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Bristol Palin is paid $262,500 for abstinence campaign

Bristolstory3 Bristol Palin took home $262,500 in 2009 for advocating against teen pregnancy, tax documents show. Apparently abstinence can be very lucrative.

The big bucks came from the Candie's Foundation, a group aimed at shaping "the way youth in America think about teen pregnancy and parenthood." 

"We know that Ms. Palin's work has had a positive effect on creating awareness about teen pregnancy," Candie's spokeswoman Ali Tyrangel said in a statement.

The reality show star, who made headlines as a teen mom in 2008 during her mother Sarah Palin's run for vice president, even took her Candie's campaign on her stint with "Dancing with the Stars." Remember her awkward "pause before you play" sex talk with The Situation?

Critics are already taking shots at Palin, now 20, but some people are defending her, according to E! Online, saying, "The money she received was from multiple projects she did with them. She shot PSAs, print and Internet ads and did town hall meetings, as well, and the money she made was an accumulation of all of that. This is not out of the ordinary for a celebrity to make an income off of a charity they represent."


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-- Emily Christianson

Photo: Bristol Palin with her son Tripp in 2009. Credit: Al Grillo / Associated Press

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You expect her to travel around for free? Where is the problem?

Who do charities usually have as their spokes people.?

The homeless will have an exhomeless person speak about how they escaped homelessness.
-- "don't make the same mistake I made, man, get a home!"

Drug addicts speak about how they beat their addiction.
-- "Quiting drugs was easy. It's not like it's some sort of disease like getting pregnant as a teen!"

Gangsters speak about how they escaped the gang lifestyle
-- "When I dropped out of private school and took up with a single mom with 9 other kids, many of whom were in gangs, that was the shidazzle. Now, I wish I'd never made that decision."

It's no wonder that most of the world views us Americans as idiots when they look at the amazing irony of Bristol Palin touting abstinence. And then there's the mother. My only hope is that this family is forever doomed to reality TV and not anything approaching mainstream politics.

I personally CHALLENGE you to post my comment.
Jod Beers

HOW IS BRISTOL PALIN WORTH $262,000??????????????

@Jodi Beers -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. Your challenge to me to publish the first of your three comments is a bit problematic, as we don't publish comments that include profanity, even if you put asterisks in the words to try to get past the filter.

Also, I think the word you were looking for was "losers," not "loosers."


Really. Not unexpected for an unskilled, uneducated women to make this much money from her job. She is not a celebrity and she is certainly not a role model for either people who endorse a "just say no" policy or those that endorse the idea that young people need to be educated about sexuality. The fact that she has done different things on her job is being used to justify her high pay? Most salaried people complete a range of tasks (even those that exceed 60 hour weeks) under their full time pay rate. her salary is higher than that of many PhD cancer researchers. Wouldn't that be a better effort to support? I am sure that her contributors are appalled and would not have shared a dime if they knew most of the money went to gift her an expensive mansion.

What characters these Palins, they will stoop to all levels with no remorse. This is the family republicans are looking at possibly sneaking into the whitehouse on us. Lord have mercy, for us all!

The Palins, to what level won't they stoop to for the almighty $? To top things off, this is the family the republicans plan on snow-balling us with as they try and sneak them into the whitehouse.

Well, if you list ANY liberal, I can easily show you the same hypocrisy.

I guess there is no end to the creativity in giving huge sums of money from sources like donations, meant to do well, to people who have done nothing to earn it.

This looks like it's nothing more than a bad attempt at purchasing political favors.

Hypocrite makes money telling kids to do as she says, not as she did?
America, what happened to you?

If one of Obama's daughter's ever finds herself in the same predicament, I doubt that any of you will begruge her for making the mo$t out of it! At least Bristol isn't on AFDC or WIC!

Posted by: Lisa | Apr 06, 2011 at 09:06 PM

If that happened to Obama, he never would have been elected President. Total double standard.

It's transparent that your issue with her is that her last name is Palin. If she were anyone else, you wouldn't care. Your uncontrolled bias shows your inability for rational thought.

If I were Levi, I would march off to my attorney's office and demand that one half of all the money that Bristol makes is put into an account in his son's name or to pay for Levi's legal expenses related to the Palin versus Johnston story. It would be crazy to think that Bristol continues to make all this money by selling her story about the difficulties of being a single mom--knocking both Levi and their son (the mistake) and that she can get all the moolah and he continues to have to contribute 1/2 of the child's expenses until the day he gets out of college.

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