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Paul McCartney is engaged to girlfriend Nancy Shevell

Paul McCartney is engaged to girlfriend Paul McCartney engaged to Nancy Shevell Nancy Shevell, the New York woman he's been dating since 2007, his rep confirmed Friday.

"We're all thrilled for him," the singer's publicist told the Associated Press, declining to give further details about the proposal.

This will be the third marriage for the cute Beatle, now 68. McCartney's first wife, photographer, musician and activist Linda McCartney, died of cancer in 1998. His second marriage, to model, activist and eventual "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Heather Mills, ended in a $49-million divorce in 2008. Mills and McCartney had separated in May 2006.

Described in some reports as a "New York socialite" -- she and McCartney met in the Hamptons -- Shevell, 51, is vice president of administration for New England Motor Freight Inc. and the Shevell Group of Companies, based in New Jersey and run by her father, Myron "Mike" Shevell. She's also a board member for New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, with a term expiring in June.

McCartney and Shevell "have the right chemistry," a source told People. "They're both cool, chilled out and optimistic."

It's a second marriage for Shevell, who has a teenage son. She and New York lawyer Bruce Blakeman separated in 2007 after more than 20 years together; their reportedly amicable divorce was final in December 2008.

McCartney has five children, including one, 7-year-old Beatrice, with Mills.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell at the "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on May 2, 2011. Credit: Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images.

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Pre nup, Macca!



Wonder if he is going to have a pre-nup this time

If she really loves him, she'd just be content with being his girlfriend. Why is marriage necessary at your age? Oh yeah...$

Oh for Pete's Sake, why would he even bother?? She's just like Mills -- another golddigger -- but apparently he thinks he just *has* to be married. I give it more or less a year.

Seems like she's got money of her own. I wouldn't worry about gold digging so much with this one. Hope it's the right match this time, Paul! Best wishes!!

How can she be a golddigger if she (like Linda) is already rich?

What are you guys talking about? Golddigger? Sounds like she's done OK professionally without him, though it was with a lot of help from daddy. I'm just glad he's found someone a little closer to his age. She looks incredible for 51!

All but 2 of you are extremely misinformed. Did you not READ about McCartney's fiance'? She is WEALTHY...and was wealthy when he MET her. Contrary to what ignorant people say he's actually smarter this time! He's not marrying a broke model wanna-be, he's marrying the VP of a Fortune 500 company, her father is wealthy and owns successful businesses with HER name attached to them, and her ex-husband was a prominent attorney. Get a clue! This woman has her own money, Geniuses. And if people want to get married, awesome. It makes them happy...why don't you get happy yourself!?

a great way to spend your money!

boy, a lot of negativity on the board (i know, nothing new there)! best wishes paul and nancy, i hope you have a chillaxin' married life - you've got everything any of us could ever want so just enjoy life and keep on lovin' each other. i'm glad you're both happy together!

Not bad for a dead guy

Okay, so she has her own money. But when is enough, enough. Rich people never have enough money. Especially aging wealthy 51 year-old women who spend their time in the "Hamptons." You'll see. Where are McCartney's kids to warn him about yet another gold digger?

This guy sounds like he needs a nanny. A needy musician. What's new?


Paul's wife died and soon thereafter, he married Heather Mills who was like 30 years younger. Disaster marriage. Had a baby at age 61- GROSS!!!! They divorced and soon thereafter, he dated Nancy who is about 20 years younger. Paul cannot go 1 year without a woman. Pathetic! At least she's too old to have kids.

Hope he has a pre-nup this time around. Otherwise, good luck to 'em.

Who does he think he is -- Larry King?

Hopefully, she'll treat him better than his previous wife did.

She's loaded with money, she isn't a gold digger. He's old fashioned, believes in marriage and there's nothing wrong with that. Give the guy a break.

Let It Be...

I red the news today oh boy, Paul McCartney got engaged again, and though the news was rather sad, he's lost his dough before now he knows how mush dough it will take to make her go away, I hope he'll learn some day.......

The ONLY difference between Mills and Nancy Shevell is that Nancy’s family made millions from the blood’s sweat and tears of the working poor. Her family sucked the life force out of working stiffs and paid them crap wages to make their fortune! Paul’s fiancé might be from a wealthy family but she has done EVERYTHING in her position at the MTA to rid NYC subway riders of decent fairs! AND she has gone out of her way to vote for job cuts in mass. They want to raise the profits for the execs (her and her friends) and reduce the outflow of cash for staff at our stations. In NY'ers minds she and all the rest of the MTA are blood sucking parasites. She voted to do away with the All Day Metro Card (US$7) and force tourists to pay US$2.50 per ride now instead - and many walk instead of using our fabulous metro/bus systems. She has also voted to implement a MasterCard Metro card instead of a Tap Card like other big cities. This would deny Tourists and the poor/Homeless to get a pass card -- under the 9/11 Patriot Act a MasterCard can not be mailed to a business or shelter or bought at a machine. Ask most NY'ers and she isn't a nice person! She has already consulted with some of the best lawyers in NY about protecting her own fortune … and her close knit circle of female divorcée friends have all gone for jugulars in their own messy divorces! We NY’ers laugh and say -- he loves to give his money away! Odd, Mills looked like Linda and Nancy looks like Stella! He seems to have a type at least if nothing else

Shevell may have a 6 figure a year job at her father’s business, but what she is missing is a social conscious that Paul McCartney is famous for. Many NY’ers are wondering what she did with her tons of fur coats and leather outfits she wore before dating Paul. She wasn’t always a vegetarian let alone a Vegan! Many suspect she is doing what all NY socialites do - look for the richest sucker around and stick it out for a couple of years and then Bam! Hit them as hard as they can while they she is still young enough to enjoy the pay out!

She isn't a MILLIONAIRE from working; she was paid MILLIONS in her divorce. Also, her father has a business worth millions - she earned 6 figures a year at the NY Bus/Subway company because she was instrumental in cutting jobs for the working poor to give Execs raises and huge bonuses

http://www.mta.info/mta/leadership/shevell.htm The MTA is our subway and bus company that keeps NY moving. Her photo is of her when she was MUCH younger

Some people never learn...


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