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Hugh Jackman wants you to 'Live Below the Line' -- on $1.50 a day

Hugh Jackman Can you live for a day on a $1.50 food budget? What about doing it for five days? That's what Hugh Jackman is challenging people to do in a PSA for the Global Poverty Project's "Live Below the Line" campaign.

The Aussie triple-threat sits on the board of the Global Poverty Project, an international organization designed to target public policy to end extreme poverty, and appeared in the video for the "Live Below the Line" campaign. Jackman urged Americans to live below the extreme poverty line by going a workweek spending less than a buck fifty each day on food from May 16 through May 20.

"This is an incredible campaign that really gives us the chance to understand the realities of extreme poverty," Jackman said in a statement.

"It is certainly a challenge to eat and drink off of $1.50 a day for five days, but for 1.4 billion people, $7.50 is all they have not only for food, but also for living costs, clothing -- everything! 'Live Below the Line' highlights the challenges that over 1 billion people are faced with every day and urges us to do something about it."

The campaign was launched April 18 in London, but Jackman joined up with the Global Poverty Project about three years ago when he met founder Hugh Evans.

"I thought, this guy is a lot smarter than me, he's got better ideas, so I'm jumping on board," the "X-Men" actor said. "This is a simple way to get people's attention and more importantly get them to sympathize with the situation of the world.

"Even though the issue of global poverty seems big, there are really simple, practical measures and ways to change things. Write a letter to your [Congress representative], write a letter to a company like Hershey's, for example, to use fair trade chocolate or fair trade coffee. There's simple things and that kind of activation means a lot."

Will you take on Jackman's challenge? Watch the PSA below and tell us in comments.


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-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Hugh Jackman at the 'Live Below the Line' charity benefit in London on April 18, 2011. Credit: Ian Gavan / Getty Images

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I'd much rather set aside $1.50 a day and send it to a reputable charity that distributes food and potable water to those who need it.

Sorry Hugh
Many here in this country that are poor are by choice-
In other countries, well lets say nothing anyone can do to eradicate
poverty because the leaders of these countries are totalitarians who
just steal any aid that is given to these people in the first place.
Nice try though. Why don't you give the capitalism idea a try for a change?

I love how these multi millionaire actors? contribute by sitting on the boards of these causes but not donating a million or 2 of their cash, These punk actors think they s---t ice cream. Like Algore and james Cameron telling you to do with less while they live in 30,000 square ft. mansions without offering any of the 20 bedrooms to the Illegals that need a place to live.

Hugh Jackman, YOU FIRST beeyotch.

Call me when your done and tell me how it went. I love a good story...


Maybe Hugh Jacka$$ can go to these tryants and ask them, pretty-please, please let your people food instead of hording it for yourself. I wonder how far he'd get?

Really? I did this in New York City while working full time and saving my pennies for the plane ticket home for Christmas. I lived on $10 per week in groceries. Pasta, bananas, peanut butter, beans, rice, powdered milk, and a jar of chili & garlic sauce. I used to save up to buy an apple now and then. Believe it or not, I gained weight on this diet. Did it for several months in a row while working full time at an investment bank for a guy who took a limo to and from work. Something is seriously wrong with the distribution of wealth in this country when an employed person has to live like this just to be able to see family once a year.

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