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Brad Pitt saves 'World War Z' extra from being trampled on set

Brad Pitt saved a woman on the World War Z set

This post has been corrected. See the note below for details. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt to the rescue: After saving a woman from being trampled on the set of "World War Z," the actor is being hailed as a hero.

Things took a dangerous turn during a chaotic, 700-person zombie-invasion scene in Glasgow, Scotland’s George Square. An extra slipped during filming Wednesday and Pitt stopped to pick her up, saving her from being trampled in the street, the Scottish Sun reports.

"Lots of people hurt themselves, and Brad came to the rescue of a woman who slipped," an insider told the paper. "I don't think she could believe it when Brad picked her up.

"He didn't have time to speak to her as it was mid-shoot. But she said afterwards how grateful she was, despite having a badly grazed knee."

According to the Sun source, Pitt and director Marc Forster were growing "slightly concerned" about the number of injuries that have occurred over the course of filming the action thriller. During the Wednesday battle scene, "loads of extras suffered bumps and scrapes," the source said, adding that during a safety talk, everyone was urged to be as careful as possible.

The apocalyptic action movie, due out in 2012, follows Pitt's character Gerry Lane, a United Nations employee who travels the world in hopes of stopping the zombie pandemic before it's too late. Looks like the actor playing Lane is a real-life hero as well.

[For the record, 5:20 p.m. Aug. 27: This post originally named Peter Mullan as the "World War Z" director. Marc Forster is the director; actor-director Mullan was spotted visiting the George Square set.]


Angelina Jolie surprises Sarajevo Film Festival crowd

Brangelina -- and 350 pals -- take a private train to Glasgow

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux sharing a Hollywood Hills home

-- Emily Christianson

Photo: Brad Pitt, center, runs with a girl who appears to be his on-screen daughter -- not the extra he helped after she slipped -- during the filming of zombie movie "World War Z" in Glasgow, Scotland, Wednesday. Credit: David Moir / Reuters

Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt cast in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

'Inception's' Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt cast in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

This post has been corrected. Please see the note below for details.

"The Dark Knight Rises" — or what might be called "Inception" lite — has found itself a boardwoman and a cop in Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The actors who previously teamed with "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan are joining him again for the newest Batman film — the final chapter in the trilogy.  

Cotillard, who won the lead actress Oscar in 2007 for "La Vie en Rose," will play Miranda Tate, a member of the Wayne Enterprises board. Tate is "eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father's philanthropic endeavors for Gotham," according to Variety.

Gordon-Levitt will join Gotham City's rank-and-file police force as John Blake, "a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon." He was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2009 for his starring role in "(500) Days of Summer."

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Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher recruit 'real men' Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper, Isaiah Mustafa for PSAs

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have launched a flurry of PSAs featuring such A-listers as Justin Timberlake, Drake and Bradley Cooper to put an end to human trafficking and child sex slavery.

The DNA Foundation's Real Men Don't Buy Girls Campaign launched Monday and has been gathering steam. Kutcher kicked off the campaign with his "Real Men Do Their Own Laundry" video. Subsequently, Isaiah Mustafa, Jason Mraz, Adrian Peterson, Sean Penn and Jamie Foxx have each been featured in PSA videos. See all the real men (and the women who prefer them) here.

The philanthropic couple will appear on Piers Morgan’s show this week and have enabled supporters to their own “real men” videos too.

"Many people think of human trafficking as a problem in developing countries. The sad reality is that thousands of young girls have been forced into sex slavery and held against their will, right here in the 'land of the free,' " Moore and Kutcher said in a statement.

"After learning about this horrifying problem, we realized that we couldn't just go on with our daily lives, we had to do something about it. And we've enlisted government, law enforcement and nonprofit organization experts to help."

The couple recently traveled to Luxor, Egypt, to attend the International End Human Trafficking Now Forum. The also spoke at the launch of the United Nations Global Plan Against Trafficking in Persons and Victim's Trust Fund last November, working to provide "humanitarian, legal and financial aid to victims of trafficking."

Which "real man" is your favorite? Tell us in comments.


