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'The Hangover Part II' trailer: Ken Jeong invited to Ed Helms' bachelor party

"The Hangover Part II" trailer hit the interwebs this week, giving viewers a sampling of the plotline in the upcoming mysterio-comedy filmed largely in Thailand. The boys are back, which means trouble is not far behind.

The film's bachelor is Ed Helms' Stu, whose fiancee (Jamie Chung, not Heather Graham) asks him to take her little brother to enjoy the last-single-man-night festivities. And it's her brother who goes missing this time, not Doug (Justin Bartha), who is on hand for the mayhem along with Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ken Jeong (the infamous Mr. Chow of the first installment). Apparently, Jeong is Alan's (Galifianakis) plus-one in this adventure. A little monkey replaces the tiger and baby as the critter and cutie in the sequel.

For those concerned about the sequel living up to the original, you're not alone. Cooper is with you, and Helms says there won't be a three-quel.

Mike Tyson and Liam Neeson will also appear in the Todd Phillips film, which hits theaters May 26.

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Isn't the premise of this movie the same as the first? We watched the trailer - expecting to be excited about it all. However, my family was not impressed. It is basically the same plot as before. They get drunk at a party, stay at a hotel, lose a member of the bachelor party, Helm's wakes up with a tatoo ( instead of missing a tooth ), a monkey comes flying out of the bathroom - instead of a tiger being in the bathroom, etc. and Ken Jeong and Mike Tyson are in this one also?? Oh, and Galifinakis is playing ths same character that he plays in 3/4 ths of his movies (no surprises there either). We are assuming Bradley Cooper must be there for his looks??? However, he really is not that handsome of a man. Actually, Ed Helms has more sexual appeal ,in my opinion. Todd Phillips must be running out of ideas - to basically write the same script he did the first time.


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