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Pippa Middleton: All about Kate's sister (the ideal maid of honor)


Pippa Middleton wasn't the headliner at the royal wedding Friday in London -- that honor of course went to the new  Duchess of Cambridge -- but she certainly left her mark on her sister Catherine Middleton's big day. Bring on the Pippa pandemonium!

Gorgeous, athletic, confident, supportive and totally sisterly, Pippa made quite the splash at Westminster Abbey in an Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress that echoed the bride's gown, serving as maid of honor in the eldest Middleton's union to Prince William

So what's Pippa's deal? 

The eligible 27-year-old is two years junior to the newly minted duchess, but very similar in build and poise. She's rumored to be dating the dashing Alex Loudon, a banker and former cricket player. 

She's also in the family business -- parties! -- and, further courting our favor, she works on the editorial side. Pippa, full name Philippa but affectionately referred to as Pip, is the creator of the Party Times, a magazine that accompanies the Middleton enterprise Party Pieces. 

Pip also dipped her toes Friday into Kardashian territory, making a splash as a female with some back assets. A Facebook page created in appreciation of her backside already had some 14,000 fans half a day after she stepped out in that bridesmaid dress. 


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo:  Pippa Middleton and her wee fellow bridesmaids. Credit: Ian Langsdon / EPA 

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i love that wedding kate looks beautiful

beautiful dress beautiful bride great wedding proud to be a brit on the day their mother must be proud of her family

She's soo pretty!
It's sooo wrong how people think that she should date Prince Harry or 'how they'll make a nice couple'. YES THEY'LL MAKE A NICE COUPLE BUT THEY'RE FAMILY!

Plus, She is dating Alex Loudon

Story is fine and Pip is pretty but I really think the facebook link is tasteless. She has class unless a kardashian and this whole event was a wedding not some swimsuit contest. At least make it fair and add a fbook page for Prince Harry, packing heat.


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