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Prince William takes Kate Middleton to Princess Diana's tomb

Princess Diana's memorial at Oval Island

Prince William has taken his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, on an emotional visit to his mother Princess Diana's tomb, it was reported Wednesday.

Princessdiana_re William took his fiancee to his mother's ancestral home at the Althorp Estate, where they held hands and laid flowers while wandering though the grounds of the estate, the Daily Mirror reported. They later took a boat to the island tomb known as the Oval where Diana was buried after her 1997 death in a car accident.

Only Prince William's uncle, Charles Spencer, Diana's brother, was privy to the royal trip, the paper said. The 14,000-acre Northamptonshire estate where the island is located has been the Spencer family's home since the 16th century. It boasts a temple with a permanent memorial to the late princess.

Prince William also took Middleton to the arboretum where he and his brother, Prince Harry, his best man, planted trees as children. He was 15 and Harry was 12 when their mother died.

"It is very important for Kate to share and understand William's love and grief for his mum," a source told the UK's Daily Mirror.

Kate Middleton wearing Diana's ringPrince William and Prince Harry walked behind their mother's cortege at her funeral at Westminster Abbey, the site of the prince's upcoming April 29 nuptials. Prince William proposed to Middleton with his mother's diamond and sapphire ring.

"It was very important for William to take Kate to visit his mum just before their wedding day. Diana is still a huge part of her boys' everyday life and always will be," another source said. "It is tragic that she won't be there to see the wedding, and that she never got to meet his bride. But even though Kate never met Diana she knows what an incredible woman she was."

Amid the speculation about Middleton's dress and all the royal wedding details, it's a bit sobering to hear how he's working on this connection between his bride and late mother, yes? Tell us in comments.


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— Nardine Saad

Top photo: Crowds visit the lakeside memorial to Princess Diana at her ancestral home, Althorp House, in 1998.  Credit: John Giles / Associated Press

Left photo: Princess Diana wears the Spencer tiara on Nov. 7, 1985. Credit: Jim Bourdier / Associated Press

Right photo: Kate Middleton wearing Diana's ring. Credit: Lindsey Parnaby / EPA

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On the contrary, it is extremely healthy for their relationship that he shares this grief and emotion with his wife-to-be. The event of his mother's death was the biggest milestone in his life thus far. Why should he not share this with the closest person in his life.

I'm sure Princess Diana will be smiling down from Heaven on Prince William and his lovely bride to be Kate Middleton. God grant them many years of happiness in marriage.

I feel so much for this-- I want to say boy, but he's a man.

This will be a healing event for all of us who were so shocked and torn apart that awful night.

God bless.

Wow! William and Kate are getting front-page coverage days before their wedding. The Royals are smart; they can promote an event better than anyone on the planet. But how sad for Diana. She's still being used by the Palace to improve their image. Why don't they let her rest in peace?

Who's mother isn't a big part of their lives?

Agree with Rose. I would do the same in his position. He wants his mom to be a part of the what I speculate is the greatest day of his life.

This young woman is going to have to live in the shadow of this woman for the rest of her life. I know most think receiving her ring was sweet, but I personally would have liked one that was my own. Is she going to be his wife or "mummy's replacement".

I think its a good thing. It's only natural that William would want to share the visit with his future wife and show her the place where his beloved mother is buried. I think the media sometimes tries to make more of things that what they really are. William is an upstanding young man who is a credit to both his parents. I think his choice of taking Catherine there shows just how thoughtful and respectful he is. Three Cheers!

It almost seems as if William is marrying Kate to replace his mother, he gave her Diana's ring and now a visit to Diana's tomb? Scary.

The bit about Catholicism shows ignorance about British history. Henry VIII became angry when the Pope refused to allow him to remarry so Henry banished Catholicism and created the Church of England with himself as head.

That is what that is all about.

Did those remarking that the royal family are 'using' Diana to promote themselves, note that the article stated that only Earl Spencer was privy to the visit? Visitor numbers to Althorp have dropped considerably in recent years. Who is promoting whom, one wonders.

hope he's normal cause dear old mom was certainly not

I don't cotton to these remarks about Diana=Kate or that it's somehow bad or wrong for William to bring his soon to be life partner to give respect to his mother and her memory. You can tell a lot about how a man will treat his wife and daughters by how he treats his mom and there is no reason to taint what should have been a private moment in this couple's lives. And while I understand the women who say they would rather a ring of their own, there is something poignant to be said about William giving Kate his mother's ring.

The photo of Diana shows her wearing the earrings that match the engagement ring. I miss Diana. She was such a breath of fresh air, and quite beautiful.

