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Anne Hathaway and her many Oscar dresses [Poll]

Anne Hathaway Oscar dresses

Anne Hathaway was a woman of 1,000  dresses at the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday, starting on the red carpet in a 2002 Valentino creation and ending at the Governors Ball and Vanity Fair Oscar party in burgundy Atelier Versace.

Hathaway was styled by Rachel Zoe for the show in multiple gowns and one Lanvin tuxedo. For the after-parties, she accessorized with a clutch purse and boyfriend Adam Shulman. And OK, maybe it wasn't exactly 1,000  gowns, but it was definitely more than most women show off in a given night.

Which look did you like best? The poll answers (look way down there) go with the pics above and below, listed in left-to-right order and color-coded for those who aren't so good at "spot the designer."

Anne Hathaway Oscar dresses


Anne Hathaway amethyst Oscar necklace from the Academy Awards Oscars: Anne Hathaway in Valentino, with Valentino

Oscars: Melissa Leo and the F-bomb — forgive, or forget you? [Poll]

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez act like a couple at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo credits: From left, Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times; Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press; Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press; Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times.

Bottom photo credits: From left, Chris Pizzello / Associated Press; Gabriel Bouts / AFP / Getty Images; Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images; Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press.

Bottom right photo: Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the necklace Hathaway wore with her Vivienne Westwood gown. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez act like a couple at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez turned up together at the Vanity Fair party after the Academy Awards on Sunday -- and touched in public on the red carpet. Then they touched again later inside the event. And then they touched each other's BlackBerrys.

Rumor has it they even kissed.

Anyone disappointed by the Biebs' tentative 3-D moves on Miley Cyrus during his Madison Square Garden concert (as seen in the flick "Never Say Never") can take comfort in the notion that the recently restyled kid seems to be learning his way around a lady, at least when it comes to putting his arm around her waist, or having her hand on his knee.

This from a guy who turns 17 on Tuesday and has been posting quotes on Twitter, including "all i want to do is dance under the moon" and "your love is like a rollercoaster the way you take my breath away."

Guess that's the 21st century equivalent of scribbling on your Pee Chee folder? Very cute.

Let us just add that the Ministry's Christie and Matt have also been seen snuggling together and kissing in an after-party photo booth as well. And while it might mean lurve, it doesn't necessarily mean ... you know. And no, we're not linking to the pics.

Now we're blushing.


Justin Bieber, Usher -- so bromantic at the Grammys

The new Justin Bieber haircut -- whaddya think of it? [Poll]

Justin Bieber shakes hands with the Situation; civilization crumbles

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, both in Dolce & Gabbana at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at the Sunset Tower in L.A. on Feb. 27, 2011. Credit: Carlo Allegri / Associated Press


Oscars: Donald Trump just wants to have fun [video]

Helena Bonham Carter with Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the Oscars Donald Trump left New York behind for a while and took a stroll down the Academy Awards red carpet Sunday with wife Melania Trump.

"We just want to have a little fun," said the Donald, who will be back in the "Celebrity Apprentice" boardroom next Sunday.

"We just have a lot of great competitors" this coming season, he said.

Trump apparently knows how to pick a winner, preferring " 'King's Speech' more than anything else," he said.


Ivanka Trump tells the world she's pregnant

Miss Universe Pageant judges named -- bikinis included

Bret Michaels wins 'Celebrity Apprentice' with a limp and a smile

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo: Helena Bonham Carter, left, gets roped in by Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, on the red carpet at the Oscars in Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Oscars: Melissa Leo and the F-bomb — forgive, or forget you? [Poll]

Melissa Leo drops the F-bomb at the Oscars The F-word achieved a bit of respectability this award season, going undercover as in the title of Cee Lo Green's Grammy-nominated hit, "Forget You," and starring in a key scene in "The King's Speech." But it took Melissa Leo to unforgettably turn it back into the F-bomb at the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Overwhelmed upon winning the Oscar for supporting actress and having declared herself "kinda speechless," "The Fighter" actress blurted, "When I watched Kate [Winslet] two years ago it looked so ... easy" (you fill in the blank, OK?).

