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Lindsay Lohan gets 120 days' jail on probation violation, faces misdemeanor instead of felony theft charge

Lindsay Lohan arrives at the Airport Courthouse. Lindsay Lohan won some and lost some Friday in court as the judge reduced a felony grand theft charge against her to a misdemeanor, then decided that the actress had nonetheless violated her probation, drawing a sentence of 120 days in jail plus 480 hours of community service.

Lohan will appeal the sentence handed down by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner, L.A. Now reports. The actress had been on probation related to a pair of DUI arrests in 2007.

On the good-news side for Lohan: She was expected to be released on $75,000 bail on the probation violation, L.A. Now said, and risks significantly less time behind bars if convicted of a misdemeanor rather than a felony regarding a necklace that went missing Jan. 22 from a Venice boutique. Lohan has maintained her innocence and previously refused a plea bargain that would have involved jail time.

According to L.A. Now, reporting from the Airport Courthouse on Friday, Kamofie and Co. store owner Sofia Kaman testified she didn't see the actress walk out of the store wearing the necklace but would have stopped her if she'd noticed. She said Lohan wore the necklace in the store for half an hour, checking it out in the mirror. Kaman also characterized the actress' male companion as a decoy who distracted her with conversation while Lohan put her own necklace back on over the item in question before walking out, according to TMZ.

Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley had asked the court to reduce the value of the necklace (priced $2,500 at retail) to $950, which would the matter out of the realm of grand theft. Kaman confirmed the shop had purchased the item for $850 from the designer.

Lindsay Lohan and Shawn Chapman Holley arrive at Airport Courthouse Kamofie employee Tinelli Comsooksri testified that four days before the necklace went missing, Lohan had tried on diamond earrings, taking off one of them and then almost leaving with the other still in her ear. As the actress went to leave the store, "I reminded her she had one earring in,"  Comsooksri said. "She was sorry." Prosecutor Danette Meyers brought up the earlier incident to show evidence of intent.

Questions were also asked about why Lohan's people brought the necklace to police instead of returning it to the store.

LAPD Officer Peggy Thusing testified that Lohan assistant Eleonore Lieven called police after the actress heard she was suspected of stealing the necklace and that a search warrant had been prepared. Thusing said she told Lieven to bring the item directly to her. (Eleonore is the assistant who tried unsuccessfully last summer to quit working for LiLo.)

The judge noted that the future "Gotti" actress was convicted of DUI four years ago and that Lohan's record combined with the evidence in the alleged theft didn't warrant a felony charge. Meyers said she would appeal the misdemeanor decision.

One last thing in the win column: It's unlikely that anyone is going to criticize the future "Gotti" actress of dressing inappropriately sexy for court. Girlfriend was covered up from chin to toes, rocking denim pants, a long-sleeved black top and a neutral, on-trend scarf.


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— Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Lindsay Lohan arrives at the Airport Courthouse, top left, accompanied by attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, right, for an April 22 preliminary hearing. Credits: Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images, left; Chris Pizzello / Associated Press, right.

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Why not just shorten her community service to 120 days...cleaning up radioactive waste in Japan?

I am outraged that once again, Lindsay Lohan gets the star treatment. Are there any honest judges in L.A.?

So the clerk says that Lindsay almost walked out of one earring left in her ear.

What did Kaman do? He told the clerk, next tine, let her go out with the item? Clerk was all smiling and radiant when she let Lindsay out.

Jewelry store clerks are trained to hold on to articles without money exchange. So why did they let Lilo out? Because they let her borrow it.

Kaman already lied. said amount is 2500 yet its just 850. Do not trust liars.

Since when is stealing $2,500.00 from a store a "misdemeanor?" Would someone with access to the public records data base please research what kind of sentences this judge gave to Latinos and African-Americans for similar offenses. Would love to see that. Bet all of them had rougher childhoods than Lindsay, too.

To be sure, I think there is something wrong with Lohan, perhaps borderline mental retardation. But discipline will be to her benefit. She should get those four months in state prison. She needs a stiff shock to her system to get focused. And it won't hurt her career. Hell, these days "ex-con" just adds to your legend.

What the bloody hell is wrong with our leagal system ?

Fiore Films, you are screwing yourself ! I would never go to a movie with a jail breaker like her in the script. Further I hope they double the sentence right when your shooting starts. The hell with her and you for picking up a boat anchor like her, fools.

Danette Meyers is the wicked witch of the West coast. This is just silly. Rich peoole like Lindsay Lohan are kleptomaniacs, not thieves. A misdemeanor should only warrant a fine and community service. The jewelry store owners are creepy people.

Maybe I'm missing something, so please, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't putting Lindsay in jail for probation violation similar to putting the cart before the horse? I thought that if Lindsay was found guilty of the charges for stealing the necklace Then, and only Then, would she be in violation of the terms of her probation. So if you want to be upset with the judicial system try looking at it from the one who is charged with the crime; if being charged is sufficient to breaking probation then Lindsay could have been set -up. In-spite of the media frenzy by everyone from Leno to local affiliates this is turning out to be a vicious attack on the person of Lindsay and all for what started out as a DUI? I'm not interested in seeing Lindsay being destroyed; I say send up a little prayer of love for her: that she will not become bitter or despondent but rather that Lindsay comes out of this whole thing a much better & wiser person because I know that her music and her acting did that for me. JSJR 4232011

She's a trainwreck... And I don't imagine anybody who would be drawn to watching the "Gotti" film with her in it, would rather see someone like Marisa Tomei.

One can only wonder what some poor black kid is thinking...

Poor thing...she looks so used up.

What a travesty of justice! Lohan should already be locked up in jail. The judges in LA are always lenient on celebrities. I couldn't believe the judge dropped the price of the necklace for Lohan. Now, they saw she won't go to jail more than a couple of hours. She should be in jail for years. If the case was held anywhere else but LA, Lindsay WOULD BE incarcerated. She is a tramp. Everything she does is always someone else's fault. At some point in her life, she will have to learn to take responsibility for her actions.

Anyone who saw the video of the girl in the jewelry store can tell she is leaving in a real hurry and that she thinks she is getting away with something she did not pay for. That little scheme is juvenile and shows she is emotionally still a confused "child". It was likely a stunt but irresponsible and out of touch for a person of her age . She seems to have a lot of issues. Time will tell whether she has the character to move on.


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