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Jon Stewart impersonates Glenn Beck; end of the world is near [Video]

Jon Stewart does an excellent Glenn Beck. The Comedy Central host opened his Thursday show with a melodramatic monologue and later donned the thick-framed glasses and surfaced the chalkboard to impersonate the conservative Fox host who recently announced that he will be leaving his show later this year.

Given Stewart's popular parody of the Beck last year, the follow-up spoof was almost inevitable.

Stewart laid out in "crisp fool-proof detail how Glenn Beck's departure from Fox is incontrovertible truth that the world is ending."

Because earthquakes, sinkholes, tsunamis, falling governments, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira leaving their respective programs might not have been enough of an indication. No, no. Beck is the nail in the coffin, ladies and gentleman. Watch the clip above.

"People will tell you Glenn was fired because of plummeting ratings," Stewart stated hysterically, in character as Beck. "Thirty percent of his viewers have abandoned him, his audience's median age is now dead of natural causes. Do we really want to live in an America where what we watch is determined by a shadowy mix-and-match collective of so-called 'Nielsen families'? You know who else had a family that anyone could join? Charles Manson.

"I don't know about you, ladies and gentlemen, but I don't think I want to live in an America where Charles Manson tells our children what they can watch on television."

And the Beck barrage continued. Before showing clips of various end-of-the-world theories, Stewart gave his snarky explanation for the host's departure.

"So what's really going on here?" Stewart pondered. "What I'm about to say to you is going to sound stupid, illogical, moronic, asinine, disembrained. What I'm about to say to you is the kind of thing that will make you wonder how I even dress myself in the morning: Glenn Beck is leaving Fox because Glenn Beck tells the truth."


What do you think of Stewart's Beck impersonation -- spot on, or over the top?


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-- Nardine Saad

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How could an impersonation of Glenn Beck ever be "over the top"?

Bad impression, not even close. The writing was good, but Stewart doesn't have any of the essence of Beck in his rather amateur impression. Plus Stewart looks about 5 foot 3, a buck 40. Shrimp.

Stewart is seldom over-the-top, but always spot on, which is probably what Beck's admirers think of Beck.

I thought it was a great impression!

I never watched Becks show, why would I? But if Beck is anything on tv like he is as an author (got forced into reading his "Common Sense"), I'd say Stewart hit it on the head. I watched the bit last night, it made me laugh.

that was horrible.............

His best work yet! Loved it.

That was funny. I liked the Crunchy Caliphate ice cream especially. I'm not a John Stewart fan, but I despise Glenn Beck; he gives a bad name to conservatives by exploiting irrational fears and pulling on emotional heartstrings through patriotism and religion. I never minded his program when he talked about lesser-known history, especially the founding of the nation, at least his followers were learning something, but over the last few months he's begun a tailspin of paranoia and hysterics. If one disagrees with his ideas or politics in a thread with his followers, even if one is a conservative, such as myself, one is called all sorts of names by the Beck zombies. I've been call all sorts of very un-Christian names.

But, in the long run, I guess the ex-viewers have spoken. So, Beck can go start up his cable station, that too can fail and he can disappear forever. Bye, bye, Beck.

Over the top? Nah ... there was no anguished, despairing sobs accompanied by actual tears. Even Chicken Little threw in the towel after hearing Beck's histrionic tirades. Kudos to the camera work though - very Beckian.

Nail on the head! Glad to see Beck go. His racist, insensitive, and wildly exaggerated remarks have been sputtering out of that stupid mouth of his for way too long. All of you Beck believers should be ashamed of yourselves. I can't believe I'm still surprised at how gullible people are.

It's NOT an impersonation, it's a parody! It's exaggerated on purpose for effect and to make a point. He's awesome. And Beck deserves every bit of it.


I'm not a Beck fan, but I know he's a religious man. He wouldn't take kindly to poking at his beliefs and I'm not sure they're fair game. It was over the top.

Imitation (or parody) is the sincerest form of flattery. And now Stewart knows why no one wastes their time goofing on him!

@ ShesSuchaRiot -- "I never watched Becks show, why would I?"

You may learn something. Then again, probably not.

How could possibly learn anything watching glenn beck? He's an idiot. I've had the misfortune of coming across his program twice; i mistook it for comedy. Just be glad you didn't waste your time.

Glenn Beck fired by Faux..there is a God!

I am amazed that anyone would seriously believe anything Glenn Beck ever uttered...he is a false doomsday wannabe prophet who preys on distorted fears...it's time he and the Newt retire!

Obviously, all the brainwashed Glenn Beck sheeple hated it, because they don't think for themselves!

Thank you Jon Stewart you saved my sanity during the President Bush era, I was so depressed by this man only you could make me roar with laughter.

Glen Beck is a matter of insanity if you choose to pick it up, I didn't. I do know that his laughing all the way to the bank with his paranoid evengelical church of St. John scriptures that are used to manipulate the innocent. Maybe he and Palin now belong to the same church.
One thing I know his not in any hurry to spend the $32 million dollars a year his making. You can't take a UHaul to the grave Beck when you're going to the New Jeruselem with streets of gold, rubies and emeralds.

I like many things about Glenn Beck, and agree with some of his philosophical ideas that are not way off, and wish he was more honorable and rational in his delivery of his principles. But he self-shoots his message down because of his strange character, allowing the opposition to focus on the delivery more that the message, although his ideas can get strange, too (I am a Mormon). However, this spoof on Glenn Beck would also spoof Jesus Christ, since Jesus also warned us that the same disasters/events would occur before He comes again that Glenn mentioned. Either the second coming is a serious event to prepare for or it is not. At least Glen had the gumption to mention it courageously in this secular society on national t.v. Betcha Jon Stewart will be held responsible for those he swayed from preparing to meet their Savior for lampooning this important doctrine when He comes again.

If Stewart and the rest of you actually watch Beck, then you'd know that he's been pushing a book called The Coming Insurrection, which argues that capitalism and Western Civilization are dying. The book is credited to a group of French radicals called the Tarnac 9; Michael Moore has also read it. In short, Beck is the very type of guy you guys would be calling your BFF were he not on Fox!

Glen Beck should leave Fox since Fox has got its sickly neck wrung by George Soros.

Fox will suffer in the polls as it should, and those at Fox who cowardly got Glen Beck will ultimately be found out and forced to leave. NPR sound familiar to you cowards at Fox?

Glenn Beck is a fear mongering IDIOT. It is truly sad that he has gotten rich by preying on the weak minded with his antics.

ive watched the beck show twice the first time because i was bored and wanted to see what was on. after showing up after a commercial break i was able to watch for about thirty seconds before i decided that this man was too idiotic and self assured of his absolute righteousness that i couldn't watch it anymore. the second time i was watching with my dad who is a fan and wanted to spend time together so i watched a whole episode with him. so despite my rambling no Jon Stewart was not over the top, satire requires a bit of exaggeration and both he and Colbert are the finest satirists of these times.

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