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Bristol Palin is paid $262,500 for abstinence campaign

Bristolstory3 Bristol Palin took home $262,500 in 2009 for advocating against teen pregnancy, tax documents show. Apparently abstinence can be very lucrative.

The big bucks came from the Candie's Foundation, a group aimed at shaping "the way youth in America think about teen pregnancy and parenthood." 

"We know that Ms. Palin's work has had a positive effect on creating awareness about teen pregnancy," Candie's spokeswoman Ali Tyrangel said in a statement.

The reality show star, who made headlines as a teen mom in 2008 during her mother Sarah Palin's run for vice president, even took her Candie's campaign on her stint with "Dancing with the Stars." Remember her awkward "pause before you play" sex talk with The Situation?

Critics are already taking shots at Palin, now 20, but some people are defending her, according to E! Online, saying, "The money she received was from multiple projects she did with them. She shot PSAs, print and Internet ads and did town hall meetings, as well, and the money she made was an accumulation of all of that. This is not out of the ordinary for a celebrity to make an income off of a charity they represent."


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-- Emily Christianson

Photo: Bristol Palin with her son Tripp in 2009. Credit: Al Grillo / Associated Press

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Huge problem is with the money 'earned' vs. the money actually disbursed to charities by this "charity".

Palin $262500
Charities $35000 (yes 35 thousand)

See a problem?

how wonderful.
of course it dwarfs what the hollywood types earn for an hour's work or less but it puts Bristol on the right path.

she's proving to be quite a gift to the world and i congratulate Todd and Sarah for raising a fine young woman.

keep it up Bristol.

Good money wasted on this brainless lug!...When someone like the untalented bimbo Snooki can receive $32,000 for a speaking gig from a university, something is definitely sooooooooo wrroonnnggg with America today...now this bimbo Palin receives major bucks for this stint...I'm in the wrong business!

What a role model, drop out of high school, have unprotected sex with a complete idiot, have a baby, earn $260,000.

The modern public stage is so filled with narcissistic con artists that it is difficult to get worked up over another outrage.


A young women engages in premarital rubbing of private parts, gets pregnant, then, because of her mother's breathtaking hubris and celebrity, gets a gig condemning the hedonistic and "sinful" behavior that she so enthusiastically enjoyed.

Breathtaking hypocrisy, no?

And now we learn that she made over a quarter million dollars to whore herself in the hypocritical cesspool - most of the charity's entire intake of donations!

Yes, the Palin family can still shock and appall - and apparently have no depth to which they will not descend to enrich and demean themselves.

pmom, I think that is how repub charities are typically designed to work; not sure it is fair to suddenly complain about Bristol's particular situation...

You can't hate Bristol for taking the money - if anyone is a moron, it is the ones who signed her checks.


That's not my point. It's that the CHARITY got...

Oops...never mind. For GOP, "charity begins at home".


The following is an unadulterated LIE: "This is not out of the ordinary for a celebrity to make an income off of a charity they represent." How can that lie go unchallenged?

If one of Obama's daughter's ever finds herself in the same predicament, I doubt that any of you will begruge her for making the mo$t out of it! At least Bristol isn't on AFDC or WIC!

Gee I didn't know having a baby out of wedlock can earn almost quarter of million dollars! There are so many teenage single mothers and this one has to hit a lottery?

Oh come on, Palin haters. Did you READ the article? For goodness' sakes, she didn't get $262K for one stint. She worked with them over a period of time.

A well known person is always "heard" or at least noticed more than those who aren't in the news. Of course she got the "job" because she's her mother's daughter. She's well known, and young. That's a voice that teens might listen to.

Why not consider the possibility that in working for the foundation, she might have spoken to teens about the mistake she made, publicly acknowledging that it was wrong, unwise, and warning them not to do otherwise? Do any of you have enough guts to step up like that, knowing that people will have another reason to nip at your heels unendingly, finding every possible excuse to sneer at you?

She didn't force the foundation to hire her or pay her. Get a life and get off her back. She's not even 21 yet. Sheesh....

Wow. Like mother like daughter.


Let me get this straight. She gets knocked up out of wedlock by some bozo, has her kid, then is paid $262,500 to preach abstinence? I think I can see a scam from my house!

Yes, preaching abstinence can be very lucrative. Even apparently when it's from someone not actually practicing it. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh could try to score an endorsement gig with Narcotics Anonymous.

Duh. Winning!

Bristol's example worked like a charm. Take that high school in Memphis where 90 senior girls are expecting children come graduation time.

And you know ALL are expecting to make millions in sponsorships and be on Dancing with the Stars.

Bristol has shown that with "hard" work and a lack of condoms any idiot girl from an inbred family can "make it big"

"Oh come on, Palin haters. Did you READ the article? For goodness' sakes, she didn't get $262K for one stint. She worked with them over a period of time."

She was paid $30K ON AVERAGE to give speeches and was paid upwards of $100K an episode to hoof it (literally, what a cow!) around on Dancing with the Stars.

Good girl...!

U go Bristol...! Wow!


The baby's face says it all.

Ugh. Bristol Palin talking about abstinence is about as credible as Donald Trump giving hair care advice LOL

why are there so many haters. We live in a free country where you can donate to any charity you want. Start putting the word out that candies campaign paid Bristol over 250,000 to promote abstenence. If the people don't like it they will quit donating.
Who do charities usually have as their spokes people. The homeless will have an exhomeless person speak about how they escaped homelessness. Drug addicts speak about how they beat their addiction. Gangsters speak about how they escaped the gang lifestyle. They don't have supermodels speak to a jenny craig convention about how easy it is to stay skinny.
Bristol received money for her charity work probably because she isn't rich like most celebrities.

Now, when Fantasia (sinlge, teen mom) won American Idol, there was an outrage and now Bristol Palin, talks about abstinence, but is not practicing it, and now she is a hero,,,,,, what is that about?

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