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Beyonce is booed, carried up stairs at Met Gala; Michelle Obama does the dougie

Met Gala: Beyonce gets stuck in dress

Beyonce lifted upstairs at Met GalaBeyoncé got a bit carried away at Monday's Costume Institute Gala Benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The singer's dress was so tight, she had to be carried up the red staircase by husband Jay-Z and a friend.

The "Girls (Who Run the World)" singer wowed on the red carpet in a black and gold-trimmed mermaid-cut Emilio Pucci gown. She posed for several photos at the "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" event but skipped media interviews and got booed in the process.

But don't forget karma, Beyoncé. When it was time to go up the stairs to the museum, lifting her knees proved a challenge.

Enter her knight in a shining Tom Ford dinner jacket: Jay-Z. He and a handler had to scaffold her as she took baby steps up the stairs to get into the event.

Ah, relief. They don't call her Queen B for no reason.

In other Beyoncé news, Michelle Obama is a self-proclaimed fan. At a Let's Move event in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday the first lady busted a few moves to Beyoncé's "Get Me Bodied" at Alice Deal Middle School. Watch the clip below.

"Beyoncé' is one of my favorite performers on the planet,"  Obama said. "And when she agreed to remake her video and do this Let's Move! Flash Workout, I was so excited because this is what we've been talking about -- that exercise and moving can be fun."

Hmmm. Tell that to Beyoncé's rigid dress?


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-- Nardine Saad

Photos from top:  Jay-Z and Beyoncé attend the "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" Costume Institute Gala. Credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images. Jay-Z and a handler help Beyoncé up the Met Gala stairs. Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

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She is will never be what she wants to be, and that's a tall, skinny naturally blonde woman, who could actually wear this dress. She's so chunky she can't even walk in it. It's a high couture gown. She should stick to something that looks like it belongs on her face and her body. Baby Phat maybe???

Hey, that's no way to talk about the First Lady, Starving Goat.

Rihanna looked like a princess beyonce looked stupid in that overtight dress wear yu size it wuz obvious she could not walk she should tumble and fall flat on her face with her stupid overated song girls we run the world after rihanna only girl in the world copycat beyonce be original and stop trying to be what u r not

@Tammi ... you are a dumb butt. There are many songs in the world that has the same or similar titles. Does that mean that people are copying after each other? NO so shut up you unintelligent piece of doo-doo. She does not "overrate" her song...the media and her fans do. Again shut your piehole

@Starving Goat.... you are another idiot who does not deserve to post anything. She isn't trying to be anything she's not. She made a song about being bootylicious. She always stresses that she loves her curves. Why would she TRY to be a skinny woman? Shut up. And she endorses hair dye of L'oreal. Is there an issue is she is using the product she endoreses. She has the right to dye her hair any color she wants. Shut up you DUMB BUTT.
The END!

The last time i checked i wuz entitled to my opinion,i think beyonce is a copycat for singing girls run the world and rihanna first single is only girl in the world

I really don't think she was copying only girl in the world because really the songs are entirely different. But she did use the sample of Pon de Floor by Major Lazer which has basically ruined that song for me =/


Beyonce isn't trying to be anything she's not? No, not all. High heels on every occasion, even at the beach in the SAND for crys sake, to disguise her shortness, she's only 5 5. Black and white videos to disguise her fatness. Support hose and unitards to again, disguise her fatness. Loves her curves? Shurrreee...what's she going to say? I have fat legs and knees and ankles and I'm always working to be skinnier, but I'll never achieve it? No, she does what all chubby women do, they LIE. And last but not least, the BLONDE wig/weave, whatever, I wouldn't know the difference. Nahhh...she's not trying to be a tall, skinny blonde woman. And who cares that she does a hair color commercial, that doesn't mean she has to go around in her daily life w/ a blonde wig sewn into her scalp. Her fan base is 90% little black girls w/ weight issues who can't afford weaves, so they idolize her. Yuck, I idolize somebody good looking. Myself. Bye!


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