Backstage, Leo apologized. "Those words — I apologize to anyone if they were offended," she said. "There's a great deal of the English language that is in my vernacular."

The Oscars were, she said, "an inappropriate place to use that word in particular."

Coming off supporting actress wins at the Golden Globe Awards in January and the Spirit Awards on Saturday, Leo had walked down the Oscars red carpet Sunday looking incredibly excited in her gold and cream Mark Bauer gown.

"This dress was made especially for me," she said before the show started. "I saw it on a dummy a month and a half ago, but it's so cold now!"

Forgettably cold, perhaps?


SAG Awards: For Melissa Leo, a nap isn't silly at all [Video]

Gwyneth Paltrow will sing Cee-Lo Green's 'Forget You' for 'Glee'

Grammys: Cee Lo Green versus Elton John: Who's the puppet master? [Poll]

— Christie D'Zurilla and Jessica Gelt

Photo: Melissa Leo accepts the Oscar for actress in a supporting role for "The Fighter" at the 83rd Academy Awards on Feb. 27. Credit: Chris Carlson / Associated Press.


Oscars: Mark Ruffalo happy to share his nod with wife Sunrise Coigney [Video]

Mark Ruffalo counted himself "a little excited ... a little tired, but ... mostly very happy" Sunday as he arrived at the Academy Awards with wife Sunrise Coigney. "And I'm very happy to be here with this beautiful woman, who I share ... this nomination with."

Contrast that with being "excited ... tired, but mostly content and slightly hung over" before the Spirit Awards on Saturday.

OK, not that much of a contrast, but hey, the supporting actor nominee has been working the red carpet for just about ever now, right?

Ruffalo said he tweeted his thank yous Sunday, "on the slim chance that I don't win," which sparked a bit of harrumphing from Coigney. "She hates it when I say that," he said. "I know I'm not going to win!"

Delighted to have his "The Kids Are All Right" outing included among what he called "showier" performances, including Christian Bale's turn in "The Fighter," Ruffalo admitted: "I'm super quiet. I'm shy, actually. This is all an act."


Spirit Awards: Mark Ruffalo is excited, content, 'slightly hung over' [Video]

SAG Awards 2010: Can we all have Jeff Bridges' it-takes-two marriage to Sue?

Oscars: At Elton John's Academy Awards party, Chris Colfer is this year's Betty White

-- Amy Kaufman



Oscars: Elton John, David Furnish will after-party with their 'little guy' Zachary

David-furnish-oscars Elton John's AIDS Foundation always hosts one of the most coveted Oscar events -- but the singer's after-party for 2011 is a reservation for three.

Elton and partner David Furnish made their usual rounds to every table at their swanky Academy Awards viewing party Sunday, chatting up the Ministry briefly while guests clawed for photo ops.

Furnish shared their plans for the evening, after the viewing party: The rest of the evening will be spent with their new son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, born Dec. 25.

"We'll make a quick stop at Vanity Fair and then go home to the little guy," Furnish said.

Sounds exclusive -- and sweet.


Oscars: Darren Aronofsky on 'Black Swan,' Aaron Sorkin on ... Facebook?

Elton John welcomes a baby with David Furnish -- in tradition with the family plan

Oscars: At Elton John's Academy Awards party, Chris Colfer is this year's Betty White

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: David Furnish arrives at the 2011 Elton John Academy Award viewing party in West Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011. Credit: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press


Oscars: Natalie Portman and the anatomy of a dress

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied at the Academy Awards The Ministry defies you to argue that this award season hasn't been All. About. Natalie. Natalie Portman, that is.

All eyes have been on the "Black Swan" star and expectant mother, and her red carpet fashion, even after she flew into L.A. on Thursday evening from New York with her dish of a fiance, Benjamin Millepied, and stopped by a Vanity Fair celebration for Fox Searchlight wearing a $50 shift from H&M.

That got fashionistas talking, but the real question was what, and who, Portman would wear on the Academy Awards carpet. The nominee showed a floor-length purple gown (an interesting choice, if you ask us) by Rodarte — the same label that crafted a few of her ballet costumes in "Swan." Dramatic fringe-drop earrings and gem detail on her decolletage completed the look.

