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Robert Pattinson gets A-list beef jerky from Jay Leno


How can Robert Pattinson know he's made it? According to Jay Leno, it's the beef jerky.

That's what Leno insisted on "The Tonight Show," where Pattinson graced the couch Friday to promote his new romance epic "Water for Elephants."

Recalling his recent road trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans, where he filmed "Breaking Dawn," Pattinson mentioned stopping Texas and patronizing a roadside joint that claimed to sell the world's best beef jerky.

Leno surprised him by having a bundle of the snack flown in for their chat. "That's when you know you're a star, when you have jerky flown in," Jay said.

Pattinson also found some insight into his own popularity when Jay's other guest, comedian Whitney Cummings, confessed her RPattz obsession.

"You're responsible for me and my last boyfriend breaking up," Cummings said.

"I kind of need to date someone who can fly, I need to be someone's spider monkey. I need someone with diamonds in their face," she said of Pattinson's on-screen vampire persona, Edward Cullen.


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-- Matt Donnelly


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I think poor Robert was scared of that loud-mouthed Whitney Cummings. He started squirming in his chair and sipping out of his coffee cup when she came out.

I really enjoyed the show and the joking between the guests and Leno.

Water for Elephants is the type of movie Hollywood use to make 20yrs ago. I hope it is a box office hit. I can't wait :) April 22nd:) Robert Pattinson debute outside Twilight:) The trailers for the movie WFE are captivating.

This was a nice interview. Rob looked great and came across as genuine and unaffected. I agree with the previous poster though, he did seem intimidated (who wouldn't) by that Whitney gal, LOL.

I think Rob is great!! I just really feel for him & his privacy!! I loved the jerky that Jay got for him!!! I am also a big fan of Robert & can't wait for the new movie!!! If I ever saw him I would be a normal person & not go crazy!!! Great interview!!! Love you both Rob & Jay!!! Like Reese said all her 30 year old girlfriends love him also, just like me!! All my love, Heather Lynn Slayback :-)

It says to add another comment! I understand about being a star. My Dad Bill Slayback was a pro baseball player back in the day & did tv shows, commercials + he sings & records his own music plays a mean guitar!!! He used to get bothered by so many people, not like you guys, but it bugged him sometimes!! I have dated & seen many famous people in my line of work. I treat them like regular people & I think they like that!!!! So like this site said make another comment. Not like the first!! Love, Heather Slayback!! P.S Jay you interviewed my cousin Amy Cook who played on the football team at Shamanad high school & won homecoming queen the same night after winning the game! It was a long time ago! Early 90's or late 80's. That was so cool seeing her on your show when I was young! Keep up the awsome show!!! :)


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