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Lady Gaga slips and falls off piano at Texas concert

Ouch! Lady Gaga slipped off a piano while performing in Houston on Sunday, and now we have the video evidence.

The Grammy-winning "Born This Way" singer -- decked out in stiletto boots, a bra and underwear -- tumbled off the piano and bench while singing "You and I" and landed on her back with her legs up in the air.

But somehow she managed to clutch the microphone the whole time. She rebounded quickly, crawling out from under the piano, and then popped back up into a standing position as if nothing had happened.

Now that's a professional. Watch the video above.

She is set to premiere her next single "Judas" on YouTube on April 19.


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-- Nardine Saad

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Came very close to bonking her head. Such a trouper..

I saw her perform in LA two weeks ago, and during the same song at the same spot the microphone fell and went far under the piano. She got down to get it and finished the song crawling on the floor, you couldn't even tell, very impressive!

well its not hard to miss a note when your lip singing to your own music. why does milly vanilly come to mind

i was at this concert lol i noticed but since she just kept on going i thought it was past of the show...i love you gaga:)

@real american hero
She is one of the few artists now that actually sing on stage, didn't you hear the grunt as she hit the ground?

@real american hero

But she doesn't lip sync so what are you saying?

That poor floor

I was there for this. It looked like part of the show. She was amazing. And she doesn't lip sing, sweetie. :)

It almost sounds like she sang "oooch..." (like ouch)!! Too funny...!

I was at this concert. It was no big deal! you couldn't tell if it was on purpose or an accident. you go mother monster!

Too bad Mr Gaga wasn't wearing one of those idiotic hats. It could have protected him when he fell and hit his head on the floor.

Sadly , R.A.H. , she is NOT lip SYNCHING . If she uses a system , as do most "pop" stars these days , its called Pro Tools . Discover the difference between the two and then you can try and be smug .
But Milli Vanilli should get a posthumous Grammy ...... they weren't cheating , they were just years ahead of their time .

too bad for the infidel sinner. she needs to repent of her life style and start over. before it is too late.

Lip sync, people, geeze!

repent your face

That's so sad! Leave her alone! She is such a great performer and she works so hard to put on a good show, we should all just give her a break and let this just be a reminder that she's a real human being that makes mistakes and sometimes embarrasses herself just like the rest of us.

I admire her for getting back up again like nothing happened.


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