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Pia Toscano eliminated early on 'Idol'; fabric of the universe remains surprisingly intact [Poll]

Pia Toscano eliminated on "American Idol" Shock. Surprise. Disbelief. Tears. In the drama department, no news this week compared with Thursday night's ninth-place elimination of the lovely and talented Pia Toscano from "American Idol."

The judges were left angry (Randy Jackson), teary (Jennifer Lopez), and insultingly cranky (Steven Tyler, who said, "I don't know, America. A mistake is one thing, but a lack of passion is unforgivable"). Show Tracker called it the "saddest night" ever on "Idol." Even Tom Hanks -- c'mon, dude, have you ever actually cast an "AI" vote? -- registered his disbelief.

The elimination was apparently so apocalyptic in person that a Los Angeles audience usually hell-bent on leaving the Idoldome stayed to watch the sobbing group hug, according to MJ's Big Blog.

"I couldn't even breathe at that moment, so the fact that I could get anything out was a miracle," Toscano told MJ backstage, describing her goodbye performance of "I'll Stand By You."

Some observers blamed the judges for being too easy on Toscano along the way, though it was fairly clear that she was being encouraged to bring her stage presence up to the level of her voice. Others saw it as proof that the voting isn't rigged to keep judges' favorites around as long as possible. And someone must have had an opinion on the role of those Gwen Stefani poufy-booty pants.

"After my performance I felt something weird," Toscano said Friday. "I said to my parents, 'I kind of feel like I'm going to be in the bottom three tomorrow.'" Despite that internal early warning system, she wound up being escorted off stage by two medics, according to E! News.

The singer checked in later with fans via Twitter, saying, "I'm truly going to miss my idol family! Thank you @JLo Randy and Steven for believing in me. Love you and love my fans!"

The Ministry itself will now pause for readers to take a ballad-worthy moment of silence; distraught Glenn Beck fans may choose to use this moment for their own grief.

Are you among the shocked masses, or perhaps one of the jaded few who called it? Maybe just someone who watched "Vampire Diaries" instead? Emote all you want in comments.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Pia Toscano performs on "American Idol" on March 9, 2011. Credit: Ray Mickshaw / Fox / Associated Press

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The fact of the show is:

It's not that America got it wrong. Just look at who all is left. 2 girls and 6 guys. This shows the evidence that the majority of this show's voters are girls voting for the guy who they like more so because of the way he looks. I mean just look at the majority of the audience. They are 13 year olds and up girls who lean more towards the guys because of them liking them.

Simply put:

This is not a guys kinda show. The majority of the watchers are girls who like to vote for the guys. And if there is guys that watch the show they are probably gay guys who also lean more towards the good looking guy contestant who can sing.

So no, America did not get it wrong just look at the demographic of the watchers in the audience, most likely the voters, -- THEY ARE MOSTLY GIRLS!

I am shocked. I think this is a result of teenage angst for popularity...busy fingers dialing at .99 per vote. There really should be a voting limit per number...we have the technology. But the revenue generated is amazing and why would AI stop or eliminate that?

Pia: Amazing, beautiful and gifted and she will do well (look for her album next year I'm sure-if not in three months)...Perhaps they got rid of her because she was going to win it all. It was a measure to level the playing field and let the "lesser" competition fight it out.

I would be honored to shoot her video!

she takes you on an emotional journey and that is something special in a performer. I will buy her music no matter where she finished on Idol.

This was the worst thing that has ever happened on American Idol. The judges saving Casey was a joke! Should never have happened. Scotty and Pia were my favorites from the start.

Pia was not the lowest vote getter this week. She was one of the top vote getters. Already popular, she picked up extra votes from Jacob Lusk and Thia Megia. She left the show because she needed to for some reason. Idol did not want to lose her. On Leno this evening she said, "I'm in a better place now." That's very telling.

Women mostly watch this show and Pia is the type that makes them burn with jealousy – she’s hot, talented, and gets alot of male attention. Same with Haley who’ll probably be the next female to get the bullet. A woman will likely never win idol again – or even a truly talented male – because of who watches this show – jealous girls and their fat suburban mothers.
Pia is a sexy, soulful diva – and that type of artist is more about wowing you with the strength and passion in their voice, not about jumping around and being all “exciting”. Mariah Carey could not win American Idol. The great female singers only get where they are because of MEN – male execs, producers and a general audience. When women are the main force determining everything, they will always vote off the hot girl they’re jealous of.