So why do we care? Well, if and when Portman nabs the trophy for actress in a lead role, the dress becomes iconic and the image of her will be used exhaustively.

Remember Sandra Bullock's Marchesa gown from 2010? It's impossible to forget, after shots of her wearing it ran countless times thanks to her "Blind Side" win — and the misadventures of a certain ex-husband.


Oscars: Anne Hathaway in Valentino, with Valentino

Oscars: Natalie Portman's bumpy path through award season [poll]

'Black Swan' star Natalie Portman pregnant, engaged to dancer Benjamin Millepied

— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Natalie Portman in Rodarte, with fiance Benjamin Millepied, at the 83rd Academy Awards. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.


Oscars: Mandy Moore sees the light at the end of her rom-com tunnel [Video]

Mandy Moore at the Academy Awards Mandy Moore explained her love-hate relationship with romantic comedies Sunday on the Academy Awards red carpet, ahead of performing the nominated song "I See the Light" with "Tangled" costar Zachary Levi and Alan Mencken on piano.

"As a girl, a quintessential girl, I love those films," said Moore, clad in a Monique Lhuillier gown she said was the first dress she'd tried on, "but as an actress ... I feel like I've definitely exhausted the romantic comedy genre for now."

Moore said her husband, Ryan Adams, would be "sitting out there with me after I perform."


'Tangled' premiere: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi get animated

Oscars: Natalie Portman's bumpy path through award season [poll]

At Elton John's Academy Awards party, Chris Colfer is this year's Betty White

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo:  Mandy Moore arrives at the 83rd Academy Awards at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre on Feb. 27, 2011. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images


Oscars: Anne Hathaway in Valentino, with Valentino

Anne Hathaway and Valentino at the Oscars Anne Hathaway may have been onstage at the Academy Awards with James Franco, but she hit the red carpet Sunday with designer Valentino -- and wearing Valentino.

Hathaway's relationship with Valentino is nothing new. When the designer received his Rodeo Drive Walk of Style award in 2009, the actress was the presenter.

He also had a "leetle cah-may-oh" appearance in her hit film "The Devil Wears Prada," which depicted a Valentino runway show (see the video, below).



Valentino receives Rodeo Drive Walk of Style award

Anne Hathaway is Catwoman for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Kristen Stewart rocks Valentino for 'Welcome to the Rileys' red carpet

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Designer Valentino accompanies Oscars cohost Anne Hathaway on the red carpet before the 83rd Academy Awards in Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press

Oscars: At Elton John's Academy Awards party, Chris Colfer is this year's Betty White

Elton John at his 2011 Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party Hey you there in your sweatpants, eating Chinese food and watching the Academy Awards: Elton John is doing the same thing. Well, almost the same thing.

The Ministry is posted up at Sir Elton's annual Oscars viewing party, a chic soiree at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, and we're doing the math on the bold-faced names in attendance.

Every year, Elton and partner David Furnish populate their table -- clearly No. 1, but technically table No. 43 -- with a face that has defined the year's entertainment zeitgeist. In 2010, it was Betty White; this time, it's Chris Colfer. What a feather in the "Glee" star's Golden Globe-winning cap.

Table No. 35 is where the boys are -- hot young single guys including Matthew Morrison, Chace Crawford, JC Chasez and Sean Pyfrom of "Desperate Housewives."

Fabulous couples are sprinkled throughout as well, such as a stunning Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, and a super sweet Dave Annable and Odette Yustman.

Also watching the awards with Elton: Steven Tyler, John Waters, Hayden Panettiere and Cheyenne Jackson.

Stay with The Ministry for updates on big winners and the best parties.


Golden Globes: Chris Colfer wants the LAPD to get ready

Betty White holds court at Elton John's 2010 Oscar viewing party

Grammys: Cee Lo Green versus Elton John: Who's the puppet master? [Poll]

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Elton John, right, and David Furnish arrive at their 2011 Elton John Academy Awards viewing party in West Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011. Credit: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press


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