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Lindsay Lohan tapped for $94,000 in unpaid income tax

Lindsay Lohan owes a tax debt

Now Lindsay Lohan owes back taxes? Once again, girlfriend can't seem to catch a break.

The government is coming after Lohan for nearly $94,000, according to tax-lien papers filed Thursday in L.A., after the actress allegedly failed to pay income tax in 2009.

(Note to Lindsay: Something like this didn't go well for Wesley Snipes.)

Sources told TMZ that Lohan thought her accountants were handling that sort of thing, and intends to pay the bill immediately. Her Playboy paycheck ought to help out a bit, no? Good timing. The lien has been filed against her home in Encino, according to E! Online, which also reported that Lilo's rep isn't commenting on her personal finances.

Lindsay was definitely in full-tabloid mode in 2009, breaking up with Samantha Ronson, jetting around the world, showing up late for court and getting her probation extended. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but recall that right about tax-filing time in 2010 she was busy suing ETrade over "that milkaholic Lindsay" and no-showing for civil-suit depositions and it becomes clear how income taxes might not make the short list of things to do.

Having recently replaced her business team (or so TMZ sources said), she's currently busy doing morgue duty regularly in an attempt to finally get through probation and on with life. She also stepped out at the Chateau Marmont on Wednesday night for a party hosted by the Weinstein Co., to celebrate award season.


Lindsay Lohan 'likes to come here and see me,' judge teases

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A Lindsay Lohan timeline -- in case you've had a life of your own until now

— Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Lindsay Lohan arrives at a party hosted by the Weinstein Co. and Audi to celebrate award season at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday. Credit: John Shearer / Getty Images

Kirsten Dunst: French man ordered to stay away until 2015

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst can breathe easier now that a Superior Court judge has barred a French man from contacting her until January 2015.

Dunst, who has been flirting with the award-season circuit thanks to her starring performance in Lars Von Trier's "Melancholia," was not present in court when Judge Carol Boas Goodson issued the order against 51-year-old Jean Christophe Prudhon of Dijon, France.

According to the Associated Press, Prudhon sent Dunst more than 50 unanswered love letters and even traveled to the U.S. and confronted Dunst's mother outside her Toluca Lake home. Did we mention he said in court documents that he sold his house in France so he could visit? Yeah, he did.

Now Prudhon must stay at least 100 yards away from Dunst and her mother.

It's been an active week in the suspected-stalker community. On Friday, a Superior Court judge issused a similar restraining order against Thomas Brodnicki, who had been allegedly been bothering Selena Gomez and her family.


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Selena Gomez granted restraining order against alleged stalker

Young Hollywood: Kirsten Dunst, Armie Hammer talk role preparation

— Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Kirsten Dunst. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

Selena Gomez granted restraining order against alleged stalker

Selena Gomez

A man accused of stalking Selena Gomez has been ordered to stay far away from the singer and her family for three years — and did we just hear boyfriend Justin Bieber breathe a sigh of relief?

L.A. Superior Court Judge William D. Stewart on Friday issued the restraining order against 46-year-old Thomas Brodnicki, who was accused of threatening to kill the 19-year-old "Wizards of Waverly Place" actress.

Brodnicki has two previous stalking convictions, L.A. Now reported in November. At the time the former Illinois resident pleaded not guilty to felony stalking of Gomez, whom authorities said he'd traveled across country to meet and then threatened to kill while on a psychiatric hold in October. The judge in the criminal case dropped the charge after determining prosecutors hadn't adequately proved their case.

Stewart, a civil court judge, had twice delayed issuing the restraining order against Brodnicki while waiting for him to respond. Then in December, Brodnicki filed a declaration that essentially consented to the restraining order.

"I know it is the only thing that will make me stay away from Selena," he said in the declaration, according to TMZ.

So. Gomez and her family are safe(r), the Biebs doesn't have to go medieval on anyone, and Brodnicki, who has a history of mental illness, agrees he's received due process.

Let's hope things stay that way.