Natalie Portman likes Ashton Kutcher's parenting skills

Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher at 'No Strings Attached' premiere

Ashton Kutcher threatens legal action over Brittney Jones sex video

-- Nardine Saad

Angelina Jolie's tattoo sparks new rumors about baby with Brad Pitt

A bit of new ink on Angelina Jolie's tattooed arm has speculators in a tizzy over the possibility that the actress may be adopting or having another child with partner Brad Pitt -- rumors that are eclipsing her international altruism.

The UN refugee agency's goodwill ambassador visited Somali refugees at the Libya-Tunisia border earlier this week while showing off a tattoo of another set of map coordinates below the numerals marking the birthplaces of her six children, WonderWall reported.

Angelina Jolie tattoo closeupThe tattoo begins "N 35" degrees, which could point to Algeria, the blog said. Though it could also signify Pitt's Oklahoma birthplace, In Touch reported. And a source told People that the new baby rumors were also false.

The Cleopatra star's international brood includes Maddox, 9, born in Cambodia; Pax, 7, born in Vietnam; Zahara, 6, born in Ethiopia; Shiloh, 4, born in Namibia; and Vivienne and Knox, the couple's 2-year-old twins who call France their birthplace.

Jolie, 35, and Pitt, 47, have squelched new baby rumors recently, though Jolie has said she is not opposed to adding to the clan.

Jolie enabled 177 people to fly back to their homelands and donated an ambulance for health efforts in Tunisia via the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

"The international community has done well to reinforce Tunisia's remarkable relief effort," Jolie said in a statement. "But with 2,000 people still crossing each day, we cannot let the funding dry up and need to sustain the momentum."

Meanwhile, papa Pitt took the kids to a screening of "Hop" in Los Angeles and an Easter egg hunt.

What a fam.


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt enjoy kid-free romantic getaway

Poll: What should the title of Angelina Jolie's Cleopatra film be?

Brad Pitt takes kids for Easter egg hunt, 'Hop' screening in L.A.

— Nardine Saad
Twitter.com / NardineSaad

Photos: Goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie visits Somali refugees at Shousha Camp, near the Tunisian-Libyan boder at Ras Djir on Tuesday; arm closeup. Credit: Jason Tanner / UNHCR / Associated Press

Ministry of Gossip

The gospel on celebrity and pop culture

Keanu Reeves talks 'Bill & Ted' three-quel

Keanu Reeves talks 'Bill and Ted' film Keanu Reeves says there will be a third installment of the cult "Bill & Ted" franchise.


The actor, who played Ted in the films, had previously said that original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon were "going to try and see if they can write something."

And while promoting his indie comedy "Henry's Crime," he told MTV Monday that he believed "the writers are six weeks away from a draft."

The previous films, "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey," hit theaters in 1989 and 1991, respectively, and costarred Alex Winter as Bill. The actors, who in "Excellent Adventure" played high schoolers traveling through time to piece together a history project, are now in their mid-40s -- and Reeves says that's "pretty excellent."

"The Matrix" star said the third film will likely build on the previous story lines.

"When we last got together, part of it was that Bill and Ted were supposed to have written the song that saved the world, and it hasn't happened," Reeves told MTV. "So they've now become kind of possessed by trying to do that. Then there's an element of time and they have to go back."

Do you think a third installment would be excellent or bogus?


Exclusive video: 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee'

Ricky Gervais sings and dances in '80s pop duo Seona Dancing!

Sean Hayes to play Larry in Farrelly Bros.' 'The Three Stooges' film

— Nardine Saad
Twitter.com / NardineSaad

Photo: Keanu Reeves attends a screening of "Henry's Crime" at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on April 4, 2011, in New York City. Credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Lauren Conrad lands three-book deal with HarperCollins

Lauren conrad book Adjust those Oliver Peoples kitten frames, Lauren Conrad fans — the former "The Hills" star has signed a three-book deal with HarperCollins.

Conrad will be writing a young adult series as a follow-up to her New York Times bestseller "L.A. Candy."

"This series is about a girl who loves everything that fame is, and that's all she's ever really wanted," Conrad tells Us of protagonist Madison. "[She] has fun with the press, she enjoys the attention, she welcomes scandal!"

What a stretch.

In all seriousness, Lauren has done quite well for herself on and off the bookshelf. She also has a successful clothing line and a fragrance from mark cosmetics. 


