussman and Romy Rosemont, who plays Finn's mom. Click the picture of rowdy grown-ups Matthew Morrison and John Stamos, left, to launch a gallery of arrival pictures.

The series is back Sept. 21 with an episode Rolling Stone says will feature ...

Continue reading »


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