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Anderson Cooper picks on Snooki for being Snooki

All the people who are paying Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi to be Snooki have been added to Anderson Cooper's "Ridiculist."

"Snooki is one impossibly lucky, unusually spunky, freakishly tan, beer-guzzling, juicehead-hugging, muscle-loving, Botero body, pint-sized moneymaking machine," Cooper said Tuesday on his CNN show, "Anderson Cooper 360.° (Watch the full rant above.)

News that she and her castmates are reportedly collecting $100,000 per episode for the fourth season of "Jersey Shore" prompted Cooper's tirade. He wasn't a fan of Snooki making $32,000 for her appearance at Rutgers University -- $2,000 more than author Toni Morrison -- or that she got paid $25,000 for club appearances. Guess he didn't realize the guidette was also getting her own spin-off.

He put the club fee less than delicately as the "Show Up and Throw Up Fee."

"$25,000 to show up and hopefully throw up because frankly if you go to a club to see Snooki, that's really all you want to see," he said.

The host played montages of Snooki sensibilities and compared her literature to Morrison's.

"Any juicehead will get some nut shrinkage. And bacne," he quoted from Snooki's book "A Shore Thing."

But the comments didn't seem to faze the pickle-loving meatball.

"Every1s askin me about Mista Anderstand Cooper. He called me freakishly tan AND I'm lucky? Gotta love this man! ..." she tweeted.

Word on the street is that the silver-haired fox himself hobnobs with the likes of "D-Lister" Kathy Griffin and Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes, and is a self-proclaimed reality television fan.

So, does anyone feel kind of bad for the Snooks that she was singled out for his diatribe instead of other absurdly popular reality stars like Kim Kardashian or Heidi Montag? Tell us in comments.


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— Nardine Saad

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Snooki WAS unfairly singled out. The Kardashians made significantly more money last year for lacking any discernible talent other than to look pretty and exploit themselves. And I still don't get Bethany Frankel's continued presence on television - does she have photos of a Bravo executive with a goat or something? Actually, I think Cooper is jealous because Snooki's more popular than he is.

Where is the Italian-American organization? I would think that a group that protested the Italian stereotypes of gangsters, violence and vulgarity would have hopped on Jersey Shore and Snooki a long time ago. The Italians in Italy think they're disgusting and embarassing--why don't the Italian-Americans?

Love her. Love him. I can't take sides :-) They each serve their purpose.. Gotta give Snooki a break. She is who she is and is unapologetic. I wish all girls were as secure as her.. There would be less Anorxia/Bulima & Drug abuse I bet!

Guess the topic really grabs the readers....

The folks that pay Snookie for her various services...have been "Snookered" in the truest sense of the word...LoL

I believe that this guy is just hating because of the fact that she's more popular than him. Also the fact that she gets paid way more for what she does.

Toni Morrison is a certified genius. She'd be able to charge higher speaking fees if she weren't so modest and humble about being a genius. But then what's wrong with being a modest and humble genius? She's a good role model for the entire genius community.

Anderson Cooper, arrogant WASP twit, is the "Ridiculist" one!

The trouble is, it takes two to tango. As long as people tune in, Snooki will get paid the big bucks.

Don't care about Snookie. I just want to say that Anderson Cooper is a vacuous teenager residing in a middle-aged body. If he had an ounce of integrity, he would have apologized ON AIR for his sloppy reporting at the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine where he reported rumors as facts and led the public and family members alike to believe that miners survived the accident when they were actually deceased. CNN hired him because of who his mama is. CNN has absolutely no committment to genuine journalism and his rip-off schtick of Bill Maher's "Religulous" is truly "R-i-d-ic-u-l-o-u-s"!


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