Pia Zadora is kicked off Idol and everyone's having a tizzy! oops, it's some other Pia...like didn't she screeched through her song or went for the Patti LaBelle overkill? I think that's why she got booted off, que no?

Change the voting system to "vote for the person you feel should be eliminated" and all the issues that currently exist, will be eliminated.

I can assure you that with Pia being eliminated, due to the voting system being what it currently is, I will not be watching American Idol anymore. Instead of voting for your favorite perfomance of the night, the vote should be designed to eliminate the person who the voting public believes should be eliminated from the competition, based on the whole of his or her performances. If that were the case, Pia surely would never have been voted off of the show. A contestant might have one bad performance, and all the cumulative amazing performances are thrown out the window, because he or she wasn't that night's favorite performer, of the majority of the audience...... that doesn't equate their saying that he or she is the one who should be eliminated from the competition.

Puh-lease. Power-house ballads does not automatically equal great performer or great singer make. I definitely don't think she should have been voted off this early, but she was neither the best performer nor musician. A good performer/musician is one who can connect with their audience and the music, draw you into the music.

Whenever Pia was on stage, it was *all* about Pia, not about the music or the listener, and she showed NO connection to the music. I didn't connect with her at all, in the same way I don't connect with most power-house, solo divas. She was completely self-aware, even down to when she sat there with her blazing smile, soaking up the adoration, the words "I know I'm awesome and I know I'm going to win" practically blazing on her forehead.

Despite how hot she is (I'm a straight male, btw), how loud she is, and how much she captures the camera, she was *not* meant to win Idol.

Anonymous | Sat, 2011-04-09 16:10
The most commonly used adjective to describe Pia is "boring". it is sad to think that Americans can not recognize a reserved, classy and sophisticated person. She is in a league of her own. If American Idol was her opportunity to be seen by the educated people in the music business who make decisions, than Pia made the right decision to be on that show. But after viewing the show these past few weeks, it was obvious to everyone that she is way above her fellow contestants. And as far as "she only sang ballads", she was the only person capable of singing them. Why were the other contestants not ridiculed for singing easier songs with limited range? They are all talented people. There are many talented artists today that create great music, have outstanding performances and make billions of dollars but they do not possess the natural, God-given gift that Pia was given. There used to be a time when people were blown away by performers who stood in front of a microphone and sang.

and continuing the thoughts of "Anonymous | Sat, 2011-04-09 16:10", "There used to be a time when people were blown away by performers who stood in front of a microphone and sang". But what our American music culture has become is full of mediocre vocal talent, body showing and booty shaking dance divas that jump around so much they have to lip-sync.

Pia is a genuine vocal artist that can impress with the simplicity of fabulous tone and control and with gorgeous looks, while simply standing in front of the microphone. She is an auditory and visual delight. This type of vocalist has been a dying art for years, time to bring it back. Just my opinion!!!

Pia getting eliminated proves that people can't assume anyone's safe

Pia's fans already knew that the 'save' was gone.

They also knew that the sentiment of, "She's so boring" was growing by leaps and bounds.

Nobody voted for her to be eliminated.

Just not enough were passionate about keeping her in.

The show will be fine without her.

The only ones to blame are her fans that did not vote.

Power-Texting can be blamed for the unusual results on the show. If the show only allowed phone in votes the results would be much different. When one person can power-text 3000-5000 votes in the two hour period, it easily eclipses the phone in votes. Of course with AT&T wanting people to sign up for unlimited texting, fairness doesn't seem to be the priority. For the show to have any credibility, they need to only allow phone in votes, and give the judges more saves up until the end.

I sing with a choir in West Palm Beach, Florida. I would consider it a very good choir. I had to be approved to sing in it. I my (semi) pro opinion, Toscano was excellent and should have won, would have if they had a seperate sex for each Idol Winner.

Second comment. I think another easily correctible flaw is closing the voting after two hours. Many many people have to work Wednesday night and have to record the show (I have choir practice). By the time they can make an honest decision (reviewing all the performances), they can't vote before it's too late.

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