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Royal honeymoon: Where are William and Kate headed?

As a royal honeymoon destination, Balmoral Castle would offer privacy.

A day before Prince William and new bride Catherine head out on their royal honeymoon, the destinations planned for the two-week vacation are still a secret. And much like the buzz around the top-secret wedding dress details, there's speculation about the royal honeymoon itinerary as well.

The newest report, out Friday from the Daily Telegraph, claims William and Kate are headed for a weeklong tour in south Jordan, despite a generally dicey atmosphere currently in parts of the Middle East. Rumored destinations include the ancient city of Petra and the Wadi Rum desert valley, the paper said.

Previously, the Daily Mail had tagged the honeymooners as headed for a "Great Barrier Reef paradise island," specifically Lizard Island in Australia. Prince Charles -- who enjoyed a three-month-long honeymoon in 1981 with Princess Diana -- reportedly spent time on the island as a young bachelor.

"I've always wanted to dive the Great Barrier Reef," William said in March on a visit to Australia. "I will have to come back –- maybe we’ll have a ­honeymoon in Cairns."

Wherever they're headed, whether to exotic locales or the family vacation cabin in Balmoral, Scotland (yes, a trip to that palace is possible), the newlywed duke and duchess of Cambridge will have a honeymoon-related reality check: Royal Air Force helicopter pilot William will get only two weeks off from work.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands has been floated as a possible royal honeymoon destination. The vastness of the queen's 50,000-acre property could shield them from the long lenses of the paparazzi. Credit: Martin Cleaver / Associated Press


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it's Duke and Duchess!

Orlando, Florida. Home of Walt Disney World.

They should honeymoon at Balmoral. But then, who asked me? With an unlimited budget and an apparent willingness of the Brits to stand by as the cute royals spend themselves and the country silly, Kate and Wills will most likely be off to someplace far more exotic than Scotland -- meaning impractical and expensive.

They should come to Australia! Well, Cairns & Double Island & Port Douglas & so on. ;D

I hope they get their desired privacy on the honeymoon! They deserve a little love and romance!


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