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Stacy Keibler, George Clooney take it public in Toronto

September 12, 2011 |  9:44 am

Stacy Keibler is dating George Clooney

Stacy Keibler, retired professional wrestler, and George Clooney, continuing heartthrob, appeared side by side at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend. Clooney brought Keibler to the Vanity Fair-Fox Searchlight party for "The Descendants," one of two films that the actor has at the Toronto festival, and tongues wagged.

Perhaps it was wrestling-themed fate: Gorgeous George and the Legs of WWE. Keibler, 31, ambled alongside Clooney, 50, on her famed 42-inch-long gams, which earned her that World Wrestling Entertainment nickname. Keibler and Clooney see just about eye to eye; they both stand about 5-foot-11. That's in stocking feet, of course, not the heels that Keibler was wearing with the little black dress that revealed a long stretch of aforementioned leg.

As wags wonder about the possible success of this winsome twosome, film fans will be wondering about the possible success of the latest Clooney films.

Over the last few years he's had plenty of cinematic disappointments -- "The Men Who Stare at Goats," "The American" -- mixed in with such winners as "Up in the Air" and "Michael Clayton." Now he's trying his luck with the political drama "The Ides of March," for which he also served as director, and "The Descendants."

"Ides" premiered Friday in Toronto; "The Descendants" first screened Saturday. Clooney most recently dated Elisabetta Canalis, who will be seen this season on "Dancing With the Stars."

As the Los Angeles Times' noted in a recent post, "The Descendants" is fall's big wild card.  You could say the same of the Clooney-Keibler romance.


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-- Amy Hubbard

Photos: Stacy Keibler at "The Ides of March" premiere in Toronto on Friday. Credits, from left: Mike Cassese / Reuters; Evan Agostini / Associated Press