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Can Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones carry a 'Two and a Half Men' reboot? [Poll]

Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones of "Two and a Half Men"Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones have a big time slot to fill, but they might not have to carry "Two and a Half Men" all on their own. This week, rumors swirled about what the network plans to do when it presents the show at TV upfronts in May.

Are creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. planning to reboot the show as a “One and Half Men” spinoff starring Cryer and Jones? It's not likely, but sources tell the Hollywood Reporter that a re-envisioning with a significant role for Cryer is in the works.

However, the network is reportedly still trying to find Cryer a costar and is considering a roommate role that would allow "Two and a Half Men" to cycle in different actors.

One thing seems clear: Charlie Sheen will not be invited back.

What do you think CBS should do?


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-- Emily Christianson

Photo: Angus T. Jones, left, and Jon Cryer in 2009. Credit: Vince Bucci.

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Get rid of that obnoxious loser Sheen. His influence has been degrading the show more every year. My interest would be greatly enhanced with a show without him and more John Cryer.

Jon Cryer has always deserved better.

Come on with sheen there is no show, either get sheen back or fold it up. Don't drag this out as a pathetic imitation.

Bring back Charlie Sheen, come on Chuck he is your show and you know it.
Kiss and make up guys, life is too short !

I like Two and Half Men as it was. Charlie has shown how arogant he is and thought he was the center of the universe. He shot himself in the foot and did not know what hit him.
As for Mr. Lorre, you have created a marvelous and very successful show.
So, quit while your rating on this show is at peak. (No Two and Half Men without Charlie Sheen, and you should not give in for the #&*@.)

Best Idea?
Jon Cryer wakes up - and it turns out he was having a bad dream. Allen is really the playboy and Charlie is the leech. Except in his dream, Charlie was played by some homeless guy Allen saw downtown. Cryer wakes up surrounded by babes and booze and says "Thank God".

Now, Cryer would be able to make fun of Charlie Sheen by mocking the Playboy alcoholic/druggie character and they could bring in someone else to play the straight/weak character.

Gold, Lorre, Gold!

even though charlie can be a pain, the network and the studio need to get some balls and either cancel the show or hire charlie back. they have one season left, suck it up get charlie back with some conditions and start filming all through summer. because in the end the studio and network will make huge profit and add another 10 episodes to thier library of shows. Warner needs to remember, its always about your shareholders and the almighty dollar. By putting Charlie back is the cheapest solution and they know it. getting rid of the show or retooling is absolutely worthless. everyone looses.I've worked here in this industry for many many years, and I know my profession, this is the best solution for all . put you ego's away Warners and CBS its time to make us some money!.

Get Emilio Estevez to replace him, that oughta be good. : )

Have Charlie just go missing. No one knows where he is. Have Judith's second husband leave her and have to move in with Allen. Thus, 2 and a half men, again. Have Rose start stalking Allen. Bingo.

The show has been looking tired for some time. The kid is too old for the usual stupid/eats-a-lot jokes. And the Charlie character has never evolved. So YES, try something new. How about the Frazier route, a room-mate MORE prissy than JC. Obviously, the rotating roommate idea is just a way for the producers to test some new actors/characters, which may work. Good luck.

They will put up with Charlies Drugging and Drinking, and Womanizing. It is never smart to make anti semetic comments to your boss. You have to be dumb as the wall. They can find another guy, bring him in a give the show a whole new life. Remember when Jean Stapleton left all in the family. They brought in a lttle girl as archies neice, a few charater actors and the show had a good run. Charlie Sheen is headed for the graveyard unless he gets help. He can not see it, and the low lifes who live off of Charlie will never tell him.

I have the perfect replacement for Charlie Sheen! He is Matthew Perry--isn't that obviously the best suggestion ever? Now that Matt's new show has bombed - the premise was stupid-- he is free and would be great as the Charlie replacement. I hope the CBS brass gets wind of this and follows through. He even looks a little like Sheen, if Sheen had only stopped drinking too.

Cryer has gone unnoticed in this show, literally, from the day it's started. He deserves recognition for comic talent and contribution to holding up a major part of the show. Give him a thumbs up Hollywood. That also goes for every member of the supporting class, especially Conchata Farrell who ranks equally in talent with Cryer.
However, Sheen is the show as counterpoint to everyone else, and makes it work. The quality of the show is spawned by the writers, who show that situation comedies do work and contribute more to network television than vapid reality shows. That is an indication to me that network bosses want profits over everything else, and figure the public will lap up ANY drivel that's put in front of them.
The show works, has always worked, and even though Sheen plays a vague reference to himself, I'd rather have a great laugh and ignore the staged PC propriety his critics get unlimited pleasure in dishing out.
Cut the crap, block the shots, and roll it.

