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Kate Winslet details a bra-free escape from scary fire [Video]

October 24, 2011 |  3:13 pm

Kate Winslet tells the naked truth behind fire rescue

Kate Winslet is clearly alluring as a heroine, but until now few knew how very alluring she was while getting her kids and Richard Branson's mother to safety during an August fire in the British Virgin Islands.

Over the weekend, the Oscar winner fleshed out previously scant details from the night of the blaze with some scantily-clad details offered on the BBC's "The Graham Norton Show."

Upon waking in the middle of the night to shouts outside the Virgin honcho's home on private Necker Island, Winslet said she first ran toward the fire, "because clearly I thought I could put it out." Then again, maybe not this one, Kate — the lightning-sparked blaze wound up destroying the Great House.

After pausing to figure out her next move, she reached for — a bra? Well, of course. "In disastrous moments like that, you do the strangest things," she said. "I started to put on a bra and thought, 'No, that's going to take me too long,' so off came the bra, on came the T-shirt, grabbed the bag, grabbed the children and picked up granny,"

Granny was 90-year-old Eve Branson, who'd been among the 20 people staying in the eight-bedroom Great House where Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey were married in July.

So, did she really save Eve's life? "No," Winslet said. "I didn't save her life. I carried her downstairs is the truth of it." But they were in fact in the middle of a hurricane as well as a "genuinely very scary" fire, she said, not to mention at the top of some slippery stone steps.

Watch the interview below. Printed quotes don't do Winslet's story-telling skills justice.



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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kate Winslet at the Venice Film Festival in September. Credit: Frederic Nebinger / Getty Images