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Selena Gomez thanks fans, reveals name of the 'angel' her mom miscarried

— Patrick Kevin Day

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Selena Gomez at the MTV European Music Awards. Credit: Peter Muhly / AFP / Getty Images

Jeremy Renner escapes Thailand bar brawl that saw friend stabbed

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner got while the getting was good in the wee hours of Wednesday, stepping away from a bar brawl in Thailand before, well, before a bunch of guys allegedly attempted to kill one of the people in his bar-hopping group.

It was a scenario that sounded more "Hangover 2" than "Mission: Impossible 4": A half-dozen Rachada Pub staffers were taken into custody and charged with attempted murder, the Phuket Gazette reported, for a stabbing attack that left Vorasit Issara, general manager of the nearby Sri Panwa Resort, hospitalized with serious wounds to his stomach and the tendons of his neck.

(The neck wounds reportedly came from an axe that was home-made from a motorcycle brake rotor. Other weapons involved included knives and clubs. Youch.)

The melee in Phuket City began after 31-year-old Vorasit dropped a glass, according to the local police chief, who provided no other details and reportedly silenced one of the suspects when he tried to explain what had happened.

A source told the Gazette that Renner was one of two men and two women in the party with Vorasit and his driver, Noppadon Preechawai. The group had been seen at a couple other clubs before the after-hours incident at Rachada Pub. Vorasit allegedly had been drinking and got into a fight with bar staff before the 4:30 a.m. violence broke out, the source said.

Renner's rep confirmed the incident to several outlets, but said the actor was not involved or injured, as had been previously reported. 

"The Hurt Locker" and "M.I.: Ghost Protocol" star has been in the Philippines filming "The Bourne Legacy."


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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jeremy Renner at the U.S. premiere of "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" in New York on Dec. 19. Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press

Adam Lambert arrested for bar fight with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen were arrested in Finland

Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen were arrested and jailed Wednesday night in Finland after brawling outside a bar in Helsinki, but Glammy on Thursday appeared to have only the slightest hangover anxiety over the incident.

"Jetlag+Vodka=blackout. Us÷blackout=irrational confusion. jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing bout it," Lambert said on Twitter, capping that pithy explanation with a smiley face.

Getting released without being charged probably helped too. No need to wait for bail, then don the hoodie-and-sunglasses uniform of morning-after shame and slink around waiting for his publicist to kick into gear. Lambert had flown in from Shanghai on Monday afternoon.

Note that there's one "divided by" sign in there -- no doubt a reference to the fight that according to the Hollywood Reporter started in a back room at the DTM (Don't Tell Mama) gay bar and made its way outside.

The story gets better, mind you: A beauty queen was involved.

During the altercation, Lambert whacked a former Miss Helsinki, THR said. Sofia Ruusila, who'd been out celebrating with the boys, told a local entertainment channel she was accidentally hit by the singer when she tried to get between the two as they fought.


Koskinen, whom Lambert began dating in 2010, won the Finnish version of "Big Brother" in 2007, according to MTV News. Lambert took second place to Kris Allen on the eighth season of "American Idol," and is currently working on his second album.

The Finnish news report below comes via MJ's Big Blog.



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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Adam Lambert, left, and Sauli Koskinen at the 2011 American Music Awards in Los Angeles in November. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images


Lindsay Lohan 'likes to come here and see me,' judge teases

Lindsay Lohan in court Dec. 14

For Lindsay Lohan, what a difference 12 days makes -- 12 days of community service, that is, done ahead of a court-ordered probation schedule, with an extra day of therapy thrown in for good measure.

Lohan smiled several times in court Wednesday and once covered her face with her hands in a girlish display of happy embarrassment, visible on a live TMZ camera feed from the courtroom, when Judge Stephanie Sautner teased, "I think she likes to come here and see me. I think that's motivation."

Lohan attorney Shawn Chapman Holley had asked if, in the future, her client need not appear in person if the requirements had been met. That request was denied -- perhaps in line with what TMZ reported was a previous argument by the lawyer that the judge should provide "rigid structure" to help Lindsay succeed.

