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Mel Gibson finally talks about the Oksana tapes, and the future

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster costar in "The Beaver" Mel Gibson, who's been essentially mum since tapes of him ranting at Oksana Grigorieva were leaked last summer, has finally broken his silence, referring to the recordings as "one terribly awful moment in time, said to one person, in the span of one day," and something that "doesn't represent what I truly believe or how I've treated people my entire life."

He also said he didn't care if he ever acted again.

In the Deadline Hollywood interview, coming as the May release of "The Beaver" looms, Gibson expressed regret and anger at himself but also held his ground about what people heard.

"You have to put it all in the proper context of being in an irrationally heated discussion at the height of a breakdown, trying to get out of a really unhealthy relationship," he said.

The tapes, dramatically released one by one over the span of more than a week last July, eventually were revealed as having come from one day's continuing argument. He told Deadline that the tapes had been edited.

"You find out who your friends are," Gibson said, including Whoopi Goldberg ("I knew Whoopi before she was Whoopi. ... I like her even more now, because she got it.") and "The Beaver" director Jodie Foster ("I'd give her a pedicure every day of the week if I could."), both of whom spoke out on his behalf.

But he said he's not bothered by the short list of public defenders. "Why would anyone want to speak publicly and drag themselves through this crap?" he noted. "It seems to add fuel to the fire."

Fans who hope to see Gibson on screen down the line can breathe easier -- while the phrases "move on" and "let it go" peppered his reaction to being awkwardly let go from "The Hangover II," he was enthusiastic about his upcoming project with "Braveheart" screenwriter Randy Wallace, in which he's "not the main guy."

"It's total bodice-ripping, swashbuckling stuff, but it's funny," he said. "It's funny, and yet it's got really good serious undertones too."

About what has happened and what is still pending between him and ex-girlfriend Grigorieva and the legal system in the wake of his no-contest plea to a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence, the actor continued to have little to say.

"Even if the judge hadn't put some kind of court order on me, I think I'd stay mum on a lot of these things just out of consideration for Lucia and my other children and my grandchildren and friends and family. It doesn't do any good." Lucia, of course, is Gibson's 18-month-old daughter with Grigorieva.

"Maybe, when this is all over and, hopefully, justice is achieved. Maybe I could say something. ... a lot of damage has been done. I don't want to add to it. "

"The Beaver," filmed in 2009 before the scandal broke, comes out on May 6 in L.A. and New York and on May 20 in wide release. Will you go see it?


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson costar in "The Beaver." Credit: Ken Regan / Summit Entertainment


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Mel is a great actor, let's not forget that. He's good in everything he does. I especially liked him in "We Were Soldiers".

I will go to watch the Beaver.
Seems a good movie, maybe very good Jodie Foster is really talented.
As for Gibson he can be a really good actor when he wants and choses the good projects (his "Braveheart" was a great movie piece).
People don't know these stars, appreciate them for the work they do on-screen or don't watch if you don't appreciate their work, we don't really know what happens in their personal real life drama so just enjoy the artist.

Let’s see.. Roman Polanski seduced or in my opinion RAPED a 13 year old girl BUT the Hollywood community is still ok with him???!!!! Mel raged on the phone to his gold digger and the years before after getting pulled over drunk obscenities and other nonsense and he is being CRUCIFIED! Chris Brown beat the living sheeat out of his girlfriend but has all his fans back and a great record deal… Charlie Sheen held a knife to his wife's throat and assaulted her but continued to work as an actor until he called his bosses anti-semitic names- what is going on here???? Someone tell ME!!!

Mel, I love everything you've done in your work. Thank you for your immeasurable contributions to the entertainment industry; it would not be the same without you.
It's truly unfortunate that in today's age of technology / social media / paparazzi, etc. that some of your worst personal moments were captured and highlighted to such a ridiculously cruel extent.
Best of luck with all your future endeavors. I for one hope that there are many.

Mel Gibson é mais do que um excelente ator, é um ser humano incrível. Que Deus te abençoe Mel.

Yeah. It's best to quit the business when no one wants to hire you anymore. Jodie Foster was doing a favor to a friend, that's why he got this part. He acts as if he's being judged by one phone conversation as if the other drunken rants had never taken place. True, he got by on his looks for awhile but alcohol and time have taken care of that. And Whoopie gets it?! Whoopie, who thinks that child rape isn't "rape rape" if you're a famous 41 year old director? Please! Consider the source.

I will absolutely go see this movie, these are two of the best there is, and I wouldn't want to miss a thing. Mr. Gibson will hopefully continue to act, and kudos to Ms. Foster for showing her personal character in supporting him in public as well as professionally. Everyone goes through bad stuff....and we all act badly at times.

Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG with a gentle reminder that in general we do not publish comments that include links.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


I want to know why mel is not taking care of his real wife.Who is running around washington dc homeless.The daughter of the real maureen o'hara that was murdered in 1958. WHY?


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