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Marie Osmond 'all the way better' after bronchitis bout

October 31, 2011 | 12:33 pm

Marie Osmond, in 2007, says she's recovered from bronchitis

Marie Osmond says she is "all the way better" after having bronchitis that landed her in the hospital. And after all the fuss that was made, "I think I laughed my bronchitis away."

Osmond made the recent comments on Twitter, to followers expressing concern. The 52-year-old entertainer canceled a couple of shows the weekend of Oct. 22 over allergies, then found herself in the hospital last week after it morphed into bronchitis and her throat wasn't "cooperating."  But, as she told People, it was just "a cough. ... It was a big deal that was made from nothing."

So forget that silliness. Osmond's focus Monday was on Halloween, thanks to her kids.

She's had eight of them and has been married three times -- just two husbands, though. She and Stephen Craig, her first husband, whom she remarried in May, together have Stephen James, 28. With second husband Brian Blosil, she has seven kids. The couple had Rachael Lauren, now 22, and Matthew Richard, 12, and adopted Jessica Marie, now 23; Brandon Warren, 14; Brianna Patricia, 14; Abigail Michelle, 9; and Michael Bryan, who took his own life in April 2010 last year at age 20.  Michael's suicide was a difficult point in Osmond's life, but her family rallied around her.

Sunnier times, though, have followed:

"Brandon's going Goth," Osmond tweeted. "Bri is going 'day of the dead' painted face. Matt and Abi have changed their minds about 40 times. Must be my kids!"


Marie Osmond's son Michael commits suicide in L.A.

Marie Osmond back in action after allergies turn into bronchitis

Marie Osmond's son, a rehab veteran, was drug-free at time of his suicide

-- Amy Hubbard

Photo: Marie Osmond with pro dance partner Jonathan Roberts on "Dancing With the Stars" in 2007. They finished in third place that season. Credit: Carol Kaelson / ABC