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Rebecca Black talks about 'Friday' on Friday

The day has finally come (it's Friday, "Friday") for the Ministry to acknowledge the viral virility of Rebecca Black's song and music video of the same name.

After a week in hiding, the Auto-Tuned songstress -- whose producers insist she sang in key -- talked with "Good Morning America" on, you guessed it, Friday, about the "Why is this playing over and over in my head?" quality of her song.

"I think that's an accomplishment. Even a person who doesn't like it, it's going to be stuck in their head. That's the point of it. It's a catchy song," said Rebecca, 13.

The Orange County eighth-grader, who seems bred from Ke$ha and Kim Kardashian's musical mash-ups and looks slightly like Lea Michele, has been omnipresent on social media all week with reactions to her song, which goes a little something like this: 

7 a.m. She wakes up. She needs her bowl and cereal. Then needs to get down to the bus stop. Then needs to make the really difficult decision of where to sit in the car.

"Kickin in the front seat, sittin' in the back seat, which seat can I take?"

Yes, those are the real words Black helped co-write with her record label, Ark Music Factory. Other words include "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday." Gobsmacked? Watch it in all its low-tech glory above.

The video -- part of a $2,000 Ark package that her mom paid for -- has already topped 16 million views on YouTube,  putting her on a similar success trajectory with Justin Bieber. FYI: The song sounds a touch like "Baby," and Black has a self-diagnosed case of Bieber Fever. The video, however, has spawned hilarious parodies that pretty much assist in justifying its existence.

The Anaheim Hills teen likely surprised a few people when she didn't do a terrible job singing a few bars from the national anthem on "GMA." (See video of the interview below.)

"I think I have talent on some level. I don't think I'm the worst singer, but I don't think I'm the best singer," she said.

(For the record, it took this Ministry writer three tries to get through the whole video. The days of the week have never sounded so daunting.)

"After seeing it go from 4,000 views to 70,000 views in one night and then waking up and it was at 200,000, that was when I realized it was going to be big," Rebecca added.

However, this 13-year-old is "big" mostly because of the backlash of online commentary -- including remarks that ask her to cut herself, get an eating disorder and die. But is there now possibly a backlash to the backlash? From comments on her Ark Music Factory profile page:

"Now that I know you're 13 I feel kind of bad. At least all those itunes purchases will pay for college, amirite?"

Is the song fun, fun, fun or dreadful, dreadful, dreadful?


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— Nardine Saad

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To all you haters, I personally LOVE the song. Why you may ask, well just because its simple. Not complicated like the other songs these days. Rebecca you rock! If anyone disagrees with me, opinions are opinions. Keep your head up high Rebecca!!

She at least has the balls to go out there and try to make something happen. Good for u girl

Mindless pop fluff from a teen with bad musical taste..obviously beside loving KimK. and Keisha, she also loves Britney, JTimberfake, Bieber and all those horrible musical acts who have no worthy talent of any kind. Poor girl, you just had your 15 minutes of fame...so enjoy it and disappear back to the mall...

What's funny is, people think she's a hit because of how many hits her video has. People like to slow down and look at car crashes, too. It doesn't mean they enjoy what they see or think it's a pleasant sight.

u go girl !!!!!

if the bieber sang that it would be a overnight hit i say... it is alot better then = i swing (my half of head of) hair back and forth

CO-WRITE???? This is a 100% theft from an old Dylan song "Friday" with exact same lyrics, are you nuts?????

Give the kid a break. Did I love it? No. If I was a tweeny bopper yes. Dont worry Rebecca, you did a video while most of us wont karaoki! @ Dancingbear dont b such a hater! The kid is 12. Dont listen to it.

Great fun! Age appropriate fun from a refreshingly innocent video. Good for her! Rebecca Black is adorable and I wish her great happiness and success!

If there is intelligent life on other planets, they'll surely destroy Earth when the broadcast of this video reaches them.

OMG!Rhonda! did you like just call me a hater?pluuuuhhhhlleeezzzee! Totally not one...I don't hate the gal just the song...so don't be hating on others who do not like this song okay? Okay!..like OMG! (valleygirl sarcasm!)...enjoy..har, har...

when i first heard it i thought it was great..i really didnt listen to any of the words....but something made me listen to it over and over again. then i realized how unique it was. some things are great when its simple. and who really cares about the bowl of cerial n stuff.. the truth is, when you were a kid, you went to school and couldnt wait till friday and the weekend came.am i correct?

roses are red, violets are blue, if rebecaa black gets ANY kind of award, Kanye, you know what to do.

And people wonder why Al Queda hates us?

Well I have to say that this is not by any means a good song for any adult...but if I were a little girl this would be a fun song to sing in the car with mommy. People shouldn't be so critical. This poor girl did nothing wrong. All she did was try to have some fun and sing a song about her favorite day of the week. Give the kid a break. Sheesh aren't there more important things in this world to worry about?? You go Rebecca!!! Sing your little heart out and don't listen to what those haters say about you!!

i cannot believe you have just compared this bimbo to lea michele!!!

lea has to be the most talented person on television at the moment. and she is beautiful. rebecca black would never be, even if she did get an eating disorder
i don't 'hate' her as such, but she has next to no talent. lea michele can sing, dance and act!!! she is amazing!
i am just shocked she has been compared her to lea michele!!!!!


the song is awful . just a fact. maybe she can sing she didn't sound god awful during the national anthem. can you even call what shes doing singing in the friday song? its more just talking

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