There was no fancy hair or fancy outfit for Lilo the day after her late return from Hawaii. In the wake of that vacation, which was for her sister's birthday, Holley also got specific with Sautner about travel rules as her client completes probation. Lohan had been instructed that she could leave the state for work or to spend holidays with family, with her probation officer's OK.

"You cannot leave the state except for work" between court appearances unless the required community service and counseling are done, Sautner told Lohan. However, once the minimum is done each month, she can travel "for pleasure, for any reason ... to go to a spa."

That said, Sautner suggested, another option was to do more morgue duty than required each month, "and then perhaps we can end this in February."

Lohan is fulfilling requirements related to a no contest plea to misdemeanor theft in May. She was sentenced to jail and a new probation schedule was laid out after her probation was revoked in October, and has 270 days behind bars looming over her if she blows this probation.

Her next court date is in mid-January.


Lindsay Lohan nude-photo spread for Playboy is leaked

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 'structure' — and 30 days in jail

Lindsay Lohan's stolen purse found after 'wholesome' Hawaii party

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan smiles during a hearing at the Airport Branch Courthouse in L.A. on Wednesday. Credit: Michael Nelson / European Pressphoto Agency

Rima Fakih, former Miss USA, arrested on suspicion of DUI


Rima Fakih, the 2010 Miss USA, was arrested by police early Saturday morning near Detroit on suspicion of DUI.

It seems the first Arab American to win the Miss USA crown at first didn't want anyone to know what happened. According to the Detroit Free-Press, a tweet was sent out on the beauty queen's official account Saturday after media began reporting on the arrest, claiming that it was a different Fakih who had been arrested. The tweet was later removed.

Fakih's attorney, Doraid Elder, told the newspaper on Sunday: "She is taking full responsibility. She wants to apologize to everybody she let down."

According to Elder, Fakih was acting as designated driver for her friend when she realized she was too intoxicated to drive herself. When she pulled over, she was spotted by police and picked up.

Local TV station WXYZ reported that Fakih blew a .20 on the breathalyzer, far above Michigan's legal limit of .08. Elder said he hadn't seen the police report and couldn't not confirm the number.

During an appearance on the Fox News program "Fox & Friends," Miss USA pageant organizer Donald Trump responded to the arrest by saying, "I am very surprised to hear it, I'm very disappointed actually. I hope she's fine."

Fakih, the first Miss Michigan to become Miss USA since 1993, ended her reign in June.


Samantha Ronson arrested on suspicion of DUI

Rick Springfield arrested on suspicion of DUI in Malibu

Redmond O'Neal arrested again on suspicion of drug possession

-- Patrick Kevin Day

 Photo: Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih. Credit: Getty Images

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, is arrested in Aspen


Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, was arrested over the weekend after allegedly assaulting a woman at an Aspen, Colo., bar on Saturday night. She also was found to be in possession of at least four grams of cocaine, police said.

Though the couple had a tumultuous relationship and Sheen has had his own troubles with Aspen police, the actor was nowhere near Mueller Saturday night; he had tweeted from Cartagena, Colombia, on Friday.

According to a source, Mueller, 34, was at the bar Belly Up when the alleged assault occurred. When notified of the incident, police tracked Mueller to another bar, Escobar, where a source said she arrived noticeably intoxicated just after midnight. When police arrested her, she reportedly yelled out, "I run this town!"

Mueller, a former real estate investor, was booked and released on $11,000 bail. She will appear in court on Dec. 19.

Sheen was arrested in Aspen on Christmas morning 2009 for allegedly beating Mueller, who was married to him at the time. She was the one to call 911, saying that Sheen was drunk.

Sheen and Mueller, who divorced in February of 2011, had a lengthy custody battle over their of 3-year-old twin sons. Sheen went to court in April to ask for full custody of the children after Mueller entered a rehab clinic for drug use. Both are required to pass drug tests as part of their custody agreement.