Top-earning reality stars: Kardashians, the Situation are making millions

— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Lauren Conrad in 2009. Credit: WireImage.

Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka and Danielle Staub together at last?

Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka and Heidi Montag to star on VH1 show
Heidi Montag
and Jake Pavelka were spotted together at Café Med in West Hollywood on Tuesday. But it's not what you think. Danielle Staub was there too.

The oft-loathed reality stars — she of Speidi infamy and he of "The Bachelor" bizarro-land — were spotted alongside Staub (the also-oft-loathed New Jersey housewife) and other reality series alumni, said to make up the cast of a new VH1 show. They're supposed to get a restaurant up and running in 28 days, according to People.

So if you thought each of these reality semi-stars was cringe-inducing on his/her own, try not to imagine what they'll be like altogether. Chills.

"They are revamping a restaurant from the ground up. They started shooting this past weekend," a source told the mag.

File that under: Really?! Gordon Ramsay must be fuming with sweaty bullets of rage right about now.

What do you think of this trio? Will you watch whatever it is they're cooking up?


Where's Heidi Montag? Try the Hustler strip club

Danielle Staub settles defamation lawsuit with ex-husband

Vienna Girardi says she dumped Jake Pavelka over, ahem, intimacy issues [poll]

— Nardine Saad
Twitter.com / NardineSaad

Photo: Left, Danielle Staub on Feb. 15, 2011. Credit: Marc Stamas / Getty Images. Center, Jake Pavelka in April 2010. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press. Right, Heidi Montag on Nov. 16, 2009. Credit: Will Ragozzino / Getty Images.

Ricky Gervais sings and dances in '80s pop duo Seona Dancing!

We knew about "The Office," "Extras" and his various other shows but, oh, Ricky Gervais... why did you never tell us about this?

The controversial Golden Globes host and sharp-tongued comic used to be in the '80s synth duo Seona Dancing.  And for the '80s and its unfortunate hairstyles, he looked real good.

Watch the music video for the band's chart topping single "Bitter Heart" above. A bounty that will live forever on YouTube. And yes, it's really Ricky!

Maybe he sees this as an unwanted blemish on his less-than-squeaky-clean career, but we see it as a goldmine. Are you as in love with this version of Ricky as we are? Tell us in comments.


Ricky Gervais: Planning for the Oscars, with Ellen's help? [poll]

Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett to stop by 'The Office,' post-Steve Carell

Ricky Gervais roundup: Golden Globes is the luckiest award show EVER

— Nardine Saad
Twitter.com / NardineSaad

Ryan Murphy of 'Glee' apologizes for using f-bombs, says Kings of Leon are 'cool'

Glee's Ryan Murphy with cast

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy has made his version of an apology to the Kings of Leon and the Foo Fighters after the bands wouldn't allow their music to be used on the hit show.

"I didn't speak with as much clarity as I would have liked," Murphy told the Hollywood Reporter, referring to his expletive-peppered comments about the bands in January.

Let's just say he, like the Kings of Leon, was being a poor sport.

"I completely understand when artists don't want a show or another artist to interpret their songs. In fact, I respect it," he added. "It's their personal work and I'd feel the same way. We get turned down all the time and [I] don't fight it or even go back after a rejection."

Slash and singer Bjork also passed on having their music on the show.

After Murphy's initial comments, Kings of Leon member Nathan Followill shot back at him to "buy a new bra" and get over it.  Critics deemed the language homophobic.

It's been said that Gwyneth Paltrow, a "Glee" guest star and Murphy's pal, may have brokered peace talks through a series of text messages.

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Royal wedding: Kate Middleton probably won't sign a pre-nup

Kate middleton prenup Apparently the good news doesn't stop for Kate Middleton -- she has bagged herself an insanely eligible man in Prince William, will one day earn the title of queen consort of the United Kingdom and, according to a new report, won't have to sign a pre-nup.

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter "highly doubts" Kate will need to sign such a document, which often secures one's assets in the case of divorce.

"They're common in America but rare here in England, so much so that, while they do carry some weight in a court of law, they're not 100% legally binding," Arbiter told CBS News.

