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Nicolas Cage out on $11,000 bail after New Orleans arrest

Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage, who was arrested in New Orleans on a charge of domestic abuse battery Nicolas Cage was arrested Friday in New Orleans on a domestic abuse charge after an allegedly drunken argument with his wife, Alice Kim, about whether the French Quarter residence they were standing in front of was in fact their rental. On Saturday, police released more details about the arrest.

During the couple's fight, a New Orleans Police Dept. spokesman said, Cage allegedly grabbed Kim by the upper arm and pulled her toward the house that he insisted -- and she disagreed -- was their rental. The "Drive Angry 3D" star, 47, then started hitting parked cars on the street and tried to get into a cab, police said, until an officer who'd been flagged down by onlookers told him to get out of the taxi.

Cage then challenged officers to arrest him, TMZ first reported, ultimately getting his wish.

Nicolas Cage booking photo after he was arrested in New Orleans The "Leaving Las Vegas" Academy Award winner was booked at 6:33 a.m. CDT Saturday on charges of domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness. Cage was released from Orleans Parish Prison several hours later on $11,000 bail.

The incident went down on Dumaine Street, WGNO reported. Cage did own the LaLaurie Mansion on Royal Street in the French Quarter for a couple of years before losing it and a Garden District home to foreclosure in 2009. A Bel-Air mansion owned by Cage, which had $18 million in loans against it and was listed for sale at $35 million in 2006, reverted to the lender after a failed bank auction in April 2010; a new owner picked up the 11,871-square-foot digs for a mere $10.5 million last November.

Hey, at least he didn't break into a quaint-looking bank, thinking it was home sweet home.

Cage, who according to IMDb currently makes in the neighborhood of $6 million to $7.5 million per live-action film, is due in court May 31.

Kim is the actor's third wife (Patricia Arquette was No. 1 and Lisa Marie Presley was No. 2). Cage and Kim married in 2004 and have a son, Kal-El, born in 2005. Weston Cage, the actor's 20-year-old son with Christina Fulton, wrote and performed the title track for dad's "Drive Angry."


Nobody wants Nicolas Cage's 'frat house bordello' mansion

'Drive Angry' movie premieres with Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard at the wheel

Report: Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans for alleged domestic abuse, disturbing the peace

-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photos, from top: Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage at the hand and footprints ceremony for producer Jerry Bruckheimer in Hollywood in May 2010; Cage in a booking photo released Saturday by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office. Credits:Mario Anzuoni / Reuters; Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office / Associated Press

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Who won the fight? Cage or Kim?

o-oh my god.
h-he was just having a ba-bad day.
ju-just a bad day, that's all it was.
thanks for stabbing me nic cage, stabbing me right in the trust.

NIK-KIM are cool

nic cage is descent human being. I dunno why he is getting effed by the media. You wouldn't believe how many Hollywood producers and directors who never get into the lime light have corpses in their basements. Oops, did I say too much? Sorrey!

Actor becomes popular with rising career, Actor starts to age a bit loses major roles and popularity slips, Actor starts making nonsense "over- the- hill- Stallone movies, Actor gets drunk creates scene for press, Actor gets pushed back into limelight and receives new movie roles and makes more money than before! HELLLLLO SHEEPLE!

we're all following the Sheen death wagon and Cage is dissolving right under our noses.

Pay your bills Nic. We are tired of your deserted properties in NOLA. And, stay out of the Gay Bars. We are tired of your wacko looks and Wannabe wife.

lol $11,000 bail for grabbing his wifes arm NOPD is sure taking advantage of his money.

In Nicks defense, he WAS wasted.

Note to self: veracity disproportionate to Nic's level of confidence.


Maybe this behavior is how his accountant was able to relieve him of his earnings......

We stopped going to this BUFFOON's TASTELESS pictures years ago. Another Gollywierd LOW-life.

Wow, the guys a loser... just don't have any common sense when it comes to monies or women.

Oh come on. It's the French Quarter. I thought you were supposed to get drunk.

I respect the man and his talent. Cage's career has suffered a downslide the last few years, although I've tended to be generous towards films like Ghost Rider and Kick A**. An argument over a building--how pointless and meaningless can one be? I know he's only human, but nearing 50 he should know better than to reduce himself to such juvenile behavior, much less manhandle his own wife, drunk or not. He better start reevaluating his priorities and get himself together. He has the intelligence, but he needs to fine-tune his wisdom. The last thing we need is to watch Cage turn himself into a jack*** in public and jeopardize his career in the process. His actions here were not justified rebellion nor were serving a greater good, point, or meaning--they were simply dumb, and we expect better from him than this.

Is there really a law in New Orleans against public drunkenness? This wlll be news to thousands of drunken college students at mardigras.

What is that THING on his head?

It was a real Cage match, wrestling fans! It was a real Cage match, wrestling fans! It was a real Cage match, wrestling fans! It was a real Cage match, wrestling fans! It was a real Cage match, wrestling fans! It was a real Cage match, wrestling fans! It was a real Cage match, wrestling fans! It was a real Cage match, wrestling fans!

Is it pick on Nick Cage week? I was just getting caught, up on Charlie crap. Is there a video, I need to watch, or something? When, does he start, his road show, And is he coming to Phoenix any time soon, Man it is getting hard to keep track.

So, was it their rental or not?

I'd guess not, given that he then tried to board a cab, unless it was all past the realm of rational behavior at that point.

So, did he use his recovered comic book as bail collateral?

Maybe Nicolas should have had Holly Hunter take his mug shot.

Nicolas Cage ? Drunk ? That just goes to show that they, ( the fab and famous ) are no different than Any Of Us when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is also a drug, but is not seen in that aspect. Alcohol is the stupidest, lightly taken, drug in society. I can think of many Non-alcoholic drinks that taste so much better. We don't use but a small fraction of our God given brain cells. Why destroy the few ? Stupid, stupid, stupid !

Nic, please get your act together. We're all falling apart in this economy. Part of me is worried that you did a little too much research for your Oscar in Leaving Las Vegas and it's taking collateral damage in your life. C'mon babe, you can do this. Don't pull a Charlie Sheen. Get back into your faith, family, and in your work, it's been your foundation through all the crap in your life. You're in my prayers. A LOT of us care about you, ignore the hacks, you're a good guy. Hang in there. Love and hugs, Debbie in Palm Springs.

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