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Prince William, Prince Harry surprise crowd outside Clarence House [Video]


Prince William chats with fans the night before the Royal Wedding Though the groom is not supposed to see his bride the night before a wedding, there was nothing to stop Prince William from surprising the hundreds of people lined up outside his residence with an upbeat, impromptu visit.

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The 28-year-old prince did just that Thursday night, stepping outside Clarence House in the company of his brother, Prince Harry, to have a chat with those lined up to watch him when he sets off to marry Kate Middleton.

Clad in a sweater and khakis and clearly in high spirits, William shook dozens of hands, waved to those who weren't right up front, and bantered with as many people as he could, telling one person he hoped to "get the lines right" on Friday.

Myriad hands held smartphones aloft to capture pictures and video. Harry, meanwhile, joked that he was going to sleep outside tonight with all the folks in their tents, People reported.

Screams went up as the princes headed back inside. Justin Bieber would be proud.


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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: In this image from TV, a grinning Prince William greets well-wishers gathered along the wedding processional route in central London on April 28. Credit: APTN / Associated Press.

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I remember watching Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding. Princess Diana and I shared the same birthday July 1. I was born in 1957. She was such a role model her hair and clothes always so beautiful. She love Saturday Night Fever and we all danced when she danced with John T. When she had William and Harry, I was having my daughters Jenna and Sarah. She was such an influence, although I never met her. She will also be an influence on William and Catherine's life. A truly loving person can cross oceans, time and eternity. I am an American but my family came from Wales to American in the 1700's. God's blessings to the royals! Diana will live forever in our hearts!

A truly lovely, delightful and unassuming couple. Wishing you both the best from our hearts on your special day. You will make Princess Diana and country proud.

May the rest of you lives together as husband and wife be one of great happinness. God bless you both Prince William and Catherine.

hi princewilllam and prince harry i like ur wediing today and i love u guys prince willlamms wedding i liked ur mother and ur father i am watcing ur weddiijng

The article finishes: "Screams went up as the princes headed back inside. Justin Bieber would be proud."

Never mind Justin Bieber, their mum would have been proud! This is one of the things she always tried to impress upon those boys, to value and respect ordinary people.

I think it is so great that they've gotten married! My family and I wish them the very best. I love how they are so real with the people. They just get out there and it's take them for who they are. It's so refreshing. I do believe that everyone shouldn't pressur them to have children. they are young and in love enjoy your married life while you can. The wedding dress was Fabulous!!! Everything was great and I loved the hates of the guest. I can say I wish our 1st lady in the USA came and took lessons from some real dignified ladies. They honor their country by the way they represent themselves. UK you should be proud. They did a great job honoring the Princess Diana. We wish them the very best! I'm in full agreement for everyone to give them space. Look at it this way would you want your lives bombarded?? I didn't think so! They are human just like us so relax people! Their a beatiful couple and I hope they honor one another and stay strong.


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