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Marilu Henner honored at vegan-friendly Art of Compassion gala

Henner Carol Leifer, a comedian and former "Seinfeld" writer, was in her element at a benefit in Hollywood on Saturday evening. The event was the 25th anniversary Art of Compassion gala for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which lobbies against the use of animals in medical research and promotes plant-based diets. Mom to six rescue dogs, Leifer told the crowd that she took her love of animals one step further two years ago and became a vegan.

"Because I thought, as a Jewish lesbian, I wasn't part of a small-enough minority," she said.

Then Leifer, who appeared on the current season of "Celebrity Apprentice," gave a shout-out to the show's maestro, Donald Trump, for making a donation to her charity, the North Shore Animal League, even though she was the first star to get booted off the show.

The name of TV's absent comb-over king came up again later when Dan Cortese introduced honoree Marilu Henner. He noted that when she was on "Celebrity Apprentice's" first season in 2008, she dedicated her winnings to PCRM.

Coincidence, or has Trump powered his way through the celeb phone book?

It's hard to know, but the celebrity vegan-friendly world is clearly a cozy one. As an ebullient Henner, who received a Voice of Compassion Award, said of presenter Frances Fisher, "Frances and I, we always run into each other in audition waiting rooms or in our colonics place waiting room. We are very connected."

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PREACH IT! Does 'Octomom' hate kittens? We'll soon find out [poll]

Octomom peta It’s a nice week to be Octomom. The offers for help just keep on rolling in for our poor media whore in distress. First, a porn company steps forward, offering to defray Nadya Suleman’s mortgage costs if she appears in an adult film. Now, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has announced an offer of its own.

The animal-rights organization tells us exclusively that it has sent a letter to Suleman saying it will pay her an unspecified amount if she places an ad on her lawn. The ad, already mocked up by the PETA people and shown above, reads, “Don’t let your dog or cat become an 'Octomom': Always spay or neuter. PETA.”

The ad also features a photo of a cat with a huge litter of kittens.

“Taking us up on our offer is a win-win situation,” PETA’s Michelle Cho writes to Suleman. “It would help you and your children to keep your home and also reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats. Thank you for your consideration.”

PETA has yet to hear back from Suleman, but ...

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'The Birds' star Tippi Hedren earns Humane Society's Genesis Lifetime Achievement Award

Tippi1 There may not be much members of Congress can agree on, but Democrats and Republicans come together on at least one thing: Tippi Hedren rocks.

The animal activist and former movie actress co-wrote the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, which bans interstate commerce in exotic cats for the pet industry. Both houses passed it unanimously in 2003, and the president signed it into law a week after a 10-year-old boy in North Carolina was mauled by his aunt's pet tiger.

Not bad for a Hitchcock blond. The Humane Society of the United States thought so too and honored her with a Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday evening in Beverly Hills. The event was the 24th annual Genesis Awards, recognizing film, TV and print media that promote animal welfare. (Click on the image below for more photos from the event.)

Tippi gallery promo  Before presenting the award to her mother, actress Melanie Griffith mused that her mom had won a Golden Globe for Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." "Isn't it ironic that after that film she went on to become an animal advocate?"

Now that you mention it -- Hedren founded the Shambala Preserve for abandoned captive-born exotic felines in the Mojave Desert, where she's the den mother to 68 lions, tigers, servals, cougars and leopards cast off by circuses, private owners and zoos.

"I had to have help getting up these stairs because I've been tackled by so many lions and tigers," she said when she reached the podium in the packed ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "Really. I'm like an old football player."

All of which should explain Griffith's exotic upbringing ...

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Shelter pets get Ellen DeGeneres' stamp of approval

EllenEllen DeGeneres really wants you to adopt. She's so serious about wanting you to adopt that she's springing for dinner to prove it.

A million dinners, actually. And we hope you like stew. Because she wants you to adopt a shelter pet. And she has stew. A lot of stew.

The U.S. Postal Service's 2010 social awareness stamp campaign, "Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet," is getting a big promotional push from DeGeneres and Halo Purely for Pets -- the company, part-owned by the newest "American Idol" judge, announced Wednesday that as the stamp is launched, it will donate a million servings of Spot's Stew to shelter pets awaiting adoption.

So how does this all work?

"The first thing you can do is adopt a shelter pet, just like it says on the stamp," DeGeneres said. "That's one less mouth to feed for these under-funded animal shelters across the country. More importantly, you'll give an abandoned pet a true home -- and change your own life in the process."

Got it. This Ministry correspondent is currently on Rescue Dog No. 4 and can vouch for those positive, life-changing effects. And of course, DeGeneres, the customer who bought into the company, hopes that new pet owners will put Halo on their shopping lists.

"We were honored to be approached by USPS for this campaign,” said Steve Marton, Halo's chief exec. "We're here to help make sure this amazing social awareness translates into a meaningful difference for shelter pets."

For those just waking up not quite ready for a lifelong commitment, however ...

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PREACH IT! In Hollywood, the march of the pig continues

Pigs-and-people Everyone knows this town is a snake pit; no need to add a new species of animal to the Hollywood population, right? Especially if that species is a relatively adorable breed of pig that also could fit really nicely into my larger saute pan?

The logic seems sound, but not around here. Hollywood seems to be developing a genuine obsession with pet pigs. The piglet adoption stories just keep on coming.

First, Paris Hilton brought home one of these small pigs -- a breed called Royal Dandie Extreme. Hilton named the porker Princess Piglette. Now Jessica Simpson has tweeted that she, too might adopt a porcine companion. Simpson has been heartbroken since September, when her dog, Daisy, got snatched from her backyard by a coyote. Now, she tweets, “I'm thinking about getting a pet pig. Does this mean I'll have to give up pork?”

PETA is annoyed, natch.

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Jesse James' dog Cinnabun is found and returned home!

James and sandy Cinnabun, the shop dog at Jesse James' West Coast Choppers garage in Long Beach, has been found and returned home. The pooch, who went missing Jan. 25, is a few pounds lighter and needs a bath after more than three weeks away from home, but she's back safe.

Click here and scroll down for pics of the happy reunion.

“She’s happy to be home and happy to be back with Mr. T,” garage employee Red Dodge said, referring to the shop's other dog, who James said "is happy to have his little buddy back."

A Los Angeles woman identified as Rosaura found Cinnabun "a while ago," James said, but didn't know the young pit bull was lost until she spotted a flier; she called the shop this morning. James says she'll be getting a reward; he'd offered $2,000 shortly after the dog went missing, later upping the ante to $5,000.

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Wendie Malick, Kelly Carlson unleash wild horses on Capitol Hill

Carlson malick Note to Capitol Hill: If Kimber Henry nip-tucks into your office, it helps to be doing something cool.

Fortunately for Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), he was rocking out to John Coltrane when "Nip/Tuck" actress Kelly Carlson stopped by earlier this week. 

She was there with actress Wendie Malick of "Just Shoot Me" fame, bringing attention to legislation (H.R. 503/S. 727) that would protect mustangs and burros in the American West by prohibiting certain conduct related to the slaughter of horses for human consumption. 

Carlson, an avid equestrian who also participates in horse rescue, said Tuesday that she was more about speaking for her cause than about remembering the who's who of people she met.

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