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Mario Lopez to host Miss America -- will they add a lingerie round?

Mariomerica Mario Lopez has been tapped to host the 2010 Miss America pageant, Gossip Cop and others are reporting, making that his third time in the job.

Yes, we refer to the same Mario Lopez who donned a leather corset and garter belt for a recent episode of the FX series "Nip/Tuck."

Wait, aren't people supposed to wait till after they're done with the whole Miss America experience before they get caught posing in that kind of get-up? Maybe it's just a "third time's the charm" thing for Mario.

An interesting competition might be shaping up among some of these event hosts, you know. Ricky Gervais is no stranger to embracing his masculinity (to accompany an interview in the UK's Observer Magazine).

Alec Baldwin's been working his hairy chest for years. Hey, whatever works.

And last year's Oscars host, Hugh Jackman, clearly set the bar nice and high for everyone involved.

So, um, we're thinking maybe Daniel Craig should get to host the Grammys or VMAs or Country Music Awards or something?


And as for Steve Martin ...

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Carrie Prejean and the Miss Universe pageant call it a draw


Annnnd ... it's over.

The fiasco that started with a same-sex-marriage question from Miss Universe pageant judge Perez Hilton and peaked with Miss California Carrie Prejean being relieved of her title has ended with a fizzle.

According to a joint statement released Tuesday, Prejean and the organizers of the pageant have reached a confidential settlement on dueling lawsuits.

Prejean had sued over allegations of religious discrimination, slander and libel. Pageant officials sued back, saying Prejean hadn't fulfilled contractual requirements, and, oh yeah, they wanted their plastic-surgery money back. 

Yes, one of the more salacious points of contention had been who would foot the $5,200 bill for Prejean's breast enhancement. A countersuit was even filed in connection with the augmentation argument.

And the decision? It's all good. Keep those, whydontcha, seeing as they're attached and all.

Move along, folks, nothing to see here.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Then-Miss California Carrie Prejean responds to a question from judge Perez Hilton about gay marriage during the question-and-answer session of the Miss USA pageant in April. Credit: Eric Jamison / Associated Press


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