Nothing in this article gives a date for this supposed visit. It just says it was 'reported Wednesday'. It could have been a visit that took place two weeks ago or 4 years ago. It most certainly isn't truly recent because Prince William is working in Wales. Clever bit of PR but not entirely informative, shall we say?

@Jenny, wives are always Mummy's replacement :)

I hope the press does not manage to destroy this young bride.

Because, Henri Paul's drinking aside, the press hounded Diana to her death. They need not have chased the car, nor photographed her at the scene of her fatal accident.

Yeah, I realize Diana used the press as much as she attempted to evade them.

But she paid with her life so someone might get an exclusive cover shot.

I am glad Prince William took Kate to the tomb. It's both tribute to a loved mother and a warning of celebrity gone toxic.

she looks nice! best whishes to her

I totally agree that it's EXTREMELY healthy. And that goes for non-royalty, too. Had he NOT taken this step--THEN I would be concerned!

Since we don't have Camelot ,( our royalty) any more, i guess the us will . focus on the royals. i am looking forward to taping the wedding.

It tells me that Prince William is the kind of man his Mother hoped he would become: strong, independent, caring, affectionate, close to his people, and joyful in his responsibilities, which he seems to be, now that he has found his soul mate, who also seems like the kind of young woman his mother would love for him.

It tells me that he wishes she could be with them, that she could know his wife to be and vice versa, and that he and his wife have already decided that they will live their life as they see fit, having chosen each other by themselves because they love each other.

It tells me that he respects the memory of his Mother and the times he had with her and the legacy she left him and this visit is a sign of respect, love, and sharing with his wife to be, just before their wedding, because she, like his Mother, is his Family. He learned to love through being loved by and through loving his Mother. It seems a natural thing to do, to want to do, for a sensitive and genuine young man. It is hopeful that this young Royal, heir to the throne of England, may have become all that his Mother wanted him to be and the choice of Catherine is a perfect choice for this young man who deserves a warm, loving home and family, whether in a small cottage somewhere in Anglesbury or a suite in Buckingham Palace. The last real "family warmth" in Buckingham seems to have been with the late Queen Mum and King George and it was a godsend to Britain with all of the trials of WW II to have such genuine, caring people on the throne.

It is not at all uncommon, nor is it any sign of pathos, for a young man to give to his fiance, a ring that is part of a heritage, an inheritance, that belonged to someone else in the family, someone who meant something, ie, "my grandmother's wedding ring", "my late mother's wedding ring"....someone doesn't even have to be dead to give a special piece of jewlery to be used as an engagement ring. I think Catherine was touched, pleased, and honored to receive this ring. She loves him. She loves his Mother as he has shared what and how he knows and loves her. And I am sure that she loves his Mother for being so physically affectionate with him and teaching him, in the time she had with him, to be responsible, joyful, and loving, and to appreciate the people, not to see them as a burden.

I thought that Princess Diana was a very special woman in life and in death. BUT for the Royal Family to NOT invite the President of the United States and First Lady to the wedding is plain WRONG! Shame on the Royal Family! And then to have Prince Charles come to he United States AFTER the wedding WHAT FOR? To mend the wrong done the United States?

It has been reported that our President and First Lady were not invited to the wedding due to security costs. Whether those costs were to be those of the UK or of the USA, was not reported.

It has also been reported that because Prince William is not a Head of State, yet, the President was not invited. It is a "family" wedding, including the families of Royalty, but not heads of government. However, it is also reported that Sarkozy, and others, have been invited.

I have read that it is not Prince Charles coming to the USA but the President who will be traveling to Great Britain after the wedding.

Did I get the reports correct? Maybe yes, maybe no. Are those reports accurate? Maybe yes, maybe no.

However, I do not think there was any malfeaseance by the Royal Family. There must be a good reason.

I have admired Princess Diana since she first announced her engagement in February 1981. I have always loved her sapphire and diamond ring and was so impressed to see Prince William give Kate this for her engagement ring so that we can all see it once again, although I wish it could be Diana wearing it. Kate will do a terrific job as the new Princess of Wales and while nobody can replace Diana, I'm sure she will make her own way with the same charisma as Diana did because you can tell shes a great young lady and cares about people and you can see the love between her and William. I hope to see alot more of this terrific couple and all the great things they will do, but at the same time, I hope the paparazzi does not do the same things to Kate that they did to Diana. It would be nice to see Kate wear the Spencer family tiara on her wedding day as I always loved to see Diana wear that. Best wishes to both of them in their new life together. Love Virginia

I hope that when William becomes King, he will reinstate the HRH to Diana.

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