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Will Ferrell, as George W. Bush, learns Osama bin Laden is dead [Video]

Will Ferrell has brought his George W. Bush impression out of retirement to respond to the death of Osama bin Laden via a Funny or Die video.

Impersonating the former president, Ferrell parallels the death to a different wretch that has been tearing up his backyard: Ardilla the gopher.

After getting just one more meatball, "Bush" reports the news from his local Dallas Sizzler — which he is sad to say does not have a taco bar.

Watch the full clip above.


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— Nardine Saad

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Good news. oBama killed oSama.

Osama Seal-ed at bottom of sea!!

Abbottabad turned out to be A-BADDDD place for Osama to hide

Osama's death is Obama's political birth

On Friday, Obama displayed his own birth certificate and on Sunday Osama’s death certificate

Not that funny, for some reason. The weight of the humor is smothered by the weight of very real killing of Bin Laden. Nothing person intended toward the poster however.

Not funny. The real events have made this video dumb, and dumber. Not everything anti-Bush is relevant/humorous.

Will Ferrell is funny, and I like his Bush impersonations.... I just found the taco bar and Ardilla bit pretty funny. >.<


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