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Bristol Palin and her jaw surgery: What do you think? [Poll]

Bristol Palin pictures before and after surgery

Our eyes do not deceive us: Bristol Palin has changed the look of what she called her "chubby little baby face," but she didn't do it with plastic surgery.

Bristol Palin profile pictures, before and after Rather, Palin has revealed that she had corrective surgery in December to properly align her jaw.

Oh yeah, she also dropped 5 pounds before debuting the look at the White House Correspondents' Assn. dinner April 30. Hey, couldn't hurt -- but only five, really?

"Yes, it improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons," she tells Us Weekly magazine for its May 23 issue. Despite wearing braces and a device to correct an overbite while she was growing up, she knew from her dentist that surgery loomed down the road.

[Updated, 6:30 p.m. May 11: We added some profile shots, left. Note that the "before" shot here was taken more than a year earlier than the "before" shot above. The "after" shots were taken within days of each other.]

"I look older, more mature and don't have as much of a chubby little baby face," the single mom told the mag, adding that she wouldn't do plastic surgery unless she "got in an accident or something terrible and got disfigured."

Us Weekly, incidentally, was the mag that Bristol and baby daddy Levi Johnston told about their on-again engagement even before giving parents Todd and Sarah Palin a heads-up about their plan. That engagement quickly became "off-again."

Palin, who took third place last season on "Dancing With the Stars" behind Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey, just landed her own reality show for the Bio Channel. In the 10-part documentary series about her transition from Alaska to Los Angeles to work with a charity, Bristol and her son Tripp will live with Kyle -- her friend -- and Kyle's brother Christopher Massey.

Forget for a second, if you can, that this is hot-button Bristol Palin, and share what you think of her new face. And if you can't, well, we have poll answers for you too.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Top left photo: Bristol Palin in November 2010. Credit: Charles Sykes / Associated Press

Top right photo: Bristol Palin on May 3. Credit: Michael Reynolds / European Pressphoto Agency

Left photo: Bristol Palin in profile in July 2009, left, and on April 30, 2011, right. Credits: Al Grillo / Associated Press, left; Jonathan Ernst / Reuters, right.

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Who is this dentist who believes that adding to the chin will correct an overbite?

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So she got lypo. Big deal. It doesn't mean that she's smart now. She still as annoying as ever. I really hope the media drops her.

she now reminds me of Joan Rivers! Did she use the same doctor?

I'd just like to know the name of her fabulous "dentist". My wife wants 38DD's and I could use a nose job. I suggest she and her mommy get "corrective truth surgery" to help their Pinnochio nose syndromes.

If you pull the jaw (mandible) forward, YES it does correct an overbite. Logic not so easy?

Interesting that her smile/"overbite" look exactly the same after surgery.

Maybe some more lipo on her thighs and belly will do the trick.

I have a horrible overbite. The dentist told me years ago that I needed it fixed. I have looked at the posted pictures and have to say that I doubt this young lady even had an overbite. Even if she did have her jaw reset it doesn't explain the extreme weight loss under the jaw. She lost 5 pounds from there?

Look you want to have surgery that is your business, but why lie?
Honestly the whole surgery was a waste. She was a pretty girl who now just looks like another overdone Hollywood type. Bring back the old Bristol...

If this was submitted as medically neccessary and not cosmetic surgery it's insurance fraud.

Bristol is a woman of mystery, just like her mom. I'm so glad she confirmed she got plastic surgery and lost five pounds. (I know what I read, but consider the source). She's old enough to make her own decisions , She's "going hollywood" now, just like her baby's daddy. Got a new book coming out, just like her baby's daddy.She got her "overbite" fixed, just like Carrie Prejean and Kathy Griffith. More power to her, but the money would have been better spent on getting an education.

I wonder which "charity" she'll be working for in her new for profit venture on Bio?

I am 60 years old and I had this surgery a year ago. I recognized the effects in Bristol's face right away. An overbite does not mean "buck teeth." It means that the mandible is not properly aligned with the maxilla. The change in my appearance is quite similar to Bristol's even though I am three times her age. She is lucky to be able to have had the procedure.

She was so pretty before I thought...

why does she lie? Does she think that people are idiots...jaw surgery, please...

She looks better but she is lying about having orthognathic surgery. I am familiar w/ this surgery, it requires braces both before and after surgery and there is swelling a major bruising that lasts 4-6 months. It an incredibly invasive surgery-you jaw is cut! Sometimes it's the lower jaw, sometimes it's the upper and sometimes both. It elongates the face but it never gives you a pointy chin, in fact it usually fixes that. The problem with the lie is that it leads others to believe they could look better with a surgery that is designed to fix dental malocclusions. The surgery is iffy, even for people who need the surgery, the surgery can cause new issues after it's done-including facial numbness and nerve damage. I'm just shocked at how irresponsible this lie is, but then again, consider the source.

I think she got a chin implant and a brow lift.

It's called maxilofacial surgery and I had the same procedure done along with my orthodontic treatment. It changed my appearance in two ways: it corrected my overbite, crossbite and my profile, AND I lost 15 lbs post surgery because I was off solid foods for two months while I recovered....so her change in appearance is feasible and plausible.

"Andi" is correct that this surgery causes bruising and swelling. In my case I had the surgery at the end of January 2010. The bruising was mostly gone by March, and the worst of the swelling by April. If Bristol had the surgery in December, then she was probably over the worst of it in February or March. Yes, the surgery can cause numbness and nerve damage. I have had my share of it; but neither would likely be reflected in a photo.

I had braces for 14 months before and 14 months after the surgery, but they are not necessarily required. She also could have had Invisalign.

My 15 year old daughter will have this type of surgery next year. Although I'm not a fan of Palin at all, I hope and pray people are not as nasty to her as many are being to Bristol!! Ms. Palin's profile before looks exactly like my daughter's, so I actually believe she had done what she said.

Who cares what Bristol does? I think that no matter what she does, her mother will be the best looking in the family

What I thought??? She looks like a cross between Jennifer Anniston and Snooky now. And I also thought.."Insurance Fraud"

I have also had braces and this jaw surgery as an adult. It was not to make me pretty, it was to stop all my molars from cracking as my jaw was not aligned properly. I am not a fan of Bristol, but I know how difficult that surgery was for her and I think that it is ridiculous for everyone to just assume it was "plastic surgery" done on a whim.

For those of you who have not experienced the pain and inconvenience of eating through a straw for several weeks, please be quiet and examine your own life through a magnifying glass!

Now Poor Bristol Palin's the butt
Of jokes for a surgical cut
That corrected her jaw
But the family flaw
Is Sarah needs hers wired shut.

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