"Obviously, William has a vast wealth to protect, money in a trust from Diana and the queen mother, but he's intimated that divorce is not an option for him. He wants to avoid the pitfalls of former members of the royal family," she said.

A divorce, in this case, would be "catastrophic" for the monarchy, Arbiter said. But is it likely? We'd guess not, given the couple's general buttoned-up adorableness. But enough talk of divorce. Keep your eyes on the prize with our royal wedding watch.


What to expect from the Royal Honeymoon

Fans choose Kate and William's wedding cake

Kate Middleton gets a low-key bachelorette party from sister Pippa

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Kate Middleton rocks a chic trench in Belfast on March 8. Credit: Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Sean Hayes to play Larry in Farrelly Bros.' 'The Three Stooges' film

Sean Hayes to play Larry in "The Three Stooges" Sean Hayes is heading to the big screen to play Larry in the Farrelly Brothers' upcoming film "The Three Stooges."

Hayes, 40, who made his way into the heart of television audiences as "Will & Grace's" flamboyant neighbor Jack McFarland, is starring on Broadway in the musical comedy "Promises, Promises."

"Thanks, everyone. I've been honored with the chance to play an iconic member of The Three Stooges. I will make it as funny as I can," the Emmy winner tweeted.

Hayes beat out Sean Penn for the role, Us Magazine reports. But the search is still on for Moe to complete the trio.

Hayes last appeared in movie theaters with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in 2007 in "The Bucket List." He'll be joining "MADtv's" Will Sasso, who will play Curly, in the slapstick comedy based on the 1930s vaudeville act.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly of "Dumb and Dumber" and "There's Something About Mary" fame recently released the Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis comedy "Hall Pass." The brotherly duo will be working with Twentieth Century Fox to produce "The Three Stooges," set to hit theaters in 2012.

What do you think of Hayes playing Larry? Are you excited to seem him back on the big screen? Let us know in comments.


John Travolta to play Mafioso John Gotti in biopic

Steve Carell cast in 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World'

Poll: What should the title of Angelina Jolie's Cleopatra film be?

Adrianne Palicki in (new) new Wonder Woman costume

Adrianne Palicki in original 'Wonder Woman' costume Wonder Woman's red boots are back and her pants no longer look like rubber, recent online images of Adrianne Palicki shooting her NBC show indicate.

Still no sign of the star-spangled booty shorts, however.

Originally, Warner Bros. television released the official image of Palicki in costume for the upcoming fall show a few weeks ago. But fans strongly decried the Amazonian princess' new garb as a trashy Comic-Con knock-off, stripper costume and an unpatriotic adaptation of the superheroine's digs.

The studio hasn't released an official updated image of her in costume, but these images uploaded to Flickr show the alterations, specifically the non-rubber pants, the stars down the pant leg and the return of Wonder Woman's signature footwear.

What do you think of the updates? And those who said the previous version made them averse to the David E. Kelley show, have you changed your mind? Tell us in comments.


Adrianne Palicki cast as newest Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki in costume as NBC's 'Wonder Woman'

The new Wonder Woman can't keep up with Lynda Carter? [poll]

— Nardine Saad

Photo: Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. Credit: NBC/Warner Bros.

Amy Adams cast as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's 'Superman' revival

Amy Adams cast as Lois Lane Amy Adams has been tapped to play our favorite female comic book journalist, Lois Lane, in Zack Snyder's revival of Superman.

Adams is the most recent name to join the star-studded cast of Snyder's film in which "The Tudors" hottie Henry Cavill will play superhero-journalist Clark Kent. His adopted parents will be portrayed by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane in the update, formally titled "Superman: Man of Steel."

Metropolis hasn't been this hot in a while.

Snyder phoned the red-headed actress from Paris while he was promoting his recent film "Sucker Punch" to tell her the good news, our fan boy brother blog Hero Complex reported.

"There was a big, giant search for Lois," Snyder said. "For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning, but we had this meeting with Amy Adams, and after that I just felt she was perfect for it."

For photos of Lois Lane's evolution throughout the years, click the photo of TV's onetime "Super" couple Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain.The Evolution of Lois Lane

Adams, 36, broke out in 2005's "Junebug" and won critical acclaim as Princess Gisele in Disney's "Enchanted." She was nominated for a supporting actress Oscar in "Junebug," 2008's "Doubt" and, most recently, for playing a feisty bartender in David O. Russell's "The Fighter."

