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Britney Spears 'Till the World Ends' music video debuts

Britney Spears debuted her new "Till the World Ends" music video Wednesday, and it's clear she could use some disaster preparedness classes. But leave it to the pop princess to find a way to dance through the apocalypse.

As the screen flashes "December 21st 2012," Spears and her friends drop down a manhole as the buildings start to crumble. The bunker (or is it a sewer system?) quickly turns into a mass of pulsating bodies with the singer gyrating front and center.

Spears will take those dance moves on the road starting in June with her national tour to promote her new album "Femme Fatal," which is currently No. 1 on the Billboard 200.  Brit is still looking for a co-headliner after Enrique Iglesias backed out on her last week.


Happy birthday, Jamie Lynn Spears!

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-- Emily Christianson

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Madonna"s hung up music video with dancers up against the wall meets Janet jackson "if" fused together with slave for you. Between Britney and Gaga copying so much of everyone else lately I was surprised to see Britney copy from herself! Also note the red jumper? Oops she did it again! Ok so her dance moves lack but her hot backup dancers make up for it. Follow me marianor247

Wonderful video, Miss Brit! I'm impressed. This song is very upbeat and fun and Brit looks beautiful. Keep up the great work, Britney!

Very HOT backup dancers!! Meow!

Not bad at all! It's cut to fast, so it misses some opportunities for more emotion, but that's today's style. Good song too!

Seems like it's time for this cow to be put out to pasture.

yaaaawwwwwnnnn! same ole! same ole! seen this video so many times by other Pop tarts...OMG! she's just awful!

I love u Britney ur song is tight keep on singing and neva stop.

I am rooting for a Britney Spears come back, but this is really bad -- at least for my taste. It resembles a lot Bollywood video clip to me.

Love love love love the song good video everyone stop hating can't wait till u come to new Orleans


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