It was unclear who had custody of the sons at the time of Mueller's arrest.

For more on Mueller's arrest, go to LA Now.


Reports: Brooke Mueller back to rehab, Charlie Sheen wants custody of twins

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller head to court, then he heads for Washington, D.C.

Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller to get her child-support money straight from his Warner's paycheck

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photos: Left, Brooke Mueller at Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central roast in September. Credit: Getty Images. Right, Brooke Mueller's mug shot. Credit: Aspen Police Department.

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland marries boyfriend Justin Miller

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland is married

Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles has tied the knot with her entrepreneur boyfriend, Justin Miller.

The country star and her new husband were married Saturday near the Smoky Mountains in Tennesee, People reported. 

Nettles, 37, wore Alexander McQueen (a la Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) at an intimate chapel ceremony that included bandmate Kristian Bush. But the newlyweds will likely have to put their honeymoon plans on hold, as Sugarland will be performing at the Grammy Nomination Concert Live on Wednesday and and then hosting the CMA Country Christmas Special on Thursday.

Miller, a former model who appeared in the video for the band's 2006 single "Want To" (watch it below) and attended the CMA Awards with Nettles earlier this month, have been dating for about two years. Nettles' divorce from first husband Todd Van Sickle, a club owner, was final in March 2007.

But concerts, wedded bliss and thank-you cards aren't the only items on this newlywed's to-do list. Sugarland is facing a newly filed lawsuit over an Indiana State Fair stage collapse last August that left seven dead and more than 40 others injured.

The lawsuit, filed Nov. 23 on behalf of 44 survivors and the families of four of the people killed, alleges that Sugarland "had supervisory authority and discretion" over the stage size and lighting system, among other concert-related aspects. The lawsuit said the duo "failed or refused to cancel the Sugarland concert despite inclement weather."


Country singer Chely Wright marries girlfriend Lauren Blitzer

Shania Twain falls, Sheryl Crow flashes her panties at CMT awards

Glen Campbell on Alzheimer's disease: Needing the ones he loves, Lord

-- Nardine Saad

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Jennifer Nettles at the CMA Music Awards on Nov. 9. Credit: Harrison McClary / Reuters

Michael Lohan: No contest means no jail in domestic violence case

Michael Lohan struck a plea deal in his Florida domestic violence case

Michael Lohan pleaded no contest Wednesday to domestic violence charges against Kate Major, and in trade for the plea got sentenced in a Florida court to two years' probation, four months in a residential treatment facility, a domestic-violence intervention program and no contact at all with his ex-girlfriend.

That's right -- no jail. Unless, of course, he messes up while on probation. Which, given that he's a Lohan, wouldn't seem impossible.

Judge Nick Nazaretian, who at one point had scolded Lohan for acting like a child, explained that when it came to seeing Major, "No contact is nothing. Zero. Minus zero." The 51-year-old told the judge it was no problem staying away from his former fiancee. "My hand has been bit too many times," he said.

Then again, Lohan acted like he understood when a different judge told him in October that he'd be in trouble if he even "dreamed about" his ex -- mere days before his rearrest for contacting her. That, of course, was the time he hurt his foot when he attempted to jump from his balcony to a tree, allegedly to avoid the police at his door.

"I think he needs help,” 29-year-old Major told the court in Hillsborough County, Fla. "Keeping him in jail would be hurting him more." Lohan, initially arrested in Florida on Oct. 25, has been behind bars since the tree-jumping incident on Oct. 27.

She also brought up another incarceration-challenged Lohan. "It's my birthday today," Major told Nazaretian. "A year ago, we were worried about Lindsay."

Replied the judge: "I'm not sure who that is."

Ah, perspective.


Michael Lohan boomerangs back behind bars in Florida

Michael Lohan arrested on domestic abuse charges in Florida

Michael Lohan denied bail -- will his boxing career be jeopardized?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Michael Lohan looks into the gallery in a Hillsborough County courtroom in Tampa, Fla., on Wednesday. Credit: Andy Jones / Associated Press


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