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Lindsay Lohan pulled back into the 'Gotti' movie game


Lindsay Lohan at a Gotti film press conference Just when we thought she was out, Lindsay Lohan pulled herself back in -- back into the cast of the upcoming John Gotti biopic starring John Travolta, that is.

Lohan was taken out of consideration to play Gotti Sr.'s daughter Victoria in "Gotti: Three Generations," executive producer Marc Fiore said Wednesday morning. But only a few hours later, Fiore announced that Lilo was back on board, albeit shifted to the role of John Gotti Sr.'s daughter-in-law Kim Gotti.

Seems Fiore wasn't blowing smoke when he initially said, "She's a wonderful person. Her legal case has nothing to do with it. We just couldn't reach terms." According to TMZ, the disagreements were with Lohan's management team, but the actress got back on the project by reaching out to Fiore personally. 

Sounds like a lotta "Gotti" goodwill -- because of course this couldn't be ingenious marketing, could it?

Incidentally, Kim Kardashian's name was originally floated for the Kim Gotti role; despite Lohan's surprising current resemblance to Victoria, a blond, she has in fact rocked darker locks in recent memory.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan at a "Gotti: Three Generations" press conference on April 12, 2011. Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press




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She should be pulled into a nice 6x8 jail cell. And throw away the key.

She must have promised Travolta she'd join the 'church".

Good for Lindsay Lohan. Best wishes on the wasteful trial. I personally believe the necklace was a loan. It's preposterous to believe that someone stood in that tiny store and didn't realize they had given Lohan the necklace. But, the crooks at the DA's office have all the time and money to waste on this. After Lohan sorts out her legal issues (which La La Land and its lunatics have turned into a deranged soap opera) she should leave California permanently.

"We just couldn't reach terms."

When she said that her terms were free coke, he thought she meant the stuff you drink!

Give me a break wacko fans. You don't know her and what the drugs have done to her head. She is a thief.

I don't think they're "wacko fans," just ordinary people rooting for this lost soul who's down on her luck at the moment. WWJD?


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