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Zsa Zsa Gabor declines surgery to amputate left leg, will head home again

Zsa Zsa Gabor in 1952 This post has been updated. See the note below for details.

Zsa Zsa Gabor was to be released from the hospital again Friday, her publicist told the Associated Press, after declining doctors' recommendation that she have surgery to amputate her remaining left leg.

Her husband, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt, said she is on medication and without surgery has "a 50-50 chance" of surviving for another year.

Gabor, 94, was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on Wednesday after her personal doctor detected no blood flow in her left leg (he was on a routine weekly visit). Her right leg was amputated above the knee in January to prevent the spread of gangrene, part of a long run of health troubles the midcentury glamour girl has had since breaking her left hip in a fall in July. 

The last surviving Gabor sister -- Eva passed away in 1995, Magda in 1997 -- requested and received last rites in August.

Updated 1:17 p.m. March 4: This photograph that appears with this post has been changed from what was originally published. For an explanation about that decision, see comments.


Zsa Zsa Gabor back to hospital after spitting up blood

Zsa Zsa Gabor's right leg is amputated just above the knee

Zsa Zsa Gabor hospitalized with blood-flow problems in left leg

-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Zsa Zsa Gabor in 1952. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Like it or not this is a grand dame of Hollywood who's class and image
were important to her.. this photo is most unkind and so undeserving at this late stage of her life; has one no common sense to allow a women her dignity!
to have her so unkempt in a professional environment say's alot as well.
Just make sure you don't run unbecoming photos of the great Elizabeth Taylor. To tear them down is hateful, and if they have a private nurse.. take responsibltiy and do your best.

That bloody cake looked big enough to kill an elephant.

I wish her well and that she may have a healthy long year or even longer.

@Robyn Hunt -- Christie D'Zurilla here from MOG. I actually feel the same way you do regarding the pictures, and to this point have run a lot of beautiful old glamor shots of Zsa Zsa. Truly great images.

On a recent post regarding the health Elizabeth Taylor, the criticism was that we should *not* run old photos but rather new ones of La Liz -- photos I'd elected not to use specifically for the reasons you mention.

I was very torn when I chose to publish the birthday cake photo. If these comments don't make sense to folks down the line, you'll know I changed my mind and subbed out the photo in the meantime.


@Robyn Hunt -- CDZ again. You know what? After another minute of thought, I realize you made up my mind for me.

I *never* do this, but I'm changing the photo.


Bless her heart. she has put up a good fight. But she is 94 yrs old. She can't possibly go on for much longer.

agree with Robyn, pic shown did not do her justice at all

All we can do now is wish her well and Godspeed. I hope her misery will end soon and that she may not be in pain.

Christie what a beautiful photo of her, that is Zsa Zsa...these greats of old Hollywood are peals that fade into retirement.. I want them to know how
their beauty was appreciated, they don't wish to be seen looking ill or not presentable, they have few friends allowed in; I want to remind myself how lovely they are and that their films will always be imprinted in my mind. They wrote the book on style, real style with grace on film. Kudos Christie and love to all you naughty girls, even if your 90...bed jacket please!

@ Christie D'Zurilla,thank you so much for changing the photo of Zsa Zsa Gabor,she would much more appreciate this beautiful and glamourous photo,though she is glamourous still at 94! Rock on Zsa Zsa!

Um, you do realize that the photo in question was released by Zsa Zsa's publicist, correct? I think if anyone should be concerned about her image it would be the person paid by her to guard that image. If Zsa Zsa approved the release of that photo, what does it say about her fans that they feel they have better judgment than she does?

Congratulations for using compassion and common sense. No one wants to be seen at their down point, least of all a woman known for her great beauty. I also second the comments re Elizabeth Taylor. Let those who did not grow up in her era see what she was for most of her life and not exploit her at the point in her life that we all will reach some day.


I have always been a big fan of your behavior Zsa Zsa, good and bad. I hope you may still enjoy some of the energy and life that you have manifest in the past. May you go into the night with dignity and respect and perhaps leave us with a few of the hidden details of the origins.
Stephen Lack


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