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President Obama or Seth Meyers: Whose speech rocked the correspondents dinner? [Video]

Seth meyers barack obama The annual White House correspondents dinner took place in Washington on Saturday night, giving President Obama the opportunity to take off the gloves and release a year's worth of pent-up jabs at the pundits who reported and opined about his actions, ideas and decisions.

In other words: Bring it.

No big surprise that Obama reserved a special place for Donald Trump, the mogul-turned-birther-spokesman who last week took credit for getting POTUS to cough up his long-form birth certificate.

"No one is happier ... no one is prouder ... to put this birth-certificate matter to rest than the Donald," Obama said in his speech. "And that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like: Did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?"

But Obama wasn't the only one who took a swing at Trump. Seth Meyers, "Saturday Night Live's" head writer and the featured entertainer for the dinner, also threw some punches -- attacking Trump's trademark hair and accent as well as his political opinions.

Videos of both are below. Tell us: Did Obama or Meyers have a better speech? Or did both of them bomb?


Photos: Celeb spotting at the White House correspondents dinner

Obama birth certificate: Brought to you by Donald Trump, says Donald Trump

-- Whitney Friedlander

Photos: Seth Meyers, left, and President Obama, right, at the 2011 White House correspondents dinner. Credits: Manuel Balce Ceneta / Associated Press, left; Chris Kleponis / AFP / Getty Images, right.

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Performances by both were despicable.

I think they both did a fantastic job - funny, relevant. What the WHCD is supposed to be. Who cares if Trump didn't like it? That's the world Trumpy.

Obama threw softballs compared to Seth. Although I don't think Obama's comments were called for, Seth is real low class. Great to know you Seth, lord of the ugly zings.

For two and a half years Obama has thumbed his nose at the people of this country. And at the correspondents dinner he mocked the US Constitution and gave the people a "I showed you" gesture and look. And you ask who was the better speech?

Bob, the president has not "thumbed his nose" at the country. he has shown remarkable calm and patience when dealing with a small band of tinfoil zealots who simply cannot accept that a black man is their president. These people latched onto the birther conspiracy theories as an 11th-hour effort to keep the presidency out of their opponent's hands by any means possible. There has never been a shred of evidence to support these lunatics, and the double-barrel of another birth cert. release plus the correspondents' diner smackdown has left the birther movement utterly humiliated and even more irrelevant to national politics than they already were.

I think they were both HILARIOUS!!!

Seth Meyers had me in stitches laughing so hard.
President Obama was classy and concise at the same time.

I must admit these were 2 of the funnier videos I've ever seen.

If the right-wing is so uptight they can't laugh at themselves, they need to relax.

Also - Trump was absolutely devastated. After getting embarrassed at the Comedy Roast of Donald Trump - the guy has no public respect left. I find the guy absolute trailer park now. Money can't buy you respect Donald Trump. When you get made fun of that much, it's over.

Seth Meyers was funny--and he took the Donald to task for all of his nonsense!

I enjoyed both of the speeches. Obama's was more subtle and mature, and hence was probably enjoyed more by mature(minus the Donald, as he just god old but not mature) and discreet ones in the audience. Meyers on the other hand, was direct, did not mince his words staying true to his youth and convictions. I actually found Meyers very sexy for his youthful but powerful performance. Then again, I found Stephen Colbert very very sexy in 2006 as well.

I am a girl by the way.

Despicable? Grab a sense of humor next time you are out at the store! Wow, Seth was on fire. Great jokes. Trump got destroyed and his Lou Gosset Sr. joke was hilarious.

It was not low, it was not despicable ...it was JOKES! The freaking fox on the head joke, holy crap thats just great stuff there. You people are the same ones that boo hooed over Ricky Gervais' hosting of the Golden Globes. It's just a joke!

Response to @ Barbara Patrick: "Performances by both were despicable"

I applaud Obama for calling these TV personalities out. Someone needs to ensure these idiots of this country accountable for their behavior. if you make accusations you better be able to take the repercussions of the fallout.

All the more remarkable, when you realize that the "decisions that keep him up at night" the previous night involved staking his presidency on a strike into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden.

lol, some real butthurt Republicans in these comments. How does it feel to know that Democrats are funnier, smarter, and have better breath than you, PLUS are winning the White House again in 2012 and for the forseeable future?

They were both great - and both went too easy !!
What would comedy be without Trump, the Joke.

GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT, PRES OBAMA. donald trump go away,back to pits of hell which u came from.

Both did well. I don't know what Michael Bob was watching. Maybe they just have sour dispositions, naturally.

Both of them did a great job. I mean come on people I find that it is great to have a President that can take a poke from a joke and laugh it off and he can also crack jokes. I love that about him. 3 years he had to put up with trump like morons! I'm glad he took a swing at him. Obama just told Trump that He's ready to try and run this! Trump your not on Obama's level, and yes Trump as President is a JOKE!!!!


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