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Robin Williams pulled over for riding his bike on sidewalk

April 19, 2011 |  2:44 pm

Robin Williams Robin Williams had a run-in with the law recently when he was caught riding his bicycle on a New York City street — but that's not the shocking part. Apparently the comedian, starring in Broadway's "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo," was dressed as a "terrorist or a crack dealer" when he was pulled over by police.

As he told it to the ladies on "The View," he was cruising down the sidewalk on a one-speed track bike wearing a balaclava (a.k.a., a mask) and looking like a "terrorist or crack dealer."

Williams heard a "whoop, whoop" and "pull over." Once officers checked his ID and he pulled down the mask, they let him go with just a warning.

"I got hit by a bike on a sidewalk," Elizabeth Hasselbeck piped up during the story.

Williams poked back: "Well, then that's why. It is the law because of her."

The takeaway? Not every scary dude on a bike is a crack dealer or a terrorist — he could be Robin Williams.


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— Emily Christianson

Photo: Robin Williams at the opening-night after-party for  "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo" in New York on March 31. Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images.