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'Glee' extra Nicole Crowther fired for revealing prom king and queen on Twitter

'Glee' producer Brad Falchuk gets angry at extra for tweeting prom spoiler

"Glee" extra Nicole Crowther was fired from the hit show for tweeting spoilers about the upcoming prom episode, specifically, who would be prom queen and king.

The somewhat cryptic message was understandable to fans of the show, and "Glee" co-creator Brad Falchuk was less than pleased about the leak. So he went off on the actress, which ultimately resulted in Crowther deactivating her Twitter account and getting the boot from the Fox show.

Those Gleeks don't mess around.

SPOILER ALERT: Do NOT click on the upcoming link if you prefer to be in the dark. Read the tweet here.

A series of angry messages from Gleeks bombarded the micro-blogging site after Crowther sent out the spoilerific tweet, which prompted Falchuk to speak out.

"Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create? Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment," he tweeted to the regular extra.

Ouch. And so Crowther was fired from the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Fox show.

"They are not doing reshoots because of my careless mistake so shut up haters and leave me alone. Grow up and get a life," was her final tweet before deactivating her account.

However, a source close to the show said standard Screen Actors Guild day-player union contracts used by the show do not contain non-disclosure agreements, which lay out punishments when plot secrets are blabbed, so the legal ramifications are less serious.

But still, she better watch her back or else she might be thrown up against a locker or get a slushie to the face. Just saying.


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-- Nardine Saad

Photo: "Glee" creators Brad Falchuk, left, and Ian Brennan, right. Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images

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"Grow up and get a life." Actually, I agree with her. Except that people not growing up and getting a life kept her and the rest of the Glee folks employed. Which has ended now for her...

SAG may not have non-disclosure rules for day players and background, but agencies, like Central Casting, do. I just worked background on the season finale of The Mentalist, and we were told if they even SAW our cellphones, we'd be fired. I don't see the point in spoiling the fun of a show people in which people are invested. I hope this actress still remembers how to wait tables, because I doubt any casting agent would hire her after this.

I can't believe Fox doesn't make them sign non disclosure agreements. I mean, who are the people you would trust the least on a film set?
They make the crew sign these agreements, and the punishments can be very harsh. Fox does not mess around, and I think you'll find that she is in a lot more trouble than this article implies.

And if reshoots were required, you are talking about a lot of money here. This isn't over.

I read the "spoiler" and it's .. zzzzzzz ... very predictable.

Remember when television shows and movies were made by adults?

Oh for god's sakes, it's not like she revealed the secret for world domination or something like that. Nicole has been giving spoilers for quite sometime already so if it was not allowed, why didn't they put a stop to it before? Maybe because she was whetting the appetites of fans and practically doing free promos of future episodes for Murphy and co? Kinda hypocritical of Brad and cohorts, innit?

The silly thing about this is in the online Glee community, Nicole Crowther's tweets had been frequently cited as a source of spoilers for months and months. There was even speculation on Television Without Pity that she was a plant the producers wanted to stir up buzz for Glee. While that particular idea is likely just hyperbolic imaginings, the producers HAD to have known about her spoiler tweets and let her get away with it--until she grew too popular and then went too far.

She was foolish to do what she did and the consequences are right on, but the producers were equally foolish to let it go on for so long; this whole thing is their own fault. Not to mention they're total idiots for not making their performers sign an NDA to begin with. And lashing out at her on Twitter rather than dealing with the issue behind the scenes is hideously unprofessional.

The problem with spoilers is that fans assume they are generated by producers to create buzz. So we read them. It's like buying food at a deli - you assume it's meant to be eaten.

So tweeting a spoiler that ISN'T supposed to be revealed is, to me, akin to selling food that isn't supposed to be eaten (which is why "spoiled" is the perfect word.) If I went into a deli and the clerk gave me a sandwich with rotten roast beef in it, I'd want that clerk fired, too.

Ms. Crowther should take this as a lesson learned and be grateful she wasn't in the military. They lock you up for spoiling their secrets.

I read the "spoiler" but i already knew what happened. Maybe if the tweet wasn't all over everywhere, it wouldn't be as bad. But since everyone's already talking about it, it made it worse. But i still cant believe who is the prom king and queen. Sucks for Quinn!!

Nicole didn't get fired! She didn't work on glee!! She was only an extra on glee one time back in 2010. Please get your facts straight! She only tweeter a rumor she heard just like all the gossip columnists. There wouldn't be any hype if brad didn't tweet what he did. Brad is the one that created the hype. He should definitely be reprimanded for bringing attention to her tweet. SHE DIDN'T work on Glee. Nicole is actually an extra on Shake It Up. Doesn't anyone notice she's not in any of the Glee pictures or episodes?? Hmmmm I wonder why???

Uh, how do these snots have the power to fire an extra? Extras are supplied by agencies hired by the show. The agencies, not the studios or the shows, employ the extras, and most extras are non-union. If an extra goes rogue, as it were, it's the agency who has the right to fire them, NOT the show or the network.

Brad is a deusch. Its a tv show and spoilers always come out. Honestly to threaten someone for making a mistake just shows you who Brad is and how he has an ego that needs to be tamed. Honestly most people I know who watch the show do so for the songs, not the storyline. In fact who cares who the prom queen and king are. Brad's reaction needs to be punished not Nicole's. Nicole's was an honest mistake in a world where there is no privacy but Brads is a threat!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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