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Justin Timberlake slammed (willingly?) by Jessica Biel's brother

December 14, 2011 |  4:23 pm

Justin Timberlake bashed by Jessica Biel's brother?

Should Justin Timberlake visit his on-and-off love interest Jessica Biel this holiday season, he might be sitting at one tense dinner table -- given that her brother Justin Biel has taken to his Facebook page to blast the singer.

Mr. Biel, you see, was recently in the employ of 901 Tequila, the spirits company in which Timberlake is an investor and occasional spokesman (lending his voice and directorial talents to commercials for the booze).

Biel, however, recorded a series of video spots found Wednesday that vociferously complain Timberlake did little in 2011 to help the company survive, leading to low morale and allegedly terrible sales. 

In expletive-laden rants, viewable at TMZ if you dare, Jessica's bro says: "I've been waiting for [Timberlake] to do something ... make a song about it; put it in a ... video; hold it up, dude, take some pictures, I don't care -- just do something 'cause we're dying on the ... vine here!"

Biel then proposes several of his own marketing ideas, which include featuring the tequila in an adult film, and randomly attacking people with the glass bottle. He even tries his hand at some tag lines.

"So ... exclusive, our own CEO doesn't even drink it," Biel suggests.

Biel supposedly left the company a few weeks ago on good terms (really?), according to 901 Tequila, which told TMZ that his videos were shot in accordance with his employment -- part of a larger viral marketing campaign. (Biel's LinkedIn page still lists him as the brand's West Coast manager.)

This would mean Timberlake was in on the bashing, which would ring true to the Ministry. The entire spectacle smacks of cooperation, and we don't think Jessica would so easily let her kin step on her relationship, especially one that seems gingerly back on after this year's GQ Men of the Year party

The Ministry has reached out to 901 Tequila to see what's up and will update when we hear back.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Justin TImberlake gives someone the eye at November's GQ Men of the Year party in Los Angeles. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press