The Superman reboot will be produced by "Inception" and "Dark Knight" mastermind Christopher Nolan.

How do you think Adams will fare as strong-willed Lois? Let us know in comments.

For all things superhero, visit Hero Complex.


Adrianne Palicki in costume as NBC's 'Wonder Woman'

Anne Hathaway is Catwoman for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

'True Blood' hunk Joe Manganiello in the running for 'Superman'

— Nardine Saad
twitter.com / NardineSaad

Right photo: Amy Adams arrives at the the Hollywood Reporter Academy Awards Pre-Party in Los Angeles on Feb. 24. Credit: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press.

Left photo: Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain in 1995's "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." Credit: ABC.

'Sucker Punch' movie premiere: Abbie Cornish, Jon Hamm, Vanessa Hudgens jab the black carpet

Carla Gugino, Jena Malone, Abbie Cornish, Deborah Snyder, Zach Snyder, Emily Browning, Jamie Chung, and Vanessa Hudgens at the "Sucker Punch" premiere

This post has been corrected. See the note below for details.

The stars of Zack Snyder's estrogen-infused, sci-fi action flick "Sucker Punch" walked the black carpet Wednesday for the ultra-glam premiere of the film starring Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens and Jon Hamm.

Snyder, who also directed "Watchmen" and "300," attended the premiere with his leading ladies and gentleman at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Australian actress Browning  is Baby Doll, a girl who loses her loved ones and gets locked away by her stepfather (Gerard Plunkett) in a Vermont insane asylum -- and is then tasked by wise man Scott Glenn with finding five items she needs to be set free. Plunkett and Glenn did not attend the premiere.

Jon Hamm at 'Sucker Punch' premiere Hamm plays High Roller, a different type of mad man.

The leading ladies in the asylum -- and walking the carpet -- with Browning include Cornish, who plays Sweet Pea; Jena Malone, who plays Sweet Pea's sister Rocket; and "Grown Ups" nanny Jamie Chung, cast as Amber.

Hudgens, who built her fame on the "High School Musical" empire and plays Blondie (a brunet), stepped out with her costars at the premiere. Click the pics for more photos from the event.

Carla Gugino plays Polish psychotherapist Dr. Vera Gorski, who offers up striptease as a cure, in the Warner Bros. film. 

Diane Lane, who will play Martha Kent in Snyder's upcoming film, "Superman: Man of Steel," joined Malin Akerman at the premiere. Akerman previously starred in Snyder's "Watchmen." 

"Scream 4" star Emma Roberts and newly single singer Joe Jonas also hit the black carpet.

The film sucker punches its way into theaters March 25.

For the record, 4:45 p.m. March 24: This post originally said "Sucker Punch" revolves around the Sweet Pea character, played by Abbie Cornish. Emily Browning's Baby Doll is in fact the main character; the post has been revised to reflect that. Thanks to commenter @Reila Scott for flagging the gaffe.


Vanessa Hudgens, a tardy Alex Pettyfer attend "Beastly"

"Mildred Pierce" premiere: Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, Melissa Leo go to HBO

"Super" movie premiere: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler -- and Liv's dad, Steven

-- Nardine Saad
twitter.com / NardineSaad

Upper photo: From left, Carla Gugino, Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish, producer Deborah Snyder, director Zach Snyder, and actresses Emily Browning, Jamie Chung and Vanessa Hudgens pose at the premiere of their film, "Sucker Punch," on Wednesday. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

Lower photo: Jon Hamm at the "Sucker Punch" premiere.  Credit: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Adrianne Palicki in costume as NBC's 'Wonder Woman'

Adrianne Palicki in Wonder Woman costume Adrianne Palicki has traded in Wonder Woman's signature booty shorts and red boots for spandex leggings and blue boots in NBC's remake of the comic-book-inspired series.

But don't worry, the bustier is as busty as ever.

It's safe to say that the actress is bringing her own brand of va-va-voom to the comic book hero. Lynda Carter, the original television Wonder Woman circa 1976, agrees.

