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Lady Gaga releases new song 'Judas' early — listen!

Lady Gaga says her horns and other protrusions are not prosthetics but rather her "bones." Lady Gaga has ignored the original release date for her new single "Judas," leaking the high-octane track online Friday to strike the hearts of little monsters everywhere.

The new song — which was to drop next Tuesday and was produced "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance" hit maker RedOne — has the gyrating, mate-calling DNA of any good Gaga rager. 

"I wanna love you/ But something's pulling me away from you/ Jesus is my virtue, Judas is the demon I cling to, I cling to," she sings, likely to provoke some religious controversy (and, historically, the wrath of Katy Perry). 

Though who knows what sort of mate is going to show up for a lady who just told Harper's Bazaar that those protrusions on her head and shoulders aren't prosthetics but rather "my bones."

So will you pledge devotion to "Judas"?


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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Lady Gaga shows off her bones while performing at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in L.A. on Feb. 13. Credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Image.

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The new Garbage sound


Hmmm - betrayed Jesus for 30 silver pieces - the perfect icon for the age of shallow artistic sell outs!


@Kathleen.. exactly.
@Polomoche.. either you missed the point.. or you're just pretentious.

Awesome song guys don't like it? boo hoo wear an ear condom

I love you, Mother Monster! Your song Judas is AMAZING!!!

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*Also, in general we don't publish comments that include links.

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If you listen, it sounds like "Bad Romance" variation. She is running out of ideas.

Well yes I am without question pretentious. But what point did I miss in this regurgitated Madonna-esque attempt to stir up tired religious themes so bland they are no longer controversial?

As for the music itself, how desperately do these uninspired artists rely on the 'cutting-edge' sounds of their producers? Too bad, because no matter how hard they try, a bad song can't hide behind a techno beat and a few industrial-grade electronic samples. If this satisfies your taste, more power to you.

I in love with Judas and GaGa haha...Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Jlo better watch out and the laugh-able Justin Beiber who will fade away with boring performances and the like..comm on people she makes it interesting..haha and made other artist step up their game..seriously.. Gagas the best.. as usual..

This song is instantly catchy. It's Bad Romance with extra crack added. It will be stuck in my head for a long time. Nicely done!

The lyrics from this song are simply biblical allegories!! Don't be so quick to judge!

people saying it sounds like Bad Romance. thats okay TiK ToK and We R Who We R sound the same, Baby One More Time and Oops I did it again sound the same. its okay because its similar not the same

I think this track was not leaked but she wanted to do from beginning...The song just betrayed by Judas...just 4 days before the date....like she done to Born this way the date was chosen to reflect Alexander McQueen tribute..Judas song??Definitely one of her best songs and much way better than born this way..The other tracks probably heat shock for great sounds too...Judas song remind me some part of Bad romance hook, meet with Pokerface talk flavor and "sheibe" Mugler promo track...Just like it very much hahaha I"m just holy fool baby!!

This song is terrible!! This song is "shock value"...something for her "little monsters" to waste their time on!!! The song does not flow together and Madonna did this 20 years ago. But she did it much better....stop copying and being plastic!!

If you losers don't like it wear an ear condom, simple as that

Okay- I usually love Lady Gaga but this is pretty bad.
I'm okay with Born This Way, but if that is the best this album has to offer...

I really liked her pop princess stuff, and I liked her few and far between rock performances, which I was hoping was the direction she was going to go in, but she went the opposite way. i wont judge till I hear the whole album, but I did not like this song.

Inside scoop on next single for Lady Gaga: sweet track called Pon-Pon-Pontius Pilate! Seriously! It is bumpin'!!! Sick beats!!! Go Gaga!!! Go monsters!!!! Go Romans! Gonna be a big IscaRIOT, baby!!!!

For some reason everytime I listen to it I get Maneater by Hall & Oates stuck in my head.

Lady Gag Gag...your 15 minutes were up 20 minutes ago

it's blasphemous!..i'm shocked!shocked...I tell ya...well NOT!

She is an ugly freak.. what a disgrace and poor role model for young girls. YUK vomit.. she is GROSS!

"Judas" sounds like classic music compositions, with several movements. Very nicely written. The beat is so contempo though. It is friendly on nodal rhythm and gentl on the tympanic membranes.

Bow wow, arf arf, juda juda juda, like, don't record this crapola expecting da da da, ga ga ga gag. Expecting more! I like my Lady but wait, your prongin me with this stuff.

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