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Report: Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn move in together

Seanscarjo Scarlett Johansson's quick rebound relationship with Sean Penn might be more serious than we thought. The couple is reportedly living together, according to UsWeekly.

Playing house in Penn's $3.8-million Malibu pad? Not too shabby for ScarJo, who spent months living in a West Hollywood hotel after her December 2010 divorce from Ryan Reynolds.

Johansson and Penn haven't been shy about their courting. In fact, photos of the couple out for a jog with Owen Wilson, erupted into online pregnancy rumors this week. Of course Johansson's rep quashed the rumors, telling People, "Scarlett is not pregnant. She's been training for 'The Avengers' for over four months and is in the best shape of her life."

Baby bump buzz aside, news of the relationship came as a shock in February due to their 24-year age difference. Penn, who has two kids with his ex-wife Robin Wright, is 50, while Johansson is 26.


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-- Emily Christianson

Left photo: Sean Penn. Credit: Ronald Zak / Associated Press

Right photo: Scarlett Johansson. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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Each of these people is experienced, sensitive and talented, and sees something good in the other. No doubt neither is a neophyte at the art of love. We are watching from a distance the "in love" phase of a relationship, and bravo to anyone who experiences that. Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. More power to those who love!!! I hope everyone on earth can learn to love. And I am not just talking about S.E.X., but that can be a vital part of love. These people have done much good in the world. Let them enjoy as they please.

Psychology says that the Old Man-Sean Penn is all about his Ego! As well as his professed back-log of hatred for the establishment. Not to mention that yes he had some sucess in Movie Stardom. We have to recall his many roles over the years. but if a semi- Compatible relationship exsists. What is it's foundation? Will it last. She is young , Pretty, and a sucess in her own right. She really doesn't need him. As much as he needs her. A younger, Woman. I don't see this as lasting. Does he still puff away on tobbaco? Pot?A Big Smoker. then does he do other substances. (All affect ones Libido). Not to mention bad breath. Smelly clothes. Stained teeth. And a miriad of health problems in his future.I saw him on Charlie Rose, and on "The Actor's Studio". He had to smoke on set. during interview. He's a real Health risk.I was a former Smoker, I can say it takes 2 to 3 years to really quit. Altogether. Why go with a non-stop, smelly old puffer? He's a has been. And she should dump him and move on. He's a controll freak at best. He isn't as weird as John Macenro, was. But close enough. His 2 failed mariages? Scarlett needs a younger man. Not a stinky old smoker. Say bye bye to old man Sean Penn. Don't Lower yourself.

People remember Michael Douglas is 25 years older than Catherine Zeta Jones. They seem very happy. And of course the recently departed Miss Elizabeth Taylor 3rd husband (one of her two great loves) was 24 years older.

"Playing house in Penn's $3.8-million Malibu pad"
For a anti-capitalist, pro-socialist person, Sean Penn sure seems to enjoy his wealth.

Jasmine, correction, these are not total strangers. These are actors who put themselves in the media so that we the public can know what they are up to.
Both Sean and Scarjo say they hate the media, yet they'll make out in front of the media in a public place.

Zealot, I think exactly like you do.

Chessmate, I think that Ryan Reynolds loved Scarjo, that's why he married her. He could have had her anyway, yet he was man enough to marry her.
I have read that he wanted the marriage to work. He also wore two wedding rings, which he did not take off until after he filed the divorce petition.
Based on her history, she was the one who probably started cheating because she was bored, he was too involved making movies and she was lonely. She has said "that she does not know what to do in between making movies" The only industry she knows is making movies.

I also agree that she was very vulnerable and Sean saw the opportunity to
enjoy her. Scarjo is beautiful and she likes attention.

Why would she do that? Great actor, great humanitarian, but he's an ass.

I for one will never understand the appeal these "bad boys" like Sean Penn, who has a history of spousal abuse (remember his marriage to Madonna?), have for beautiful ladies like ScarJo. There must be some deep seated psychological self loathing or something going on. Plus with the ridiculous age difference, clearly you can add "daddy issues" to her list of problems. It's just sad.

Wish Sean and scarlette all the love and happiness in the world .Wish them privacy as well and really think we could do with out all the cruel comments!!

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