"I think she looks fabulous," Carter told E! "It's a new look and, jeez, her body looks fantastic."


Palicki will play the Amazonian superhero and her alter ego in the David E. Kelley series. You'll see her wearing this get-up as she balances her corporate life with crime fighting this fall.

But the question remains: Does the former "Friday Night Lights" actress wear this under her business suits as Clark Kent does with his Superman outfit? Something tells us shiny tights are not exactly office-appropriate ... but, hey, it's L.A.

What do you think of the costume? Amazon glam or a total sham? Let us know in the comments.

For more coverage on Wonder Woman than Palicki's outfit, visit our favorite fanboy blog, Hero Complex.


Adrianne Palicki cast as newest Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman can't keep up with Lynda Carter? [poll]

Andrew Garfield reveals new guns, 'Spider-Man' ambitions

— Nardine Saad

Photo: Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. Credit: NBC/Warner Bros.

George Clooney, aka Mr. Sudan, says his life wasn't led 'in the right way for politics'

George Clooney in Juba, Sudan

George Clooney says he's no saint when it comes to running for office, but he knows he can parlay his star power to advocate for a good cause.

"I didn't live my life in the right way for politics, you know," he told Newsweek while stationed in Sudan, where he's sublimating his celebrity status to help people fight for their rights. He said he slept with "too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that's the truth."

So if he were to run, he says he'd "start from the beginning by saying, 'I did it all. I drank the bong water. Now let's talk about issues.' That's gonna be my campaign slogan: 'I drank the bong water'?" he jokes.

Are you listening, Miley Cyrus?

So why the political talk from the two-time Sexiest Man Alive? Clooney, who has spent quite a bit of his time lately doing humanitarian work in the oil-rich African country, is set to play a less-than-perfect man running for president in "The Ides of March." The film, which he also directed and co-wrote, also stars Ryan Gosling and Marisa Tomei.

The "Up In the Air" star said he looked to U2's Bono as the model for directing attention to passion projects.

"Celebrity can help focus news media where they have abdicated their responsibility. We can't make policy, but we can 'encourage' politicians more than ever before." And if the paparazzi come to Sudan as a result, that's OK with him. "If they're going to follow me anyway," he said, "I want them to follow me here."

Still, the A-lister is aware that, despite all his stardust, it's difficult to get Americans interested in his cause -- and that's why he jokes about creating "The Real Housewives of Sudan."

Dashing hero or evil genius? Let us know in comments.


Yes, George Clooney had malaria -- emphasis on 'had'

WWII explosives found near George Clooney's Italian villa

George Clooney lobbies for attention to the situation in Sudan

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: George Clooney stands outside a polling station on the first day of voting in the southern Sudanese capital city of Juba on Jan. 9. Credit: Pete Muller / Associated Press

Adrianne Palicki cast as newest Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki will play Wonder Woman

"Friday Night Lights" actress Adrianne Palicki is set to play Wonder Woman in NBC's reboot of the DC Comics superhero, our friends at Hero Complex tell us.

Palicki, 27, will be following in Lynda Carter's red boot-clad footsteps. Carter played the Amazonian princess on television between 1976 and 1979.

Palicki also had long stints on "Supernatural" and "South Beach" and most recently appeared in Fox's country "Lone Star," which was canceled after two episodes because of low ratings. You may also have seen her in "Legion."

But come fall, you'll know her as Wonder Woman and her alter ego, Diana Price (assuming the David E. Kelley series' pilot is a hit), as she navigates the corporate world in Los Angeles while fighting crime and attempting to balance her superhero life with her regular life.

The football-drama alumna was the only actress invited to test for the role, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Palicki is set to appear in "Red Dawn" this summer alongside Chris Hemsworth, another actor tapped to play a superhero. Hemsworth is starring in "Thor" this comic-book-movie-infused summer opposite Natalie Portman.

Read more on the scoop at Hero Complex. And let us know — how does this woman rank in the "wonder" department?


Andrew Garfield in training for his 'Spider-Man' body

Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit donated to Smithsonian

The new Wonder Woman can't keep up with Lynda Carter? [poll]

— Nardine Saad

Photos: Adrianne Palicki, left, and Wonder Woman. Credits: NBC, left; DC Comics, right.


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