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Beyonce's new song, 'Girls (Who Run The World),' leaks online

Beyonce's new song is leaked

is back, honey, with another anthem for independent women everywhere.

Images were all over the Internet last week from the set of a music video, widely reported to be the clip accompanying the single "Girls" from her new album, which is expected in June.

Now a demo version of the track "Girls (Who Run the World)" has leaked and lives in various fan-created tribute clips on YouTube. Quick insight into the song: It's about girls who run the world. 

"Who run this ... ?" Beyonce asks with well-deserved authority, preaching "make your check come at they neck / disrespect us? no they won't." 

"Girls" has a harder edge than her milestone "Independent Women Pt. 1," but is nowhere near the gritty, futuristic chic of "Diva," complete with Brian Lichtenberg headgear

Listen to B's track here and leave your thoughts in our comments section. 


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-- Matt Donnelly    

Photo: Beyonce at the 2011 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Credit: Jay Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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Does this sound like "Pon De Floor" to anyone else?

Too bad this song is not her best AT ALL. We all know who really runs the world....ASK GAGA (THE GAYS) but that's besides the point. LOL I'm sure the video will help the song out. Beyonce is a visual artist. We all know one way or another she'll do well. She has a committed fan base. WEIRD......but VERY COMMITTED. LMAO

I wish it didn't leak this early because something tells me this will be her excuse if it does bad. Isn't it always their excuse? LOL

Man... that girl is so smart and talented.

It gave me a headache and as a human being with an extra appendage, I was offended.

climbing up the charts? plzzz. come on. beyonce fans are fake. They need to be true, because this song is for a 3 year old minus the 'muthaf'. Nobody should be buying this. letting her know her fans want something better. waited 2yrs for this?

So disappointed in Beyonce, I am a big fan of hers and I just have to say that I do not like this song at all. I bugs me first of that it is the same beat as one of my favorite songs at the moment "Pon de Floor" by Major Lazer, so it is like I am hearing that perfectly good song with extra lyrics that it does not need. Second the lyrics or the way it is sung does not even go with the beat, or maybe it is just because I biased to the fact that I like the original better, nevertheless I do not like this song and i hope the rest of the album is nowhere near this style of music. C'mon Beyonce you know better than this.

This song is a stupid song rihanna must be laughing when she heard it willows whip my hair sounds way better beyonce is a grown woman she need to stop copying rihanna worst song ever

Really? She doesn't even pronouce the word "business" correctly.And I can hear all the 12-14 year old girls singing "who run this mother..."

This song is awful, along with beyonce. I'm sick of seeing her as if she is relevant. It is pretty sad that people are saying that seeing the video will help the song. What? So, music can't stand on its own? There has to be a video with unclothed women shaking their butts? That's what makes a good song? Wow. The world would be dangerous if people actually had intelligence and talent.

I guess girating to our kids is her only talent and u guys fell for it lol.

Duh! Of course she's sampling Major Lazer's Pon De Floor! I think she honored that song and did her own take on it and to me it sounds amazing. Rihanna sucks and is a bad role model for young girls. Beyonce sends positive messages to young girls and talks about female empowerment. Beyonce >>>>>>>>>>> Rihanna.

This is one of the worst singles..ever released. I am also saddened by hearng fans say..the video will help it out..we live in a ver sad time when a song doesnt speak for itself. She has always released music below her namesake...now this may be the final nail in the cofin.

Karrine aka Ka-licious is working on her debut album. This chic is gonna change the game from artist like beyonce. she is from philly and they actin like her project is a secret i guess ppl copycat alot.
I dont like beyonce new song very dis-appointed.
I love Ka-Licious this woman is sexy and talented. i just love her.

I just heard Girls Who Run the World on WPGC 95.5 and thought Beyonce was cursing. Then I looked it up and said yup... that's the Beyonce I know staying a role models for young teens like Me. I luv you Queen Bee... And I will be coming to a concert soon!!!

It's so sad that these beYAWNcy zombies, think that this grown a** woman who is in her mid 30's (if not older) can do no wrong. beYAWNcy has been fooling her fans for years. She's an opportunist and uses whatever means necessary to stay relevant, even singing this immature, tired, unmotivating song. I'm not a fan of the fake and though I loves me some female sings, Diana, Gladys, Whitney, Mariah, Teena Marie, Tina Turner, Natalie Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Holiday, Janet, Phyllis Hyman and I can go on and on, but I have never liked, the fakeness and opportunistics of this chic beYAWNcy and that says something that she is just that, a fake, fraud and I know in my spirit that this girl is. Even though I don't care too much for todays music or artist, I can honestly say that Rhianna beats beYAWNcy hands down when it comes to being artistic, choosing age appropriate songs, she has a gimmick and she uses it to produce good music that has meaning, and takes risk. Rhianna's quality of music, whether it be dance or a slow song is reminiscent of Janet Jackson, going from "That's the way love goes, to rock "Black Cat" and giving us the shy girl growing into a woman and going through her sexuality. I don't know what the hell beYAWNcys problem is. Wait, yes I do, she thinks it's about domination and that she has to have control over everything and to do everything to stay relevant, but how can anyone try to dominate "EVERYTHING" and expect someone to take her seriously. In my opinion, she's an attention whore, an opportunist and very overrated. I wished she'd just go away.

Beyonce your the best

i must admit the song is different from her...but i like it :)

is it just me but rihanna sings about only girl in the world and i guess beyonce wants to top her with girls run the world,beyonce is copycat and she wants to stay relevant by using curse words she is so fake i bought her album but this garbage no way



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