I like Nelle's idea. Charlie just goes missing ( on a bender and can't find his way home ? ) I think that could work ! No more Charlie Sheen would be the best thing that ever happened to this show. I don't know what all you people see in him. He's not half as talented as he thinks he is, or as pretty.

Please you know without Charlie that show is a rap!!! This is what happens when you have to much money. You start to believe you can have it anyway you want. Two and A half Men will never gain anymore viewers or better ratings without Mr. Sheen no matter what you do. The reruns will always be gold. So if You, the people in charge, have any sense you will kiss and make up or leave it as it is. Take that to the bank!!!!!

sad to say this show won't survive the trauma of the loss of such a big role. If they don't pull a Bewitched and simply cast a new actor in Sheen's place-same character, they might as well bring in Ted McGinley to signal the death knell of yet another show- be it Happy Days, The Love Boat, Dynasty, or Married...with Children; when a show is headed to the toilet, bring in Ted McGinley.

Scenario: Charlie passes away from boozing, etc, and Jake inherits the Malibu house along with Berta. Then try the roommate thing from there.

HATE jon cryer, where are they going to live? charlie's house? the house's location is a character in itself, what about Rose? lorre's alter ego can't carry the show. His character IS the show..a show about a wimp is very interesting .bring back Charlie ,Jennie Mc Carthy , DUMP cryer , keep the kid...charlie and jenny bringing up the kid to be a MAN

Charlie runs off with rose, they get married or whatever.

Allen and Jake take over the house, Allen can't make the house payment and rents a room to - writers insert character here.

Jake, who already shows some of charlies traits, becomes more and more like charlie every episode - Allen hates it.

Allen is still unable to land a solid relationship - I dont think a move in love interest is good for Cryers character. Allen should always be in and out of bad releationships.

Jenny McCarthy should be written in here as a love/sex kitten interest to really throw Allen for a loop.

Good times.

Oh yeah, Charlie you blow. You're not half as important as you think you are. Ya loser.

Bring Lindsay Lohan in to play Charlie after having a sex change operation.

Cmon - think about it. It would work!

1. Charlie has "wandered off," Berta wins the lottery and buys the house. Alan now plays second fiddle to her...after all these years.

2. Have a one-hour final episode and put it out of its misery.

Bring Charlie back. There is no show without him. Charlie is a d*ck but that's the whole point. We laugh because it's a parody of his public foibles and infamous indiscretions. I'm astonished that CBS was so shocked that he acted like, well, Charlie Sheen. Duh! Who cares if he is a perverted inconsiderate jerk with a drug and alcohol issue. I want to be entertained not go to Church with him. Would you have him go to friggin "rehab" and apologize for being the very thing you capitalized on? Pffft. Typical.

PLEASE...do not bring that dirt bag back. All the characters were funny and Charlie did not carry the show alone! I liked his character but not the real Charlie Sheen. No more Charlie Sheen...ever!

While reconstituting the 'men' series why not throw in some old fashion morals - you know - as a joke. hahahahaha

So maybe moking old fashion values alot somemore would be another degrading comedy for todays audience.

Whata think 'bout dat?

Yea, degrading, invalidating and downright scummy continuance of sumthin vile on society's thirsty minds for decadence. Yea. Funny as all get out. hahahahah

Sumthin to be real proud of for the writers to brag to their children who are going to experience the sins of their fathers for four generations.

Now that's a joke of continuing promisetude.

I would like to see Heather Locklear show up as an old girlfriend of Charlies with a Daughter 2 years younger than Jake.She could move in because she has lost her home and allan could always make the comment when the girl does anything " when jake was that age he did---and get on Heathers nerves by comparing jake and Charlene." When Charlie and Heather were on Spin City they made it work and America loves Heather as much as they DID love Charlie.Charlie could stay away from the house and no one would know where he was but Allan because Charlie did not want to stand up to his responsibility. If viewers liked Heather Allan could always tell Charlie stories on the phone to keep him out of the house and Allan could have a crush on Heather.

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