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Robert Pattinson on KStew, Charlie Sheen and the elephant in the room

Robert Pattinson on the Vanity Fair cover Robert Pattinson is back! Well, he never really left; we were just a little busy with the Oscars, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, and wrangling that infrequent bit of sleep.

But we're wide awake now that Pattinson covers the March issue of Vanity Fair, casually wrapping a baby alligator around his shoulders for a photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

See, strong and sensitive — and predictably in love with his costar.

No, not Kristen Stewart. Pattinson tells the mag mag he's head over heels for Tai, the several-thousand-pound ingenue who appears with him and Reese Witherspoon in "Water for Elephants."

"She was the best actor I ever worked with in my life," he said. "I cried when the elephant was wrapped. I never cried when anyone else was wrapped."

Not that his thing for Tai has him scrimping on praise for his "Twilight" costar.

"She's cool. Even before I knew her I thought she was a really good actress. Like, I saw 'Into the Wild,' and I thought she was really good in that. I still think there are very few girls in her class that are as good as she is," he said.

Pattinson even had a little love for the latest elephant in the room, Charlie Sheen, who's imploding on a home-grown media extravaganza now that "Two and a Half Men" — one of the few shows RPattz said he watches on repeat — has been canned for the rest of the season.

At the time of the VF interview, Pattinson had a certain appreciation for "crazy people who don't give [a hoot]." Still, he said he would never indulge in Sheen's "little escapades."

Plus who knows if Sheen-style "goddesses" would play nice with a pachyderm.


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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Robert Pattinson and a baby alligator. Credit: Annie Leibovitz / Vanity Fair.

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Love Him! Thank you VF for putting him on the cover again..this is what keeps me renewing your subscriptions!

While RPatz is gorgeous in any context, I think Annie L got it wrong this time -- he's not a tough, animal-wrangling kinda guy. He's British, bookish, smart, musical and a little quirky. The cover doesn't do that for me -- other than the quirky part. Hope the photo spread is less of a contrast.

I almost didn't see the dang alligator! I was too busy looking at that gorgeous creature holding the alligator!

LOve him so much! I know he is an animal lover, he had a dog growing up. He loved the elephant in WFE. He just adopted a new puppy just the other day. And now he's neck hugging an alligator. Can't wait to see what his next pet will be?

Love him! His intelligent, thoughtful view of the crazy bubble he is now living. He is never dull. He is alway sincere. I have immense respect for this guy.

Definitely buying this.

I'm looking forward to getting this Vanity Fair. I actually like the cover. It's different and with the last of the Twilight films finishing off filming in Louisiana I can get why they used the swamp/alligator around the neck thing. I love Rob and think he's the most intriguing of actors today who has it all with looks and personality and great depth of character.

He is simply gorgeous!! Love this photo.

Damn, he is a beautiful man! So gorgeous!

Some people are being too hard on Rob. He seems like he's about to have a frigging nervous breakdown over all this. He is weary and tired of it all. He's only 24 yrs. old, just a baby. I don't think he's complaining at all. Just being honest. And yes I know he's grateful, but this fandom is completely wacked. It reminds me of the frenzy surrounding Princess Diana, The Beatles, Elvis. This is just too much for this poor kid. Rob, if you are reading this, please don't give up acting. You have so much potential you haven't even reached yet. This will all die down eventually and then you can focus. I really feel for you and pray for you. I hope you're able to lean on your parents and close friends for support. I know they would be comforting. God Bless you!

My feelings on these pics.. Well I am NOT feeling them at all. Big disappointment considering VF had RP the most beautiful man in Holly Wood INSIDE and out too shoot, and talk too. This interview after reading it, made me feel "Bad" and crappy for being his fan. Feeling as though (even though I consider myself a sane fan) part of his Hell, and that's how it read, depressed, hates Twilight and all it stands for, and has had enough. And calling KS "COOL" really? We all know they are a couple, just COOL? Makes him sound like hes trying too be single again? Are we back too that? He gains more respect if he says nothing about KS rather than denying there a couple, or just acting like its all Holly Wood and the media making stuff up. We have eyes we can see Rob. I love him, I do, and these over obsessed stalker fans need too back off before he just flat out quits it all. Hacking email's? Really people? Banging windows? What are you an animal?? This interview came off just odd. And from a scale of 1-10. I give this a 6, And Rob Pattinson deserves MORE than a 6.

We are not stupid. The pics were not sexy at all. The piano one was nice BUT dome before.. many times. Even by VF if I remember correct. I really dont blame Rob..

I must be in the Twilight Zone. Everyone finds this guy attractive, and I find him butt ugly.


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