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Can Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones carry a 'Two and a Half Men' reboot? [Poll]

Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones of "Two and a Half Men"Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones have a big time slot to fill, but they might not have to carry "Two and a Half Men" all on their own. This week, rumors swirled about what the network plans to do when it presents the show at TV upfronts in May.

Are creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. planning to reboot the show as a “One and Half Men” spinoff starring Cryer and Jones? It's not likely, but sources tell the Hollywood Reporter that a re-envisioning with a significant role for Cryer is in the works.

However, the network is reportedly still trying to find Cryer a costar and is considering a roommate role that would allow "Two and a Half Men" to cycle in different actors.

One thing seems clear: Charlie Sheen will not be invited back.

What do you think CBS should do?


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-- Emily Christianson

Photo: Angus T. Jones, left, and Jon Cryer in 2009. Credit: Vince Bucci.

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2 bad charlie got a huge share of the response to return him to the show

Rob Lowe should be cast as Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men. Rod is good looking in his 40's and has a bit of a sorted past so he could relate to a lot of the charter flaws of C.H. Two and a Half Men is one of my all time favorite TV programs, along with Cheers, Mash, Faulty Towers and Keeping up apperances.

This show is hilarious! I don't care much for Charlie...I just l;ike the rest of the gang especially Jon Cryer, Angus Jones and Conchata Ferrell. I like Derek's comments...Bring Herb into the home and keep all the rest of the characters as they are....

Bring Charlie back alive!

I am sick of how no one can see how funny jon cryer is.

This show is very funny with Charlie Sheen, and without him the show isn't that funny, he is the reason why the show is funny in the first place, those other two characters are funny, but not as funny as him, he the reason why the show has been running for so long. If you remove Charlie Seen then how will you explain how they got the house, and everything. We all know Alan (Jon Cryer) has been broke for many years, and telling how he got or gets a new roommate, then that's hard because we ALL know nobody likes him and they wouldn't give him money either because they know he wouldn't/couldn't pay them back, so there's no point in removing Charlie Sheen. Just keep him on the show, that and I want to know what ends up happening with him and Rose.

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